WWE NXT 2.0 Results (8/9/2022): Zoey Stark vs Cora Jade, Rounds Match, Nikkita Lyons In Action + More

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Match Card

Harley Cameron On Owen Hart Foundation Tournament: Saraya Is The Only Person Who Should Be Declaring

- Rounds Match: Wes Lee vs. Trick Williams (w/ Carmelo Hayes)

- Nikkita Lyons vs. Kiana James.

- Santos Escobar & Tony D'Angelo Have a One-On-One Accord.

- Zoey Stark vs. Cora Jade.

Live Coverage.

- The broadcast began with a video package showing Katana Chance and Kayden Carter winning the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship. It was followed by promos from Trick Williams, Wes Lee, Cora Jade, Zoey Stark, and Tony D'Angelo ahead of this episode. Vic Joseph and Wade Barret welcomed the audience to the broadcast before transitioning to the opening match.

Kiana James vs. Nikkita Lyons.

The match began with the two locking up before James hit two chops on Lyons' chest. Lyons hit a shoulder tackle on James. James hit a back elbow and attempted a suplex, but instead got a double wrist lock on Lyons. Lyons hit a short-hand shoulder tackle on James. James targeted Lyons' left leg before hitting a middle rope leg stomp on Lyons. James hit a forward flip leg breaker on Lyon's left leg. Outside of the ring, Lyons tossed James into the apron and tried to hit a kick on James, but Lyons went foot-first into the steel stairs. Back in the ring, James ranked Lyons' left knee before booting Lyons in the head. Lyons hit a back elbow, three high kicks, a German Suplex, and a flying senton on James for a near fall. James got Lyons in a rope-assisted school boy roll-up for a near fall. Lyons hit a Spinning Heel Kick on James before hitting the Split-leg drop on James for the pinfall win. James hit Lyons with a bag after the match.

Winner: Nikkita Lyons.

- The Creed Brothers and Apollo Crews watched footage backstage before Roderick Strong interrupted. Julius Creed told Strong that Diamond Mine they don't lie to each other. Strong said that he would beat the piss out of Crews before challenging him to a match later in the night.

- Lash Legend was on a phone call before encountering Malik Blade. Legend was talking about what happened in the match between her and Alba Fyre before it was cut abruptly.

Rounds Match.

Wes Lee vs. Trick Williams (w/ Carmelo Hayes).

Round 1:

Trick threw three jabs on Wes. Williams continued to throw more jabs at Lee before Lee threw two body shots at Williams. Williams hit two jabs on Lee, but Lee hit multiple body shots on Williams. Williams continued to land punches on Lee before hitting a knee strike on Lee's abdomen. Williams landed a series of body shots on Lee, but Lee responded with a punch on the jaw. Lee continued to land body shots before the end of the first round.

Round 2:

Lee hit a monkey flip and three am drags on Williams. Lee hit a face slam, a dropkick, and a clothesline on Williams to the outside before hitting a cross body on Williams to the outside. Hayes pulled Lee, but Lee got back in the ring. Williams caught him with a spinning pump kick for the first pinfall. (1-0).

Williams hit a corner splash on Lee before hitting him with a dropkick for a near fall. Williams got Lee in a headlock before transitioning into a cravat. Williams got Lee in the ropes and locked in a rope-assisted abdominal stretch before hitting a body slam into the mat for a near fall. Williams continued to slam Lee's neck into the middle rope and landed multiple forearm strikes on Lee's back, but Lee caught him with a sunset flip for a near fall. Lee got Williams in a single leg crab, but it was too late before the end of round 3.

Round 4.

Williams put back one glove, but Lee got Williams in a roll-up for a near fall. Lee got a second sunset flip on Williams for a near fall. and Lee laid in the kicks on Williams' leg, but Williams slammed Lee into the corner with an Irish Whip. Lee got Williams with a crucifix bomb for the pinfall, but Williams punched Lee in the face after the fall (1-1).

Round 5

Williams hit a diving lariat on Lee for a near fall. Williams hit a body slam and stomped down Lee before hitting a pop-up jab on Lee for a near fall. Williams hit three suplexes on Lee for another near fall. Williams hit a modified neck breaker on Lee for two near falls, to the shock of Hayes and Williams. Williams went for another spinning kick, but he was left in the ropes and got hit with two enziguri kicks by Lee. Lee hit an uppercut and a running bulldog on Williams. Lee put his glove back on and hit a haymaker on Williams for the pinfall win (2-1).

Winner: Wes Lee (2-1).

- Arianna Grace complained to Andre Chase because Thea Hail and Bodhi Hayward threw a ball on her face on accident. As a resolution, Chase sanctioned a match between Hail and Grace later in the night, although Grace wanted to prepare a lawsuit against Hail.

