WWE NXT 2.0 Results (6/21/2022): NXT North American Championship Match, Solo Sikoa In Action + More

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- The broadcast began with a graphic to tribute to former WWE referee Tim White, who passed away on 6/19/2022 (You can see the tributes given to Tim White by other wrestlers here). Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph welcomed the audience to the broadcast, before quickly transitioning to the opening match.

Eddie Kingston, Orange Cassidy, More Set For 7/8 AEW Rampage

Solo Sikoa vs Grayson Waller.

Waller slandered the crowd, saying that they got behind Sikoa because they are solo. Sikoa ambushed Waller don't he ramp with a series of punches. The match officially began with Sikoa hitting a lariat and a headbutt on Waller. Sikoa hit two more headbutts followed by a bodyslam. Sikoa hit a running splash on Waller for a near fall. Waller punched Sikoa before slamming Sikoa's head into the turnbuckle. Sikoa no-sold it and slammed Waller across two turnbuckles before hitting a back suplex. Sikoa hit a headbutt on Waller, followed by a chop. Waller flipped over Sikoa, but Sikoa hit a shoulder tackle on Waller. Waller went for a leaping hip attack but was caught by Sikoa with a lariat for a near fall. Sikoa hit a kick on Waller's back. Waller tossed Sikoa out of the ring. Waller went for a sliding lariat but was caught by Sikoa with a back elbow. Sikoa leaned Waller in the barricade before hitting him with a chop. Sikoa and Waller got back in the ring, but Waller stomped down Sikoa. Waller went for the Rikishi hip attack, but SIkoa pushed him with his legs. Waller hit Sikoa with a chop block before punching him down. Waller hit a lariat on Sikoa for a near fall. Waller hit a leaping elbow drop on Sikoa for a near fall. Waller got Sikoa in a sit-down wrist-lock. Waller started hitting multiple elbow strikes to Sikoa's neck before locking the wrist-lock on Sikoa again. Sikoa broke the hold by tossing Waller over him. Waller hit a Leg Lariat on Sikoa for two near falls. Waller hit a DDT on Sikoa for a near fall. Waller got Sikoa in a cravat before hitting a knee strike on SIkoa's head. Waller went for a middle rope move, but Sikoa slapped him out of the ring. Sikoa hit a shoulder tackle on Waller out of the ring. Sikoa hit a shoulder tackle, two punches, a running splash, and a hip attack on Waller. Waller got out of the ring and went for the rolling stunner, but Sikoa caught him with a Samoan Drop. Sikoa went to the top rope, but Waller rolled out of the way. Sikoa hti a superkick on Waller. Sikoa went for a second Hip attack, but Waller rolled out of the ring, with Sikoa being hit by an exposed turnbuckle. Waller hit the rolling Stunner for the pinfall win.

Winner: Grayson Waller.

- Tony D'Angelo warned Santos Escobar and Legado Del Fantasma to make sure to beat Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp as well as make sure he walks out as NXT North American Champion in the main event.

- There was a video package highlighting former NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Jordan Devlin. He will now go by the name of JD McDonagh.

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance vs. Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon.

Carter hit a missile dropkick n Leon, followed by a superkick for a near fall. Leon evaded Carter's offense before dancing and hitting a dropkick on Carter. Leon hit a sunset flip on Carter for a near fall. Carter and Leon exchanged strikes before Chance tagged in. Chance slid Leon before hitting spring rope Senton on Leon for a near fall. Leon got a near fall before going for a single-leg lock. Carter hit a bulldog on Leon Carter hit a corner splash, while Chance hit a side-splash. Carter hit Leon with a dropkick in the corner for a near fall. Chance slid Leon with a kick for a near fall. Carter had a modified wrist lock, but Leon escaped. Feroz hit arm drags on Chance and Leon before hitting a spear on Chance's leg for a near fall. Leon and Feroz hit a lifted facebuster for a near fall. Leon and Feroz went for a double suplex, but Chance reversed it into a double neck breaker. Chance and Carter hit a back-suplex moonsault for the count of one. Carter hit a super kick on Feroz. Chance and Carter hit a neck breaker-450 Splash combination for the pinfall win.

