WWE NXT Results for 8/22/18 WWE United Kingdom Championship Match!

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Bianca Belair vs Deonna Purrazzo

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Bianca takes Deonna down repeatedly before Deonna escapes a head scissor and Bianca hits a dropkick. Bianca hits a backbreaker before putting Deonna in a full nelson until Deonna gets out of it, only for Bianca to drop her with a back elbow. Bianca misses a standing moonsault before Deonna hits a low dropkick and puts Bianca in an armbar. Bianca then hits a sit-out face buster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair defeats Deonna Purrazzo via pinfall with a sit-out face buster.

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WWE United Kingdom Championship Match

Pete Dunne (c) vs Zack Gibson

They lock up to start the match before Pete almost immediately starts focusing on the fingers of Zack before Zack takes Pete down. Pete wrings the arm of Zack before Zack drops him with a forearm and Pete comes back with a running forearm of his own. Pete starts bending the fingers of Zack and focusing on joint manipulation before they exchange open hand strikes and they put each other in a Boston crab and stand on their heads. Pete stomps the arm of Zack before they get tied up in the ropes and Zack hits a key lock driver. Zack hits a back suplex for a quick two count before putting a straight armbar on Pete and puts him in a cobra clutch. Pete drops Zack with a forearm before hitting an enzuigiri into a roundhouse kick and an X-plex into an armbar.

Zack gets to the bottom rope for the break before Pete hits a moonsault to the outside and hits a jumping double foot stomp. Pete hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall before Zack catches Pete in midair and hits an MX for a near fall of his own. They both for the same move until they hit each other with an enzuigiri and Pete catches Zack on the top turnbuckle before Zack hits a super spinning neckbreaker for a very close near fall. Zack goes for The Shankly Gates, but Pete manages to get to the bottom rope with his mouth before tapping, then Zack stomps on him repeatedly before Zack nearly turns Pete inside out with a wrist lock lariat.

Pete then snaps the fingers of Zack before hitting the Bitter End for the pin and the win.

Winner: Pete Dunne retains his United Kingdom Championship by defeating Zack Gibson via pinfall with the Bitter End. 

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