- NXT North American Champion cut a promo in the ring slandering Wes Lee for cheating. He then addresses that Nathan Frazier stepped up and got stepped on, but Frazier's music started playing before Giovanni Vinci came from behind to interrupt Hayes. Vinci said that Frazier saved Hayes from him. Hayes said he ain't him before saying that Hayes said that he would put his face in a T-Shirt and it would not be designer. Vinci challenged Hayes to a match for the NXT North American Championship for NXT Heatwave.

- There was a video vignette highlighting the feud between JD McDonagh and NXT Champion Bron Breakker ahead of their match in NXT Heatwave. There was footage of the two preparing for their match, including McDonagh being in a sauna and Bron slamming a hammer into a wheel.

- Lash Legend continued to speak with Malik Blade before Edris Enofe joined the conversation about Legend's match against

Thea Hail (w/ Bohdi Hayward & Andre Chase) vs. Arianna Grace.

Hail hit an arm drag on Grace before Grace hit a wheelbarrow face slam on Hail into the corner. Grace continued to target Hail's face and laid in the strikes on Hail's head. Hail kicked Grace's back of the head and got in position to continue to slam her forearm on Hail's face. Grace got Hail in a rear naked choke, but hail slammed Grace on her back to break the hold. Hail hit a back elbow, a running forearm strike, two corner splashes, and a spinning neck breaker on Grace. Hail hit a standing moonsault on Grace for a near fall. Grace tried to punch Hail, but Hail responded with a jab. Grace hit a big boot on Hail before hitting the Wasteland Slam for the pinfall win.

Winner: Arianna Grace.

- It was revealed that Solo Sikoa had a sprained PCL. Cameron Grimes came to console Sikoa before Sikoa revealed that he will be targetting the NXT North American Championship.

Apollo Crews vs. Roderick Strong.

The two locked up to begin the match, with Strong getting Crews in a headlock before Crews got Strong in a wrist lock. Crews hit Strong with a waist lock takedown on Strong, but Strong a wrist lock/ headlock takedown on Crews. Crews broke the hold by locking in head scissors on Strong, but Strong reversed it by turning Apollo before smacking his bald head. Crews got another wrist lock on Strong before he smacked Strong's head multiple times. The two locked up again before Crew took down Strong and hit him with a dropkick on Strong. Crews hit a chop on Strong, but Strong hit Apollo with a side slam backbreaker. Strong and Crews continued to exchange strikes before hitting another side back breaker on Crews. Crews leaped from the middle rope, but Strong caught him with a dropkick. While on the apron, Strong slammed Crews' face into the apron. The two hit each other with lariats outside of the ring before the commercial break. Back from the break, Strong got Crews in a modified STF on Crews, specifically arching Crews' back before he broke the hold and kicked Crews' back. Crews hit a standing suplex on Strong. Crews got to the top rope, but Strong kicked him in the chest to take him off before getting him in a lateral press for a near fall. Crews hit an enziguri kick, two lariats, and a diving lariat on Strong. Crews hit a diving lariat on Strong in the corner before hitting a middle rope blockbuster on Strong for a near fall. Crews hit two German Suplexes on Strong before hitting a wheelbarrow German Suplex on Strong for a near fall. Strong hit a high kick on Crews and placed him in the middle rope. Strong slammed Crews into the apron for a near fall. Strong to Crews in a Boston Crab, but Crews pushed Strong out of the ring with his feet. Strong got back in the ring, but Crews met him with a power slam. Strong hit a backbreaker on Crews, but Crews responded with an enziguri kick. Crews hit a gutbuster on Strong. Strong went for his running knee, but Crews caught him with a One-Hand Spinebuster on Strong for the pinfall win.

Winner: Apollo Crews.

- Lash Legend continued to hooting and hollering before Edris Enofe reminded Legend that she lost her match against Alba Fyre. Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson & Elton Prince) came to tell Enofe and Blade to never interrupt a woman, but Blade said he has some pinned-up aggression for a match after listening to Legend for over an hour.

- Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz discussed her participation in the NXT Women's Fatal Four Way, but NXT Women's Tag Champions Katana Chance and Kayden Carter told them that they will be getting a chance soon. Sanga told them to clear their mind.

- Julius Creed noticed something odd on the footage he, Brutus Creed, and Damon Kemp watched, but Strong came in and slammed the computer they were watching before he blamed Apollo Crews for being the problem.

