WWE NXT (5/16/2023) Results: Two NXT Women's Title Tourney Matches, Creed Bros, Wes Lee & More.

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Here's what is set for the show.


WWE NXT (5/16/2023).

  • NXT Women's Championship Tournament - Quarterfinal Match: Fallon Henley vs. Cora Jade.
  • NXT Women's Championship Tournament - Quarterfinal Match: Roxanne Perez vs. Jacy Jayne.
  • The Dyad (Rip Fowler & Jagger Reid) (w/ Joe Gacy & Ava Raine) vs. The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed) (w/ Ivy Nile).
  • Noam Dar's Supernova Sessions w/ Dragon Lee.
  • Wes Lee & Tyler Bate vs. Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak.

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Live Coverage.

- Vic Joseph & Booker T welcomed the audience to the broadcast before transitioning to the opening match.

NXT Women's Championship Tournament - Quarterfinal Match.

Fallon Henley vs. Cora Jade.

The match began with the two locking up before Jade leaned Henley into the corner. The two locked up again before Henley pushed Jade into the corner. Jade & Henley ran the ropes before Henley hit a shoulder tackle, a takedown, the Swerve Kick, and slid to the outside to hit a jab on Jade. Jade got to the corner, but Henley caught her with a chop and a snap-suplex for a near fall. Henley went for a back elbow, but Jade caught her with a Rising Knee Strike before kicking her leg and hitting a springboard stomp on Henley's leg for a near fall. Jade aimed her focus on Henley's leg before hitting her with two chops and a shotgun dropkick on Henley while she was trapped on the ropes before going for a pin, but Henley kicked out. Jade locked in a modified Figure Four on Henley, but Henley reversed it into a pin for a near fall. Henley hit a jab, a wicked chop, two more chops, a forearm strike, a back elbow, a lariat, a back elbow into the corner, and a running bulldog on Jade for a near fall. Henley went for a body slam, but Jade caught her with a Dragon Sleeper before going for the Death Rider, but Henley rolled over and caught Jade with a forearm strike and hit the Shinning Wizard on Jade. Henley went for a pin, but Jade rolled under the ring to evade the pin. Henley brought Jade back in the ring, but Jade caught her with a chop block on the injured leg before hitting the Death Rider for the pinfall win.

Winner: Cora Jade.

- Kiana James talked trash to Thea Hail backstage while the rest of the NXT Locker Room looked along. Hail asked Duke Hudson if she can have a match against Kiana James, to which Hudson responded that she can do whatever she wished. James & Hail will face each other later in the night.

- Tyler Bate & NXT North American Champion Wes Lee were meditating backstage, but they were attacked by The Schism (Rip Fowler, Jagger Reid, Ava Raine & Joe Gacy) attacked them backstage. Gacy told them that their "charade" of a friendship will end soon.

- Trick Williams & NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes made their way to the ring to cut a promo after they were attacked by Bron Breakker last week. Hayes said that he was well aware that Breakker was not the same one from Stand & Deliver, but Hayes said that Breakker needed to realize that he was not the same either. Hayes called out Breakker, but they were interrupted by Drew Gulak & Charlie Dempsey after they talked trash to them backstage. Gulak told Hayes that they should not disrespect them, while the crowd chanted at Dempsey "Willy Wonka". Hayes & Williams challenged Gulak & Dempsey to a match, which they accepted before brawling inside the ring.

- Dijak was about to cut a promo backstage, but Ilja Dragunov confronted him backstage. Dragunov told Dijak that he was invincible and unbreakable before saying that pain was inevitable, but suffering was optional. Dijak said that there wasn't anyone he couldn't break, which Dragunov invited Dijak to try.

- There was a video of a mysterious figure attacking Dani Palmer from this past weekend's NXT House Show.

The Dyad (Rip Fowler & Jagger Reid) (w/ Ava Raine) vs. The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed) (w/ Ivy Nile).