Winners: Katana Chance & Kayden Carter.

- Wes Lee came to the ring to cut a promo. Lee talked about his issues over the past couple of months, including the release of Nash Carter. He thanked the fans for giving him the support needed. Trick Williams interrupted, telling him to shut up. Williams told Lee that Carter may be gone because he left him behind. Lee called Williams second fiddle to Hayes. Lee challenged Williams, to which Williams responded by telling him that he will face him in his own time.

- Tiffany Stratton cut a promo backstage, calling Wendy Choo tragic. She said she felt bad for the people who hang out with Wendy Choo. Stratton told Choo to stay away from her.

Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp) vs Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde (w/ Two Dimes & Stacks).

Wilde and Strong locked up, with Strong hitting a uranage on Wilde before going for a modified arm lock on Wilde. Wilde hit an assisted splash and Del Toro hit a moonsault on Strong for a near fall. Strong slapped the hell out of Kemp, firing him up to wreck shop on Legado Del Fantasma. Kemp tossed Del Toro before hitting a suplex and a running tackle on Del Toro. Kemp hit an overhead suplex on Wilde, who fell on Del Toro, for a near fall. Wilde hit a rolling back elbow on Strong before hitting a facebuster on him. Wilde hit a chin-breaker. Wilde went for a bulldog on Strong, but Strong reversed with a backbreaker before Kemp hit a lariat on Wilde for a near fall. Kemp hit a body slam on Kemp. Del Toro hit a crossbody and Tijeras on Strong Del Toro hit a Spring Rope dropkick on Strong for a near fall. Strong hit an angle slam before Wilde broke the pinfall attempt. Del Toro got tripped by Two Dimes, which led to Strong hitting a leaping knee-strike on Del Toro for the pinfall win.

Winners: Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp).

- Giovanni Vinci was interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell before being interrupted by Ikeman Jiro. Vinci was flabbergasted and started to speak in Italian to a confused Mitchell.

- There was a video package showing Apollo Crews reading off his journal. He beat up three dudes that were attacking another dude.

- Toxic Attraction (NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose & Women's Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne) made their way to the ring to cut a promo. Rose slandered Roxanne Perez for thinking she can win the NXT Women's Championship. Gigi told Perez that she will get a toxic reality check. Jayne told Perez to put posters on her wall of superstars like Toxic Attraction. Perez and Cora Jade came to the ring. Perez revealed that she thought winning the NXT Women's Tag Team Championships would be sweet. Carter and Chance came to the ring to interrupt them, telling them that the line starts behind them. Carter and Chance brawled with Jade and Perez, with Toxic Attraction cheering for the madness.

- NXT North American Champion was interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell, saying that no one can take the title off him.

- Indi Hartwell was going to be interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell but was interrupted by Kiana James. James told Hartwell that she was weak for the division, but Hartwell told her that no one cares about what she said. Hartwell told her that no one likes a bitch.

Cameron Grimes vs. Edris Enofe (w/ Malik Blade).

Grimes and Enofe locked up, with Grimes getting a waist-lock on Enofe. Enofe and Grimes exchanged wrist locks. Enofe got a roll-up on Grimes for a near fall. Enofe and grimes exchanged pin attempts before staring each other down. Enofe hit dropkickck on Grimes for a near fall. Grimes kicked Enofe's chest multiple times, but Enofe demanded Grimes to kick him more. Enofe and Grimes exchanged strikes before Enofe hit a leaping pump kick on Grimes. Enofe hit a running uppercut on Grimes, followed by a running pump kick. Enofe hit a Tope con giro on Grimes out of the ring. Enofe went for a 450, but Grimes evaded and hit Enofe with a scoop-uranage on Enofe. Grimes hit the Cave-In on Enofe for the pinfall win. Enofe and Grimes shook hands after the match.

Winner: Cameron Grimes.

- The Hail moved into Chase University, revealing that she is now roommates with Bohdi Hayward. Hail threw her stuff at Hayward. Hail was over the moon before punching Hayward in the abdomen out of excitement.

- There was a video package promoting the return of Nikkita Lyons to NXT 2.0.