- Tony D'Angelo and Santos Escobar had one final sit down to discuss business. Escobar said he was full of surprises, saying that his actions on D'Angelo the previous week were nothing personal just business. D'Angelo said that he wanted to get him back to work saying that his head was up his ass. Escobar offered a match between him and D'Angelo, where if Escobar loses he leaves, but if he wins, Legado Del Fantasma was freed. D'Angelo accepted, but only if it was in a street fight. Escobar accepted D'Angelo's offer and shook hands.

- Wendy Choo got Tiffany Stratton in a dark room and turned the lights off. Choo brutally attacked Stratton in the dark before saying their proceedings are not done.

Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade.

The match began with Blade and Prince locking up, with Prince hitting a shoulder tackle on Blade. Prince got Blade in a headlock, but Blade responded with two arm drags on Prince. Blade got a wrist lock on Prince before Enofe hit a top rope ax handle on Prince's left arm. Enofe hit a body slam and a spinning elbow drop on Prince for a near fall. Blade and Enofe hit a forearm strike/ diving lariat on Prince for a near fall. Wilson tagged in and hit a body slam on Blade before hitting a knee drop on Blade's face. Prince and Wilson hit a Fireman's Carry into a gutbuster on Blade for a near fall. Wilson and Prince slid outside of the ring and slapped Blade in the face. NXT UK Tag Champions Briggs & Jensen came to the ring. Enofe hit a back elbow on Prince, a diving lariat, and an inverted sling blade on Wilson before hitting an Edris Elbow for a near fall. Blade hit a tope con giro on Prince to the outside. Jensen and Briggs tried to get a chair off Wilson's hands, but Wilson instead slammed Blade into the chair. Prince slammed Blade into the ring post before Pretty Deadly hit Spilled Milk on Enofe for the pinfall win. Lash Legend hit a pump kick on Fallon Henley outside of the ring before standing next to Prety Deadly, seemingly joining the faction.

Winner: Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson).

- Cameron Grimes was confronted by Javier Bernal, but Joe Gacy & The Dyad encountered him. Grimes still left the arena.

- There was another video package highlighting Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin feeling desperate for losing the NXT Tag Titles. Jayne went to pick up Rock CDs while Gigi went to a bar to drink. They said that a wounded animal is the most dangerous animal.

- Apollo Crews was interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell, saying he does not trust Strong but was happy to rack up victories. Grayson Waller interrupted Crews and said that he did not respect Crews, but Crews asked him to say it closer to his face. Waller instead walked out of the shot.

Cora Jade vs. Zoey Stark.

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose joined the broadcast for the main event match. The match began with Jade pushing Stark, but Stark responded with a shoulder tackle. Stark got Jade in a small package for a near fall but then got him in la casita for a near fall. Stark hit an arm drag on Jade before Jade got to the ropes. Jade slammed Stark into the mat before stomping her down for a near fall. Stark hit a nasty lariat on Jade for a near fall. Stark went for a suplex, but Jade responded with a forearm strike. Stark got Jade in a waist lock takedown before hitting a snap suplex for a near fall. Stark hit a spring rope corkscrew on Jade for a near fall. Stark went for a lariat on Jade, but Jade hit an elevated Knee Strike on Stark on the ropes. Jade stomped down Stark in the corner. Jade and Stark exchanged strikes before Starks got another near fall. Jade hit an Irish Whip on Stark in the corner. Stark laid in the strikes before Jade slammed Stark into the middle rope and hit a back elbow on Stark's back into the rope near fall. Jade hit another back elbow and went for a third, but Stark evaded and got Jade in a jack-knife cover for a near fall before Jade hit a lariat on Stark. Jade bent Stark's neck, but Stark reversed it with a victory roll for a near fall. Jade went for a second elevated knee, but Stark reversed it with a face slam on Jade. Jade got a bat, but Stark evaded her bat and hit a German Suplex on Jade. Stark and Jade exchanged strikes before Stark hit two lariats, a back elbow, a mid-height superkick, and a sliding kick on Jade's knee for a near fall. Stark hit another German Suplex on Jade right on her shoulder for a near fall. Jade hit a forearm strike on Stark and attempted a Sliced Bread, but Stark reversed it with a super kick for a near fall. Stark went for a spring rope move, but Jade evaded and hit an elevated knee and a Hammerlock DDT on Stark for a near fall. Jade hit the Sliced Bread on Stark for another near fall. Jade went for the bat again, but Roxanne Perez took it out of the ring. Stark finished proceedings by hitting a superkick and the Belly-To-Back GTS on Jade for the pinfall win, staring daggers at Rose at the commentary table.

Winner: Zoey Stark.

Perez swung the bat at Jade before the two ran out of the arena. Rose tried to hit Stark with the title, but Stark responded with the Belly-To-Back GTS on Rose. Stark held the title high to end the broadcast.

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