WWE NXT (5/9/2023) Results: Gallus vs Dyad, Women's Title Tourney Begins, Tyler Bate Competes & More

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Here's what is set for the show.


WWE NXT (5/9/2023).

  • WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) (c) (w/ Joe Coffey) vs. The Dyad (w/ Joe Gacy & Ava Raine of The Schism).
  • Tyler Bate (w/ Wes Lee) vs. Charlie Dempsey (w/ Drew Gulak).
  • Eddie Thorpe vs. Damon Kemp.
  • Ilja Dragunov vs. Dijak.
  • Nathan Frazer Speaks.
  • Bron Breakker vs. Trick Williams.
  • Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs. Hank Walker & Tank Ledger.
  • Duke Hudson (w/ Thea Hail) vs. Javier Bernal.
  • NXT Women's Championship Tourney - 1st Round Match: Gigi Dolin vs. Tiffany Stratton.
  • NXT Women's Championship Tourney - 1st Round Match: Lyra Valkyria vs. Kiana James.

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Live Coverage.

- With all participants of the NXT Women's Championship Tournament lined up at the ram, Vic Joseph & Booker T welcomed the audience to the broadcast before transitioning to the opening match.

NXT Women's Championship Tourney - 1st Round Match.

Gigi Dolin vs. Tiffany Stratton.

The tournament began with Stratton & Dolin locking up before Dolin leaned Stratton into the corner. Dolin hit a series of strikes in Stratton, but Stratton cartwheeled over Dolin and evaded her offense. Dolin got two near falls on Stratton before hitting her with a broncobuster. Stratton evaded Dolin’s second attempt before hitting the double stomp for a near fall. Stratton slammed Folin into the corner before hitting a snap mare into a leg drop to Dolin’s arm for a near fall. Stratton continued to focus her offense on Dolin’s arm, but Dolin got a schoolboy on Stratton for a war fall. Stratton got back in Dolin’s arm, but Dolin rolled through and hit a series of knee lifts to the face, two lariats & a pump kick on Stratton. Stratton hit an arm breaker on Dolin and went for another stomp, but Dolin evaded and hit a roundhouse kick and an STO on Stratton. Stratton went for a Crucifix bomb, but Stratton reversed it with a Green Bay Plunge into a PME for the Pinfall win.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton.

- Joe Gacy wished The Dyad luck in their match against Gallus for the NXT Tag Team Titles, telling them to bring gold to The Schism. Gacy told Ava Raine to accompany The Dyad to the ring as he would be busy putting his focus on something else.

- Trick Williams & NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes were on the Barbershop. Hayes told Williams that he did not have to face Bron Breakker, but Williams said that he was on a different level and that he would whoop Breakker's ass because he looked forward to proving he was who he says he was.

WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Match.

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) (c) (w/ Joe Coffey) vs. The Dyad (w/ Joe Gacy & Ava Raine of The Schism).

The two teams brawled to begin the match. Coffey hit a body slam on Reid before locking in a headlock on him and hitting a shoulder tackle. Coffey locked in another headlock on Reif before tagging in Wolfgang, who got a near from a takedown on Reid. Wolfgang got a standing Kimura on Reid, but Redi hit a series of forearm strikes to break the hold and tagging in Fowler. Fowler started pounding away on Wolfgang before attempting suplex on Wolfgang, but Wolfgang reversed it with a snap-suplex of his own. Fowler hit. a forearm strike on Wolfgang before The Dyad hit a double-leg trip on Coffey. Reid hit a Shotgun dropkick off Fowler's back before The Dyad hit an enziguri kick/ Flatliner combo on Coffey for a near fall.

During the break, Gallus regained control after Wolfgang tagged back in, locking in a headlock on Reid. Reid got on his feet and rolled off the hold, but Wolfgang caught him with a forearm strike before tagging Coffey, who hit a Diving Shoulder Tackle on Reid for a near fall. Fowler distracted Coffey briefly, allowing Reid to hit a jab and tag in Fowler, who immediately locked a headlock on Coffey. Coffey hit a series of body shots on Fowler to break the hold, but The Dyad responded by hitting a double lariat on Coffey for a near fall. The Dyad regained control with Fowler locking in a chin lock on Coffey.

