WWE NXT 2.0 Results (7/26/2022): Diamond Mine vs The Family, Apollo Crews, Wes Lee In Action + More!

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- Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett welcomed the audience to the broadcast before quickly transitioning into the opening segment.

Dustin Rhodes Says He 'Heard Down The Pike' AEW Will Move To Two-Day Pay-Per-Views

- Zoey Stark came to the ring to cut a promo to open the show. Stark said that it felt damn good being back in NXT, with her saying that she did not know she would know the feeling of wrestling again after injuring her ACL. She said that she was supposed to be sidelined for a full year. She detailed that she lived in the NXT Trainer's Room to get back in the ring, with her winning the #1 Contender's Battle Royal from the 7/19/2022 edition of NXT 2.0 made the road to recovery worth it. She then slandered Toxic Attraction for nearly ending her career back on Halloween Havoc 2021. Cora Jade interrupted Stark from the raven's nest, saying that she would have won the Battle Royal if she did not return. Stark said that she was disgusted for Jade throwing the NXT Women's Tag Title in the trash. NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose, Jacy Jayne, and Gigi Dolin came to the ramp, with Rose revealing that on 7/27/2022, she would become the 4th longest reigning NXT Champion in NXT history, before demanding some respect on her name. Stark revealed that she would give her respect if she defended the title tonight, but Gigi Dolin accepted her challenge instead.

- Grayson Waller cut a promo backstage, saying that he would embarrass Wes Lee on their match. He called the audience "fat-asses".

- Tony D'Angelo and The Family were backstage before their match, with him and Stacks recalling attacking a random dude.

Grayson Waller vs. Wes Lee.

Lee and Waller locked up, with Lee hitting a wheelbarrow arm drag before getting Waller with a sunset bomb for a near fall. Lee hit a double stomp on Waller on his back before taunting him. lee hit three arm drags before getting him in a wrist lock. Lee went for a super kick, but Waller flew to the ground to stop. Waller hit a big boot on Lee's midsection. Lee hit head scissors on Waller before hitting him with a dropkick to send him to the outside. Outside of the ring, Waller slapped Lee in the face, but Lee responded with a super kick. Back in the ring, Lee went for another Tijeras, but Waller reversed it with a back breaker. Waller tossed Lee outside of the ring. Lee tried to get back in the ring, but Waller hit a low-drop kick on Lee's leg and hit a chop on him on the apron. Back in the ring, Lee went for another sunset bomb, but Waller slammed Lee onto the mat. Lee got Waller in a small package for a near fall, but Waller kicked out and hit a running spinning elbow on Lee for a near fall. Waller hit Lee with a side slam backbreaker before getting him in a back stretch. Waller hit Lee with a Fireman's Carry Bomb on Lee for a near fall. Waller stomped down Lee's head before slamming Lee's head into the mat. Lee slapped Waller's face before launching punches and chops, an enziguri kick, a bulldog, and more punches on Waller. Waller slammed Lee's neck into the top rope, but Lee responded with a furious Tope Suicida. Lee went for a top rope move, but Waller pushed Lee out of the top turnbuckle. From behind, a disguised man (revealed to be Trick Williams) punched Lee in the back. Lee got back in the ring at the count of nine, but Waller caught Lee with the rolling Stunner for the pinfall win.

Winner: Grayson Waller.

- The Schism was interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Jagger Reid said that he can reach a potential he could not see before, with Rip Fowler said that he can see the opportunity of bringing in inclusivity in the community. Joe Gacy said that he wanted to be Cameron Grimes' father figure to help fill the void in Grimes. As a sidenote, Gacy is just six years older than Grimes.

- Arianna Grace was confronted by Indi Hartwell, who was complaining about Hartwell eliminating her from the #1 Contender's Battle Royal. Hartwell told her that it was wrestling, not a beauty pageant.

Apollo Crews vs. Xyon Quinn.

Crewd hit a dropkick on Quinn before hitting a running back elbow. Crews hit a body slam on Crews before hitting a spring rope senton for a near fall. Quinn hit a forearm strike on Crews' neck before he hit a neck breaker. Quinn tossed Crews from the middle rope into the mat before getting him in a lateral press for a near fall. Quinn hit a suplex on Crews before getting him in a triangle headlock. Crews broke the hold with a forearm strik eto the head, but Quinn caught him with double-elbows. Quinn slammed Crews into the corner with an Irish Whip. Crews hit Quinn with an enziguri, two lariats, and a leaping lariat. Crews hit a running splash/lariat combination on Quinn for a near fall. Crews went to the top rope and hit a top-rope cross body on Quinn. Quinn hit Crews with a Fireman's Carry Slam for a near fall. Crews hit a high-enziguri, a backstabber, and a One-Arm Spinebuster on Quinn for the pinfall win.