Julius & Fowler locked up inside the ring before Julius hit a FIreman's takedown on Fowler, but Fowler responded with a Greco-Roman Lock up on Julius. Julius hit a Monkey Flip on Fowler. Fowler went for a Monkey Flip of his own, but Julius landed on feet before hitting a dropkick and tagging in Brutus, who hit a Double-Axe Handle off the top rope on Fowler. Fowler leaned Brutus into the corner before Reid laid in a series of punches and locked in a headlock on Brutus. Brutus got out of the hold and went for a Vertical Suplex on Reid before passing him along to Julius to hit the Stalling Suplex, and ode to Aussie Open. Fowler tagged back in and went for a suplex, but Julius and Brutus repeated the dosage of the Vertical Suplex before Julius slammed Fowler onto the mat for a near fall. Julius hit a knee lift on Fowler, but Fowler booted him before Reid tagged in and hit an enziguri kick on Julius and a Shotgun Dropkick on Brutus. Fowler & Reid hit an Enziguri/ Flatliner combo on Julius before Reid locked in the Koji Clutch on Julius. Fowler stomped away on Julius's head to add more pressure to the hold, but Brutus broke the hold by power bombing Reid.

Brutus & Julius hit back elbows on Reid after Brutus tagged in, who hit a vicious arm drag on Reid. Julius & Brutus hit the Gut Wrench into a splash on Reid before Julius locked in a waist lock on Reid. Julius kept the hold for a lengthy amount of time, but Reid got a rope break before tagging in Fowler, who hit a lariat on Julius for a near fall. Fowler fired away with elbow strikes on Julius's head before locking in an S-Grip Chinlock on Julius before transitioning into a side headlock on Julius. Reid tagged back in and tossed Fowler into the corner, but Julius fought them off before Reid & Fowler hit a Thrust Kick/ Ripcord Cross-chop/ Running Splash combo on Julius for a near fall.

Back from the break, Reid got a headlock on Julius before sending him back into his own corner and locking in another headlock. Julius carried Reid to break the hold before hitting a Slingshot Angle Slam on Reid. Fowler tagged in and got Julius, but Julius leaped to tag in Brutus. Brutus hit a series of Hammer strikes before Fowler went for A German Suplex on Brutus, but Brutus landed on his feet and hit the Brutus Strikes, a corner lariat, and a Torture Rack Slam on Fowler for a near fall. Reid & Fowler double-teamed Brutus, but Brutus got the Dyad in an O'Connor Roll/ Northern Lights Suplex combo for a near fall. Reid took out Julius, but Brutus responded by hitting Reid with a POUNCE. Fowler & Brutus both exchanged strikes before the two took each other out with clotheslines. Julius & Reid hit Stereo 450 Splashes on Brutus & Fowler before Reid & Julius exchanged strikes, kicks, and knee strikes before Julius hit a lariat on Reid. Julus went for a Powerbomb on Reid, but Reid reversed it with a DDT. Raine tried to attack Nile, but Nile locked in the Dragon Sleeper to allow Brutus to hit the Cannonball on Fowler. Inside the ring, Julius evaded Reid's running dropkick before he hit the Rolling Takedown and connected the Unecesary Clothesline for the pinfall win.

After the match, The Creed Brothers challenged Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) to a tag match on NXT Stand & Deliver for the NXT Tag Titles.

Winners: The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed) (w/ Ivy Nile).

- Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo & Tony D'Angelo were eating dinner in their restaurant. Tony D'Angelo got arrested by two police officers due to some "criminal acts". D'Angelo told them that this had to be legit. Stacks learned about it and started making some phone calls.

- NXT Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar hosted a new edition of the Supernova Sessions, the first-ever edition on United States soil with the special guest being Dragon Lee. Noam Dar was reading a Spanish book only to hear Dragon Lee speak fluent English, saying that the book was a waste of $20. Lee said that he did respect everyone in the arena except Dar because he did not respect him. Dragon Lee said that he had pride for his Heritage, to which Dar said that he will never get the NXT Heritage Cup. Dragon Lee said that Dar had to defend the Heritage Cup, but Dar said that the challenge was not that simple. Nathan Frazier interrupted Dar and called him out for not defending the Heritage Cup before saying that he would love to see Lee face Dar for the title. Dragon Lee challenged Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup for NXT Battleground. After Frazier dissed him and told Dar to go back to Alicia Fox, Dar accepted Lee's challenge and challenged Frazier to a match.