After the break, Coffey evaded The Dyad, but got dropped with a boot kick from Reid & a cross-chop from Fowler for a near fall, as Ivy Nile argued with The Creed Brothers while watching the match backstage. Coffey hit a backdrop on Reid before Wolfgang tagged in. Wolfgang laid out both Fowler & Reid with strikes before hitting a corner side splash on Reid, a lariat on Fowler off the apron, and an Axe Handle on Reid. Wolfgang hit a running side-senton on Reid before he & Coffey hit a Double Uranage for a near fall. Reid got a Schoolboy Roll-Up on Wolfgang after Fowler pulled Coffey out of the ring. Raine distracted Gallus long enough for Reid to hit a DDT on Coffey. Reid & Fowler went for a finisher, but Reid was distracted by Ivy Nile attacking Ava Raine. This allowed Coffey & Wolfgang to hit the Gallow's Gate (Claymore Kick/ F5 Combination) for the pinfall win.

Winners AND STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang).

- Javier Bernal talked trash to Thea Hail before Duke Hudson interrupted proceedings. Hudson said that he was filling in for Andre Chase as Chase University's Substitute Teacher before challenging Javier Bernal to a match.

- There was a vignette of a mysterious figure watching footage of Nikkita Lyons, Sol Ruca & Wendy Choo being injured backstage

Duke Hudson (w/ Thea Hail) vs. Javier Bernal.

Hudson & Bernal locked up to begin the match before Hudson pushed Bernal onto the mat. Hudson chased down Bernal on ringside but was stomped away at Bernal when the two got back in the ring. Bernal hit a series of punches at Hudson, but Hudson responded with a shoulder tackle & a body slam on Bernal. Bernal begged for forgiveness to Hudson, but that was a ploy from Bernal to hit a basement dropkick, a DDT, and a sliding lariat on Hudson for a near fall. Bernal locked in a chin lock on Hudson, but Hudson hit an Iconoslam on Bernal to break the hold. Bernal stomped Hudson, but Hudson hulked up and hit a body shot, a blow to the back, hammer strikes, a side slam, the Bionic Punches, a lariat, and a senton on Bernal. Hudson then hit a Slingshot German Suplex on Bernal before getting him and hitting the Razor's Edge for the pinfall win.

Winner: Duke Hudson.

- Von Wagner was with Mr. Stone backstage talking about their favorite foods before Stone asked Wagner about a baby picture of him. Luca Crusifino, Esq appeared to interrupt, but Wagner tossed him into the soundboard.

- Diamond Mine (Ivy Nile, Julius Creed & Brutus Creed) bumped onto Gallus backstage. Gallus told The Creeds to back Nile off them, but Creeds told them to leave her alone or they would come for the Tag Titles.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Damon Kemp.

Kemp got a headlock on Thorpe, but Thorpe reversed it with a takedown. Kemp hit two waist lock takedowns on Thorpe, but Thorpe got onto the ropes to break the hold. The two locked up again before Thorpe locked in a headlock and hit a headlock takedown on Kemp. Kemp reversed the hold with a headlock takeover, but Thorpe got off the hold and leaped over Kemp before hitting a leaping cross-body on Kemp. Kemp hit an uppercut on Thorpe before hitting a Slingshot Jackhammer on Thorpe for a near fall. Kemp got another headlock on Thorpe before transitioning into a seating Abdominal Stretch, but Thorpe got off the hold. Kemp got Thorpe and hit a Rolling DVD on Thorpe for a near fall. Thorpe got back up and hit a chop, a fist, two more chops, a back elbow, a forearm strike, two gut kicks, a Pele Kick, a Helluva Kick, and a Snap-German Suplex on Kemp for a near fall. Kemp went for a Sunset Flip on Thorpe, but Thorpe rolled over and locked in a Single Leg Crab on Kemp before he got a rope break. Thorpe hit a vicious Boot kick and a German Suplex before hitting a Running Elbow Drop on Kemp for the pinfall win.