Winner: Apollo Crews.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Toxic Attraction before Sarray interrupted them. Sarray said that she wanted her opportunity because she was stuck in NXT UK. Mandy Rose accepted her challenge, saying that she would get her revenge for nearly taking her head off on Rose's first match back in NXT. Rose will defend her NXT Women's Championship against Zoey Stark on NXT Heatwave.

- There was a video vignette of Solo Sikoa, with Sikoa saying that he will face Von Wagner in a Falls Coutn Anywhere Match on the 8/2/2022 edition of NXT.

Gigi Dolin (w/ Mandy Rose & Jacy Jayne) vs. Zoey Stark.

Stark hit a forearm strike on Dolin before hitting her with a back elbow and an uppercut. Rose distracted Stark before Dolin attacked Stark from behind. Dolin hit a pump kick on Stark before hitting her with a back suplex for a near fall. Dolin got Stark in a back stretch before they exchanged pins. Stark hit a lariat, a forearm strike, an elbow strike, and a running knee on Dolin for a near fall. Dolin kicked Stark in the neck and went for a lariat, but Stark caught her with a forearm strike before hitting her with the Belly-to-Back GTS for the pinfall win.

- After the match, Stark hit a super kick on Jayne before Rose walked out of the ring. Jade attacked Stark from behind before Roxanne Perez made her return to NXT. Jade ran out of the arena before Perez got to her.

- JD McDonagh made his way to the arena, revealing that he would be a part of the audience for the night. Despite this, he walked into a door that read "EMPLOYEES ONLY".

- There was a vignette of Wendy Choo was backstage reliving a nightmare related to her feud with Tiffany Stratton. Choo woke up from her nap, revealing that she woke up in the wrong side of the bed. Choo revealed that it will be lights out for her.

- After the promo, we get an emphasized shot of JD McDonagh's head in the crowd, with McDonagh walking around the crowd. McDonagh revealed to a fan that a lot of Americans die eating popcorn and told him to eat carefully. McDonagh confronted the timekeeper, telling him to swing the hammer carefully as it can pop his finger. McDonagh put Alicia Taylor for her introductions before telling Wade Barrett that his Bare Knuckle Boxing took a toll on his fist. McDonagh then told Vic Joseph that he heard what he said about his family and he did not like it before teasing him by breaking his collar bone. McDonagh got in the ring and called out NXT Champion Bron Breakker to come in and meet the Irish Ace. Breakker came to the ring and said that he would not like meeting Breakker in NXT Heatwave. McDonagh headbutted Breakker in the nose. Breakker somehow did not get knocked out, but instead hit a headbutt of his own on McDonagh. McDonagh smiled at the sight of his blood.

- Nathan Frazier made his NXT return, and it was revealed that he would accompany Andre Chase in his match against Giovanni Vinci.

- There as a video vignette highlighting Axiom's NXT debut against Dante Chen on the 7/19/2022 edition of NXT.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Roxanne Perez, saying that she could not stand for Cora Jade throwing the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship. Of all people, Alundra Blaze (Madusa) came to the ring to retrieve the NXT Tag Title. Blaze revealed that there will be a Fatal 4 Way to determine a new set of NXT Women's Tag Team Champions.

Andre Chase (w/ Bohdi Hayward, Thea Hale & Nathan Frazier) vs. Giovanni Vinci.

Vinci and Chase exchanged wrist locks before Chase got Vinci in a wrist-lock takedown. Vinci and Chase exchanged headlocks before Chase got Vinci in a backslide for a near fall. Chase got Vinci in a headlock, but Vinci broke the hold by hitting a headbutt on Chase's abdomen. Chase got Vinci in a sunset bomb for a near fall, before getting in La Casita for another near fall. Chase got Vinci in a crucifix for a near fall before Vinci hit Chase with a lariat. Chase got an arm-takedown on Vinci, but Vinci broke the hold and hit a dropkick on Chase. Chase hit a dropkick on Vinci. Vinci got Hayward's flag and destroyed it. Chase tossed Vinci into the ring corner. Chase hit a lifting knee on Vinci before hitting another sunset flip for a near fall. Vinci tossed Chase out of the ring before hitting a sliding dropkick on Chase to the outside. Vinci pushed Hayward, but Chase hit a backslap, a punch, and a back suplex on Vinci. Chase hit six jabs, a chop, an atomic drop, a Russian Leg Sweep, a spinning neck breaker, the Chase U Stomps, and a Side Effect on Vinci for a near fall. Chae went for a double-under hook suplex on Vinci but instead hit a lifting knee. Chase went for a middle rope move, but Vinci caught him in a mid-arm dead lift brainbuster for a near fall. Chase went for a jack-knife pin for a near fall. Vinci went for a spring rope uppercut, but Chase caught him with a Double-under hook Liger Bomb for a near fall. Chasse hit a big boot on Vinci caught Chase with a lariat. Vinci hit the spinning Last Ride bomb for the pinfall win. Nathan Frazier came to the ring to make the save for Chase after the match.

