WWE NXT Results for 7/11 NXT Tag Team Championship Match, Adam Cole vs Danny Burch

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Adam Cole vs Danny Burch

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Danny backs Adam into the corner before they exchange wrist locks and Danny takes Adam down. Adam gets back up and rocks Danny with a forearm before taking him down with a side headlock and back down with a shoulder block. Danny hits a drop toe hold before sending Adam out of the ring and Adam shoves him into the ring post before hitting a swinging neckbreaker onto the floor. Adam gets a quick two count before repeatedly driving his knee into the spine of Burch and beats on him in the corner. Adam hits a scoop slam for a quick two count before hitting a bicycle kick, then hits a snapmare into a rear chin lock.

Danny hits a jawbreaker before hitting a Thesz Press and hits a lariat and quickly locks in a cross face. Danny then hits the Tower of London for a near fall before Adam hits an ushigaroshi and a superkick before finishing up with The Last Shot for the pin and the win. 

Winner: Adam Cole defeats Danny Burch via pinfall with The Last Shot.

Kairi Sane vs Vanessa Borne

Vanessa backs Kairi into the corner for a clean break before Kairi does the same to her for another clean break and the two exchange standing switches. Kairi hits a dragon screw leg whip for a quick two count, then puts Vanessa in an ankle lock, but she's quick to the bottom rope for the break. Vanessa hits a Samoan drop for a quick two count before hitting a twisting suplex for another quick two count. Vanessa misses an elbow drop off of the top before Kairi hits a blockbuster and a huricanrrana before spearing her. Kairi hits a sliding forearm in the corner before Vanessa catches her up top and sends her from the top.

Vanessa gets a near fall off of a roll up before Kairi locks in a bridging Boston crab for the tap and the win.

Winner: Kairi Sane defeats Vanessa Borne via submission with a bridging Boston crab.

-After the match Kairi says that she beat Shayna before and she'll beat her again and that she's coming for the NXT Women's Championship.

-We have Aleister Black being interviewed before he's interrupted by Johnny Gargano who says that he cannot let Tommaso Ciampa become NXT champion before Ciampa attacks him and hits a draping DDT onto the floor before leaving as we go to commercial.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Moustache Mountain (c) vs Undisputed Era

UE attack MM as soon as the match starts before MM clear the ring and Trent and Tyler beat on Strong and O'Reilly at ringside. Strong drops Tyler knee first onto the ring steps before rolling him back into the ring and dragging him over to his corner before tagging Kyle in. Kyle focuses on the now injured leg of Tyler as he and Roderick begin to do a series of tags and moves aimed specifically at the leg of Trent. Kyle locks in a heel hook before Strong comes back in and Trent kicks him away with his good leg before Kyle comes right back in and continues the onslaught. Trent gets a near fall off of a roll up before sending both Kyle and Strong out of the ring.

Trent goes to tag in Tyler, but Kyle pulls him off of the apron at the last second, then Trent hits a DDT to Strong before Kyle boots Tyler off of the apron. Kyle locks in a heel hook that Trent gets out of by kicking with his good leg before finally tagging Tyler in. Tyler sends Kyle out of the ring before hitting Strong with a series of moves including a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Kyle counters an airplane spin into a sleeper before Tyler backs him into the corner and suplexes Strong into Kyle in the corner. Tyler hits an airplane spin on Strong as well as a swing on Kyle before hitting a German suplex to Strong for a very close near fall.

Tyler sends Kyle out of the ring with a boot before turning Strong inside out with a slingshot lariat and the Tyler Driver 97 for a very close near fall that Kyle breaks up. Strong hits a backbreaker before Kyle hits a PK for a near fall and a brainbuster for another near fall. Strong accidentally clotheslines Kyle before Trent tags himself in and hits a dragon suplex before hitting the Seven Star Lariat for a very close near fall. Strong hits a chop block before locking in a submission that Tyler breaks up at the last second before Trent taps. Kyle locks in a kneebar before transitioning into a knee bar and a rarely seen double kneebar.

Tyler then throws in the towel and the referee is forced to call for the bell.

Winner: Undisputed Era defeat Moustache Mountain and become the new NXT Tag Team champions when Tyler throws in the towel and the referee is forced to call for the bell. 

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