Winner: Eddy Thorpe.

- Kiana James was interviewed backstage, saying Lyra Valkyria was the toughest opponent in the tournament. Kiana James said that she had checked off every goal in her notes with the exception of winning the NXT Women's Title, and she looks to get the title on NXT Battleground.

- Bron Breakker was interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell before saying that he would put Trick Williams in the same hospital Carmelo Hayes was in.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Dijak.

Dragunov hit a leaping toe kick on Dijak, followed by a series of knife-edge chops on Dijak to begin the match. Dijak responded with a vicious overhead chop on Dragunov, but Dragunov fired away with chops before hitting a series of Machine Gun Chops, Eddie Kingston style, on Dijak before hitting a diving knee drop on Dijak. Dijak tossed Dragunov into the apron before bringing him back in and getting a near fall on Dragunov. Dijak got a waist lock on Dragunov, but Dragunnov powered through before the two exchanged strikes. Dijak hit a boot kick on Dragunov, but Dragunov responded with a Gamonguri before attempting a German Suplex, but Dijak dropped his weight. Dijak tossed Dragunov into the ropes, but Dragunov responded with a forearm strike and a roundhouse kick. Dragunov went for a German Suplex, but Dijak responded with a series of back elbows, a vicious headlock toss before hitting a Discus Boot Kick on Dragunov for a near fall. Dijak got a chair inside the ring before tossing the referee across the ring and attacking Dragunov with a steel chair, disqualifying him. Dijak hit a Chokeslam on Dragunov onto the apron and placing the stairs over Dragunov.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov (via Disqualification).

- NXT North American Champion met Tyler Bate backstage, who was meditating ahead of his match against Charlie Dempsey. Lee said that he would accompany Bate to his match.

- Josh Briggs & Brooks Jesnen gave some feedback to Dani Palmer before Hank Walker & Tank Ledger challenged Briggs & Jesne to a match to get some reps in.

Tyler Bate (w/ Wes Lee) vs. Charlie Dempsey (w/ Drew Gulak).

The two British Grapplers exchanged a series of uppercuts to begin the match before Bate hit a T-Bone SUplex into a Standing Shooting Star Press on Dempsey for a near fall. Demspey locked in a Full Nelson on Bate before hitting a Butterfly Suplex on Bate for a near fall. Dempsey hit a series of forearm strikes on Bate, but Bate evaded and went for a dive before the two exchanged strikes and butted heads. Dempsey hit an uppercut, a knee lift, and locked in the Octopus Hold on Bate, but Bate reversed it with a UFO Death Valley Driver on Dempsey. Joe Gacy confronted Wes Lee before Gulak joined them, but Bate wiped out everyone with a Dive to the outside. Bate hit the Bop & Bang on Demspey before going for the Boing Lariat, but Gacy hit Bate with a jab. This allowed Dempsey to hit a Dragon Suplex Bridge for the pinfall win.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey.

- Carmelo Hayes left the barbershop and went to join Trick Williams in his match against Bron Breakker later in the night.

- Dragon Lee was interviewed backstage, with Lee saying Noam Dar saw him as a threat. The interview was interrupted by a video vignette of NXT Heritage Champion Noam Dar. Dar invited Dragon Lee to the Supernova Sessions Talk Show. Lee accepted the invite.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen (w/ Fallon Henley) vs. Hank Walker & Tank Ledger.

Brigg shit a boot kick on Ledger while Jensen & Walker brawled on the outside. Walker hit a pounce on Briggs before Ledger hit a diving headbutt for a near fall. Briggs & Jensen hit a double shoulder tackle, a double body slam, and double elbow drops on Walker for a near fall. Jensen laid in a series of corner lariats on Walker, but Walker responded with a pounce. Ledger tagged in and hit a corner splash followed by a body slam for a near fall. Jensen & Briggs hit an Atomic Drop/ Big Boot combo on Ledger for a near fall, busting a tooth off Legder's mouth. Ledger fired away with punches on Briggs, but that was before Jensen & Briggs hit the Hart Attack for the pinfall win. Despite the stiff action, the two teams embraced after the match.