- Ilja Dragunov was on wrapped around in a chair after being constantly attacked by Dijak. Dijak asked Dragunov if he had enough, to which Dragunov responded by saying "Not even close".

- Jacy Jayne was interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell. Jayne said that Roxanne Perez's time had come and gone and talked trash about Gigi Dolin. Jayne said that she was a winner before promising to kicked Perez's head in on her way to become the new NXT Women's Champion.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs. Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak.

Williams and Dempsey locked up before exchanging holds. Dempsey ran the ropes and got a backslide on Williams, but Williams reversed it with a pin of his own before hitting two shoulder tackles and a dropkick. Gulak & Hayes tagged in before the two locked up. Gulak went for a back suplex, but Hayes reversed it with a headlock before hitting a diving arm drag and hitting a Deep Arm Drag on Gulak. Hayes went for the Tijeras, but Gulak blocked it before getting a sunset pin on Hayes. Gulak locked in a double wrist-lock on Hayes before he & Dempsey hit boot kicks on Hayes. Dempsey went for an arm drag on Dempsey, but Hayes & Dempsey exchanged rm drags before Dempsey got Hayes's leg. Hayes hit a wrist lock takedown on Dempsey before Williams tagged n and hit a leaping lariat. Dempsey hit a cross-chop on Williams before Gulak hit a lariat on Williams. Gulak tagged in and hit a snap-mare before locking in the Romero Special on Williams, pulling him from the braids. Gulak hit a German Suplex on Willims before Dempsey hit a German of his own on Williams for a near fall. Dempsey went for a hold on Williams, but Williams reversed it with a kick before tagging in Hayes. Hayes hit a thrust kick on Gulak before hitting a Springboard Lariat and a Back Suplex on Dempsey for a near fall. Williams tagged in and hit a diving lariat on Gulak before catching Dempsey with a pump kick, allowing Hayes to hit the Top Rope Leg Drop on Dempsey for the pinfall win.

After the match, Hayes & Williams called out Bron Breakker, but the titantron cut to Bron Breakker in their Barbershop. Breakker said that he would see him soon.

Winners: Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams.

- Duke Hudson was grading papers before he & Thea Hail went to the ring for Hail's match against Kiana James.

- Noam Dar walked backstage before talking to Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson backstage. Legend talked trash to Dar for the many talk shows before she & Jackson walked out of the shot.

Kiana James vs. Thea Hail (w/ Duke Hudson).

James pushed Hail onto the mat to begin the match, but Hail hit a waist-lock takedown on James before stomping away at James's back. Hail hit two arm drags, and an Irish Whip, and a back-drop on James. Hail tossed James to the outside before she hit her with a Tope Suicida. Hail went for a cross-body, but James evaded and hit three Knee Lifts on Hail for a near fall. James hit two knee strikes onto Hail's abdomen before hitting her with two shoulder blocks on Hail on the corner. James had full control of the match, catching her with forearm strikes to the abdomen. Hail got back up and hit two jabs, a V-Trigger, a lariat, a back elbow, a corner uppercut, a Northern Light's Suplex, a Springboard Senton, and a Top Rope Cross-body on James for a near fall. Hail went for a suplex, but James responded with a Gorebuster, a flapjack into the top rope, and hitting the 401k Flatliner on Hail for the pinfall win.

Winner: Kiana James.

- Hank Walker & Tank Ledger talked backstage before they were confronted by Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs, with Ledger getting a new tooth after it flew away in Ledger's previous match. Ledger said that if he and Walker were to be successful, they had to be close, and in order to do that they would beat the hell out of each other in a match.

- Tyler Bate & NXT North American Champion Wes Lee were interviewed backstage after they were attacked by The Schism, but Lee said that he would address the attack inside the ring.

- Daabba-Kato cut a promo backstage, with him saying that everyone in NXT was prey.

- Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, Dante Chen, Eddy Thorpe & Axiom spoke backstage before Axiom said that he was excited to face "mountains".

