WWE NXT (4/2/2024) Results: Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes Face Off, Oba Femi vs Joe Gacy, More Set

On Tuesday, April 2, 2024, WWE hosted a new episode of NXT on the USA Network.

The show was headlined by Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes going face-to-face ahead of their match at NXT Stand & Deliver. The full results are listed below.

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WWE NXT (4/2/2024).

  • Vic Joseph & Booker T welcomed the audience to the broadcast before transitioning into the opening contest.
  • NXT Tag Team Championship - #1 Contender's Triple Threat Tag Match: Axiom & Nathan Frazer def. The Good Brothers ("The Big LG" Luke Gallows & "The Machine Gun" Karl Anderson) & LWO (Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro) via Pinfall (Phoenix Splash).
    • Axiom & Nathan Frazer were interviewed after the match by Kelly Kincaid, where they stared daggers at The Wolf Dogs (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin; who were on the Raven's Nest). They promised to beat The Wolf Dogs and win the NXT Tag Titles.
  • Lexis King had a vignette before his match against Von Wagner later tonight.
  • NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov was about to drive to the meeting with Tony D'Angelo, but his car got confiscated from its wheels. Tony D'Angelo's henchmen picked Dragunov up and gave him a ride to the meet.
  • Jacy Jayne (w/ Jasmyn Nyx, Izzy Dame & Kiana James) def. Fallon Henley (w/ Kelani Jordan & Thea Hail) via Pinfall (V-Trigger).
    • Jacy Jayne tried to cut a promo after the match from the Guerilla Position, but NXT General Manager Ava told her to move it along. Thea Hail, Kelani Jordan & Fallon Henley appeared at Guerilla and shouted at Ava, which promoted Ava to book Henley, Hail & Jordan facing Jayne, Dame & James at NXT Stand & Deliver.
  • There was a video package for Josh Briggs.
  • Lexis King def. Von Wagner via Pinfall (Swinging Cross-Arm Neck Breaker).
  • Ava met with Carmelo Hayes backstage, where Hayes told Ava that he was ready for tonight's face-off with Trick Williams.
  • Natalya was advising Karmen Petrovic before Roxanne Perez confronted them. Perez said that she would have listened to Natalya in another life but did not need advice from her heroes anymore.
  • Arianna Grace was preparing the dresses for Gigi Dolin before Wren Sinclair told Grace that she disagreed with what Grace was doing because Pageantry was about showing your true self. Grace threw a giant rant after that comment before leaving the locker room.
  • Lola Vice def. Karmen Petrovic (w/ Natalya) via Submission (Sharpshooter).
  • Ilja Dragunov arrived at a storage building, where Tony D'Angelo's henchmen were prepping the tools menacingly. Tony D'Angelo & Ilja Dragunov sat down, more will air tonight.
  • The Meta-Four (Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend) hosted the Supernova Sessions with Roxanne Perez and NXT Women's Champion Lyra Valkyria. Valkyria ran down Perez for complaining about her never losing the NXT Women's Title before pointing out that she had lost three times before Perez said that she would take the belt off Valkyria, saying that she would show Valkyria that she would learn what being a champion was after losing the belt.
    Valkyria said that all Perez was bitch on and promised to give Perez a whole lot to bitch about after Stand & Deliver. Perez slapped Valkyria, but Valkyria responded with a vicious Leg Lariat and a Death Valley Driver onto a tiny table.
  • There was a video package for DIJAK.
  • After the video package, Oba Femi said that at Stand & Deliver, he would show them why he was the NXT North American Champion.
  • Joe Gacy was attacked with a chair by Shawn Spears, but Oba Femi approached Spears and shouted at him "RUN". This led to Gacy & Femi's match.
  • Oba Femi vs. Joe Gacy ended in a No-Contest (Referee Stoppage due to Injury).
    • Joe Gacy was checked on the referee, leading the referee to end the match abruptly. We wish Gacy a speedy recovery.
  • Lyra Valkyria spoke with Tatum Paxley and said she would do anything to retain the title, even if it meant not being herself.
  • Arianna Grace def. Wren Sinclair via Pinfall (Rope-Assisted Victory Roll Bridge).
  • Ilja Dragunov & Tony D'Angelo spoke backstage during the dinner, where Dragunov put over D'Angelo for how far he would go in the mind games. After a heated exchange, Draguno told D'Angelo that nothing would stop him from still being NXT Champion. D'Angelo pulled Dragunov's injured fingers and told him that he would do anything to win the title off him. D'Angelo left a silver tray for Dragunov and told him to enjoy his last meal.
  • Sol Ruca def. Blair Davenport via Pinfall (Schoolboy Roll-Up).
  • DIJAK & Josh Briggs spoke backstage, but they were interrupted by Oba Femi. Femi declared to Briggs & DIJAK that he would retain at Stand & Deliver.

  • Joe Gacy met with Ava backstage before demanding a match against Shawn Spears, which Ava granted.

  • Carmelo Hayes came to the ring with an army of security guards for his face-off with Trick Williams. Trick Williams said he looked forward to him & Hayes being the first two Black Men headlining an NXT Event, but was conflicted by facing a man who was his brother in that spot. Hayes said that he felt betrayed by Williams going for the NXT Title he never got to regain before saying that Williams was always aiming for the position that belonged to him. Hayes told Williams that it was time for him to realize that he needed to take a backseat, but Williams told him that his days as a side-piece were long gone. Hayes said that he promised to show why he had been the man for three years and show that when he shoots he does not miss, but Williams promised to whoop that ass. The brawl ensued as they took out all the security guards before the men’s locker room separated them to end the broadcast.

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