Winners: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen.

- There was a Lyra Valkyria vignette ahead of her match against Kiana James.

- Nathan Frazier hosted a new edition of "Hard Hitting Home Truths", with Frazier running down on the aftermath of the WWE Draft. Frazier put over the international talent before recalling his previous feud from NXT UK with Noam Dar before he called him out.

NXT Women's Championship Tourney - 1st Round Match.

Lyra Valkyria vs. Kiana James.

The two locked up before Lyra got a Schoolboy Roll-Up on James for a near fall. James slammed Lyra onto the mat before hitting a shoulder tackle on Lyra. Lyra got a Guillotine Choke on James before getting her in a pin for a near fall. The two exchanged pins before James bridged out of a pin and hit a knee lift on Lyra, but Lyra responded with a Spinning arm drag and a Crucifix for a near fall. James got Lyra and hit a Catapult on Lyra into the middle rope before slamming her into the ring post.

James locked in a Bow & Arrow hold on Lyra into the ring post before getting a near fall on Lyra. Back in the ring, James locked in a seated Gargano Escape on Lyra, but Lyra got out of the hold before James caught her with a knee lift to the abdomen. Lyra got another schoolboy on James before getting her in a Backslide for a near fall. James hit a series of shoulder blocks on Lyra into the corner for a near fall before she locked in another seated abdominal stretch.

Back from the break, Lyra got an Inside Cradle on James for a near fall. Jams hit a Gut Buster on Lyra, but Lyra kicked out at two. James hit a shoulder block on the corner, but Lyra responded with a boot to the face and a top rope dropkick on James. Lyra hit a forearm strike, a chest kick, a series of kicks, and a Bandera Toss on James before hitting her with a Sliding Dropkick through the middle rope. Back in the ring, Lyra went for a dive, but James evaded before Lyra caught her with an Enziguri Kick and a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Lyra climbed to the top rope and went for a splash, but James blocked it with her knees before hitting a Gut Wrench Liger Bomb on Lyra, but Lyra kicked out at two. James hit a series of knee strikes on Lyra before going for a back suplex, but Lyra landed on her feet and hit a Spinning Leg Lariat on James for the pinfall win.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria.

- Tony D'Angelo & Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo confronted Gallus in the pub, with them saying that they wanted a shot at the tag titles. Joe Coffey told them to leave as long as they can still walk.

Bron Breakker vs. Trick Williams.

The two locked up before Williams hit two dropkicks on Breakker. Williams hit a series of jabs & shoulder blocks on Breakker before hitting two pump kicks on Breakker to send him to the outside. Williams laid in the forearm strikes on Breakker's chest, but Breakker responded by tossing Williams into the broadcast table. Back in the ring, Breakker hit a series of punches, a backdrop, and a German Suplex on Williams before hitting a Snap Suplex to get a pin, but Breakker broke the pi to do three push-ups. Breakker locked in a seated abdominal stretch on Williams. Williams broke the hold and hit a series of punches and ran the ropes, but Breakker caught him with a Spinebuster for a near fall. Breakker hit a lariat on Williams before running the ropes again, but Williams caught him with a boot kick and a neck breaker. Williams hit two shoulder tackles and a lifted Uranage on Breakker for a near fall. Breakker regained control and hit the Military Press Slam on Williams. Williams hit an enziguri kick off the floor on Breakker before going for a Tornado kick, but Breakker caught him with a vicious Spear before locking in the Steiner Recliner for the submission win.

Breakker locked in the hold on Williams again, but Carmelo Hayes came to the ring to make the save. Hayes went for a Springboard Lariat, but Breakker caught him mid-air with a vicious spear. Breakker got the NXT Title and declared to Hayes that he would regain the title on NXT Battleground to end the broadcast.

Winner: Bron Breakker.

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