- NXT North American Champion Wes Lee came to the ring to cut a promo. Lee called out Joe Gacy to the ring, saying that the Schism were sheep. Gacy said that if he wanted a shot at the title, all he had to do was ask. Gacy & Ava Raine were on the Raven's Nest and Gacy admitted that he indeed wanted the gold, but told Lee to break the news to the injured Tyler Bate. Bate came to the ring with his injured elbow and said that he had enough of this "high school name-calling rubbish" before saying that he had a receipt coming for him. Bate told Lee that he wanted a shot at the title too. Gacy tried to lore Lee & Bate against each other, but Lee said that he would take both Gacy & Bate for the title on NXT Battleground.

- There was a video vignette of Roxanne Perez ahead of her match against Jacy Jayne in the Main Event match.

- Von Wagner was backstage talking about his involvement in the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal. Wagner saw Luca Crucifino and challenged him to a match. Mr/ Stone asked Wagner if he was going to talk about the photo of his childhood, but Wagner ignored him.

NXT Women's Championship Tournament - Quarterfinal Match.

Roxanne Perez vs. Jacy Jayne.

The main event of the evening began with Jayne leaning Perez into the corner, but Perez responded with a Roll-up for a near fall. Perez & Jayne exchanged waist locks before Perez got a wrist lock on Jayne, but Jayne hit a forearm strike. Perez got a bridge on Jayne for the pin, but Jayne kicked out. Jayne hit a Shoulder Tackle on Perez before hitting a PK to the back, but Perez got a pin on Jayne before aiming her offense on Jayne's left arm. Perez went for a Cazadora, but Jayne caught her with a forearm strike to the back. Perez climbed to the top rope, but Jayne pushed off the top turnbuckle before pushing her onto the broadcast table.

During the break, Wayne got Perez back in the ring and hit her with a chop to the chest. Jayne hit a Snap-mare on Perez before hitting another PK Kick on Perez's neck for a near fall. Jayne locked in a Bow & Arrow on Perez, hyper-extending her back with both her feet before transitioning to the Body Scissors while locking in a chin lock. Perez's leaned Jayne back to get a pin, but Jayne kicked out at two and immediately locked in a chin lock on Perez. Perez got an O'Connor Roll on Jayne before catching her with a backslide, but Jayne kicked out.

Jayne hit Perez with a neck breaker, but Perez kicked out at two. Jayne locked in a modified Camel Clutch on Perez before slamming her face onto the mat. Jayne hit two shoulder blocks on Perez before going for a Cannonball, but Perez evaded before hitting her with an Upkick. Perez & Jayne exchanged forearm strikes before Perez started firing away with body shots and dropkicking Jayne to the outside. Perez hit. Tope Suicida on Jayne to the outside before hitting a Top Rope Cross-body back in the ring. Perez hit a Pump Kick on Jayne before hitting the Russian Leg Sweep for a near fall. Perez went for the Black Mass, but Jane blocked it before hitting a Thrust Kick & a Vicious Rolling Forearm Strike on Perez for a near fall. Jayne fired away with punches on Perez before hitting the GTS on Perez. Jayne went for a Tornado Kick, but Perez blocked it and hit a Spinning Gut Kick before connecting the Pop Rox for the pinfall win.

Winner: Roxanne Perez.

- Gigi Dolin attacked Jacy Jayne after the match. The two former members of Toxic Attraction brawled on the outside until the referees separated them.

- This wild sequence of events lead to Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams getting to the ring to wait for Bron Breakker before the commercial break.

- There was another vignette of Ilja Dragunov being beaten up after Dijak continued to attack him throughout the show. Dijak said that he would break any man, but Dragunov responded by saying that he was still standing.

- Bron Breakker brought security guards to be in between Carmelo Hayes & himself. Breakker said that he did not bring them to protect him, but he brought them to protect Hayes from him. Hayes said that Breakker did not change for the better, but he was the only one to blame for his fall. Breakker said that he did not really care about regaining the NXT Title, but was more focus on breaking Hayes in front of his friends and family on NXT Battleground. Hayes promised Breakker to beat him and end his legacy in NXT. Breakker talked trash about the sports teams of Boston before saying Hayes was nothing. Hayes hit a Tope Suicida on the Security Guards before the two brawled inside the ring. Breakker caught Hayes with a vicious lariat, but Hayes responded by kicking Breakker in the Bulldogs and slamming the belt on Breakker's head. The two were laid out on the mat to end the broadcast.

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