Brooks Jensen vs Von Wagner

Jensen punched Wagner's face, but Wagner slammed Jensen into the corner before hitting clotheslines on Jensen at the corner. Jensen hit a spinning heel kick on Wagner. Wagner slammed Jensen's injured hand into the top rope. Jensen hit a back elbow on Wagner, but Wagner hit a bog boot on Jensen. Wagner worked on Jensen's hand, tucking Jensen's finger into the turnbuckle. Wagner hit an arm breaker on Jensen's left hand for a near fall. Wagner got Jensen in a wrist lock. Jensen hit a clothesline on Wagner in the corner before hitting a lariat. Jensen hit some strikes on Wagner before hitting a middle rope DDT on Wagner for a near fall. Jensen went for a top rope move, but Jensen missed. Wagner hit a Death Valley Driver for the pinfall win.

Winner: Von Wagner.

- NXT Champion Bron Breakker congratulated Grimes on his win earlier in the night. Grimes warned him that if this version of Grimes showed up in The Great American Bash, he will become the new NXT Champion.

- Joe Gacy congratulated The Dyad for leaving everything behind to join him. Gacy told them that their success will now taste delicious because they are under his guidance.

Alba Fyre vs Lash Legend.

Fyre punched Legend away. Fyre went for a DDT, but Legend tossed her. Fyre hit a top rope drop kick on Legend for a near fall. Fyre hit chops on Legend, but Legend hit a spinning kick on Fyre. Legend slammed Fyre's head into the rope. Fyre went for the Gory bomb but Legend hit her with a standing under hook suplex. Fyre hit a Tornado DDT on Legend for a near fall. Legend hit a spinning side slam on Fyre for a near fall. Fyre went for a top rope move, but Legend evaded. Legend hit Fyre with her bat, giving Fyre the win via disqualification.

Winner: Alba Fyre (via Disqualification).

- Carter & Chance vs Jade and Perez & Xyon Quinn vs Sanga are set for the 6/28/2022 editing of NXT 2.0.

NXT North American Championship Match

Tony D'Angelo (w/ Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, Cruz Del Toro, Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo & Troy "Two Dimes" Donovan) vs. Carmelo Hayes (c) (w/ Trick Williams).

D'Angelo and Hayes started the match locking up before D'Angelo pushed Hayes into the ring corner. The two locked up again before D'Angelo pushed Hayes again. D'Angelo hit a shoulder tackle on HayesD'Angelolo tried to hit an arm drag on Hayes, but Hayes remained standing. The two peeps stood on the apron, which Hayes took advantage and punched D'Angelo. D'Angelo hit two under hooks on Hayes before hitting an atomic drop on Hayes. Hayes hit a clothesline on D'Angelo. Hayes tripped D'Angelo into the apron. D'Angelo tossed Hayes into the stairs. Both got back in the ring, with D'Angelo stomping down Hayes. D'Angelo pushed Hayes' neck into the bottom rope. D'Angelo hit shoulder strikes on Hayes. Hayes hit a kick on D'Angelo, but D'Angelo reacted quickly with a lariat for a near fall. D'Angelo hit a modified spine buster on Hayes before going for a sit-down abdominal stretch on Hayes. Hayes escaped the move and tossed D'Angelo into the ring corner. Hayes hit a spring rope crossbody on D'Angelo. Hayes hit Tijeras/facebuster on D'Angelo for a near fall. Hayes went for a pump kick, but D'Angelo got Hayes in an overhead suplex for a near fall. D'Angelo slapped Hayes and went for a corner spear, but Hayes escaped. D'Angelo went for a back suplex, but Hayes flipped over him and hit him with a code breaker for a near fall. Hayes got to the middle corner, but D'Angelo crawled into an opposite. D'Angelo did a takedown on Hayes before pushing Hayes into the air, in some time of a pop-up fisherman suplex. After a distraction from Stacks, D'Angelo asked Escobar for the brass knucks, but Escobar tossed them to Hayes. Hayes punched D'Angelo with the brass knucks for the pinfall win. D'Angelo and his gumbaz were irate to end the show, with Hayes retaining the NXT North American Championship.

Winner & Still NXT North American Champion: Carmelo Hayes (c) (w/ Trick Williams).

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