WWE NXT Live Coverage 10/12 SANITY Debuts, The Dusty Tag Team Classic Continues & More!

Welcome to the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE NXT! Tonight after weeks of teases and confusing vignettes we finally find out what SANITY is and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic! What is SANITY? A person? A stable? Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST to find out!

Bobby Roode & Tye Dillinger vs SANITY

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Four people in hoods and masks dressed like they're from Mad Max come out to the ring with only a spotlight leading their way. Two of them take their masks off as the lights come back on as Alexander Wolfe starts off with Dillinger, Sawyer Fulton getting tagged in as the announce team tries to figure out what SANITY is.Roode leaves Dillinger to be destroyed by SANITY as they hit what is basically a Magic Killer, but you do a regular suplex rather than a swinging suplex, it's essentially a suplex, powerslam combo move.

Winner: SANITY via pinfall

-After the match Nikki Cross is revealed and their leader is revealed as Eric Young. We then get Blllie Kay interviewed in the back as we go to commercial. Roode is interviewed as we come back and says it was Tye's fault, not his that they lost.

Billie Kay vs Liv Morgan

Liv rolls Kay up for a quick 2 count then puts on a side headlock then Liv knocks her down, following up with a dropkick into a backslide for a quick 2 count. Kay hits a knee to the midsection of Liv for a quick 2 count of her own then chokes her in the corner, following up with an Argentine backbreaker, tossing her face first into the turnbuckle for another quick 2 count. Liv hits an STO out of no where then a series of forearms, dropping Kay with a clothesline then a dropkick. Peyton Royce distracts Liv long enough for Kay to hit the big boot for the pin and the win. It's looking like this will be like when Alexa Bliss and Dana Brooke were a team together.

Winner: Bllie Kay via pinfall with a big boot

-We get a recap of Andrade last week after he turned on Cedric Alexander. He says in spanish among other things that he is the best as we go to commercial.

TM61 vs Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

Moss and Miller start it off for a clean break then lock up again, just testing each other's strength to start the match. Moss drops Miller who hits him with a brutal chop. Miller tags in Thorne who hits a flipping senton then a running uppercut, tagging Miller back in who drops Moss as the crowd chants for Tino. Thorne is tagged back in then they hit a standing moonsault, first drop combo. Thorne gets dropped on the outside by Tino as we go to commercial.

Sabbatelli gets tagged in then hits Thorne with an elbow, tagging Moss back in then Moss drops Thorne for a quick 2 count. Tino gets back in then puts on a shoulder lock on Thorne for a good five minutes before Thorne gets out of it, going for a springboard move off the apron, but Tino catches him into a powerslam for two quick 2 counts. Thorne hits a jawbreaker then finally tags in Miller who gets a roll up on Moss then drops Tino, hitting Moss with a sliding forearm then a stalling suplex for a close 2 count, but Tino breaks it up. Tino drops Thorne on the apron then gets tagged back in, Thorne getting back in then they hit Thunder Valley for the pin and the win. Good match by these guys, first time I saw Tino and Moss and I'm impressed.

Winner: TM61 via pinfall with Thunder Valley

Buddy Murphy vs Wesley Blake

They lock up repeatedly then have a clean break as Blake says he's better than Murphy is. Murphy hits a standing switch then puts on a side headlock, Blake getting out of it as they hit each other with a kick then exchange forearms in the center of the ring. Blake runs into Murphy when he runs the ropes then Murphy does the same to Blake, sending him out of the ring. Murphy dives over the top rope out onto Blake on the outside then tosses him back into the ring. Samoa Joe comes out of no where and tosses Murphy into the stairs then hits a uranagi on Blake on the apron, following up with a kick to Murphy then a uranagi to him on the apron. 

Winner:No Contest Samoa Joe interfered and took out both of them

-Joe tells William Regal time is up and he brings him Shinsuke or the NXT title as we go to commercial.

-Shinsuke's music hits as we come back and he is indeed here with his belt, a brace on his neck that he takes off and tosses on the ramp, Joe in shock. Shinsuke drops the belt then runs in and hits Joe repeatedly with a series of strikes as security comes out to break them up. The crowd chants to let them fight then Shinsuke gets free and gets a few more hits on Joe who gets up the ramp, Shinsuke taking out security and attacking Joe who's being taken up the ramp, Joe seemingly trying to get away, having had enough of Shinsuke. They drag Shinsuke to the back, but he attacks security again and gets back to the ramp, hitting Joe with punches and knees every chance he can. Joe gets away as Shinsuke hits a poor security guard with the Kinshasa then yells in Japanese.

Joe comes out of no where and they fight back to the ring then Shinsuke hits the Kinshasa then leaves up the ramp as we go off the air.

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