Winner: Giovanni Vinci.

- Damon Kemp, Julius Creed, Brutus Creed, Roderic Strong, and Ivy Nile were backstage training ahead of their match against Tony D'Angelo, Legado Del Fantasma & Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo.

- Yulisa Leon and Sanga facetimed Valentina Feroz backstage, with Sanga telling them to win their match.

- Katana Chance and Kayden Carter were interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell, with Carter saying that the Tag Team Championships on a real friendship. Ivy Nile and Tatum and Elektra Lopez interrupted before they all brawled backstage.

Indi Hartwell vs. Arianna Grace.

The two locked up, with Grace getting Hartwell in a wrist lock. Hartwell reversed it with a side headlock, but Grace escaped the hold. Hartwell got Grace in another wrist lock before hitting her with a shoulder tackle. Hartwell got another wrist lock before hitting a second shoulder tackle and a side slam. Grace slammed Hartwell into her knee before slamming her head into the turnbuckle multiple times for a near fall. Grace got Hartwell in an S-Grip Headlock before slamming Hartwell in the corner. Grace tossed Hartwell with two Irish Whips, but Hartwell responded to the second one with a lariat. Hartwell hit two forearm strikes, a lariat, and a belly-to-belly slam on Grace for a near fall. Grace got Hartwell in a rope-assisted roll-up for a near fall, but the referee caught her. Hartwell hit a big boot on Grace for the pinfall win.

- Von Wagner and Mr. Stone cut a promo backstage, with Stone politely declining Sikoa's offer. Wagner said that he did not give a shit about Sofia Cromwell becoming a model as he wants a piece of Sikoa.

- There was a video vignette of Kiana James, presenting a Powerpoint on Nikkita Lyons and her family.

- There was a dueling video vignette detailing the feud between Lash Legend and Alba Fyre.

- The NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match was announced to be commercial free on the 8/2/2022 edition of NXT 2.0.

Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong, Julius Creed, Brutus Creed & Damon Kemp) vs. Tony D'Angelo, Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo, Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde.

Strong and D'Angelo began the match locking up before hitting an arm drag on Stacks. Strong hit a dropkick on Stacks before tagging in Julius. Julius hit a suplex on Stacks before hitting with a vicious lariat. Stacks and Julius exchanged strikes before D'Angelo tagged in a did a takedown on Julius. Julius repsonded with two clotheslines on D'Angelo before Dangelo rolled out of the ring. The eight men got in the ring before they brawled in the middle of the ring. Julius got D'Angelo in an ankle lock before he was pulled by The Family. Brutus hit a Meatball Splash on everyone from the family to the outside of the ring. Julius hit a suplex on Del Toro before tagging in Strong hit a signature back breaker on Del Toro for a near fall. Brutus HIT a double-hand chop on Del Toro, followed by a lariat. Joaquin Wilde hit an assisted Moonsault on Brutus for a near fall. Wilde got Brutus in a snapmare headlock, but Brutus stood and hit a pop-up slam on Wilde. Kemp hit two shoulder-tackles, a Tour of The Islands Body slam, a flying elbow, and a clothesline on Kemp. Kemp tried to body slam Del Toro, but Wilde caught him with a chop block. D'Angelo hit a knee-breaker on Kemp. The Family did quick tags and stomped down Kemp in the corner. Kemp hit a snap mare leg drop on Kemp for a near fall. Stacks got Kemp in a single-leg crab, but Kemp pushed Stacks off his way. Kemp hit a spear on Stacks through the ropes. Del Toro stomped Kemp before hitting a forearm strike on Kemp's back. Kemp tossed DelToro out of the ring. Julius tagged, hit a takedown on Stacks, an overhead suplex on Del Toro, a Superplex on Wilde, and a German Suplex on D'Angelo for anear fall. Julius hit an overhead suplex on D'Angelo. D'Angelo went for a Gut-wrench, but Julius caught him with an ankle lock, but Stacks broke the hold. Brutus pounced Stacks, but Legado Del Fantasma hit him with a High/Low. Kemp got in the ring and got hit with a spring rope shotgun dropkick by Wilde, but Strong hit a knee strike on him before Julius hit an Unecessary Clothesline on Wilde. Strong hit a knee-strike on Julius on accident, which D'Angelo took advantage and hit a Fisherman Suplex on Julius for the pinfall win.

Winners: Tony D'Angelo, Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo, Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde.

- Alundra Blaze told Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) that they will have to win the match to become champions. Toxic Attraction hooted and hollered at Blaze's statement to end the show.

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