WWE NXT Results for 11/9/21 Jacket Time vs. The Creed Brothers plus Toxic Attraction In Action

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- NXT commentator Vic Joseph kicks off the show by welcoming the viewer to NXT. Toxic Attraction is out first.

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Toxic Attraction vs. Io Shirai, Kacy Catanzaro, and Kayden Carter

Before the match begins, Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix both wanted to send their well-wishes to Zoey Stark, who is out with a torn ACL. Kayden Carter and Mandy Rose start the match; the action goes back and forth to start. Rose hits Carter with a nasty elbow before tagging in Gigi Dolin. Dolin hits Carter with hurricanrana, Dolin tags in Jacy Jayne. Jayne appears to have tripped before getting into the ring.

Io Shirai gets the tag, and she goes right at Jacy Jayne and hits her with the Dragon Screw. Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro are double-teaming and working on Mandy Rose. Carter and Catanzaro both his dive spots outside of the ring.

Io is lining up for a big spot; however, she gets cut off by Mandy Rose, and she hits her with a spinebuster. So we head out to our first picture-in-picture commercial break with Io Shirai, and Gigi Dolin is battling it out for a short time until Shirai tags in Catanzaro. Catanzaro hits Dolin with a drop toe hold. Jacy Jayne is stretching her opponent, and eventually, she tags in Mandy Rose. Kacy Catanzaro gets the hot tag; Mandy Rose receives the tag from her partner; Catanzaro takes control and beats down on Rose. Shirai hits a picture-perfect moonsault; however, the pin gets broken up by Jayne.

Carter is now in, and she hits Jayne and Rose with splashes in the corner. However, Carter gets distracted by Jacy Jayne, and Gigi Dolin capitalizes and finishes off the Kayden Carter to victory for her and her team.

Winner: Toxic Attraction

- Pete Dunne is getting interviewed, and he gets asked by McKenzie Mitchell what his thoughts are on Tony D'Angelo's comments from last week's episode of NXT.

-We get another segment from MSK; both Nash Carter and Wes Lee talk about the mystery person they are trying to find.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Sarray

Sarray and Kay Lee Ray walked up to each other once the bell rang. Kay Lee kicks Sarray in the midsection, and Kay Lee hits Sarray with a flurry of strikes. Sarray recovers, and she returns the favor by landing in some heavy shots on Kay Lee Ray. Sarray sends Kay Lee to the corner turnbuckle and hits her with a splash.

Sarray is still in control; however, Kay Lee Ray hits Sarray with a nice DDT. Sarray begins to run the ropes, Kay Lee Ray gets taken down, and Sarray puts on a stretch submission; Kay Lee Ray reaches the ropes, and the hold gets broken up by the referee. Kay Lee Ray and Sarray exchange kicks; Sarray is going for her finisher; however, Kay Lee Ray gets out of the way, and both competitors are outside of the ring. Kay Lee Ray hits Sarray with a KLR Bomb onto the commentary table. Kay Lee Ray then pulls Sarray into the ring, and she hits Sarray with another KLR Bomb. Kay Lee Ray then pins Sarray to get the victory.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

- Joe Gacy is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell, and he cuts a promo about Boa, and he says that he wants to help Boa. Gacy then looks into the camera and says he knows "Harland is out there watching," and he tells Harland "to reach out for him."

- We return from a commercial break. Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett promote that Wrestlemania tickets will be going on sale this Friday.

- We get a video of Bron Breakker, and he talks about his experience working the recent WWE European tour. Breakker looks into the camera and says, "I'm getting my Ph.D., homie. Then I'm coming back to the States, and I'm going to beat your ass."

Joe Gacy vs. Boa

Both competitors meet in the middle of the ring, and Boa kicks Joe Gacy in the midsection. Boa does a sunset flip and pin attempt combo; however, Gacy only gets the two count. Gacy gets up, and he takes over and begins punishing Boa with some vicious strikes. Boa nails Gacy with a few knees to Gacy's midsection.

Boa nails Joe Gacy with a big hip toss and then another kick. Boa is in the corner, the lights in the Performance Center begin flashing red, and Boa starts choking out Joe Gacy. Boa appeared to be under some spell, and he lost it. The referee counted to five and then called for the bell. Gacy gets the victory by disqualification.

Winner: Joe Gacy

- Malcolm Bivens reacted to a Jacket Time promo that aired on last week's episode. He tells The Creed Brothers that they are ready and gives them a pep talk of sorts.

Jacket Time (Kushida and Ikemen Jiro) vs. The Creed Brothers (w/ Diamond Mine)

The bell rings with Julius Creed taking Ikemen Jiro with a quick takedown. Julius hits Jiro with multiple German suplex's. Jiro attempts to take down Brutus with a shoulder tackle; however, Brutus barely moves. Kushida tags himself in and hits Brutus with a heavy right. The fight goes back into The Creed Brothers corner, and now Julius tags himself in.

The Creed Brothers are double-teaming Kushida; however, Kushida counters and hits The Creed Brothers with a springboard shoulder tackle, and they head out for a commercial break.

We return from the break, and Kushida is on a hot streak. He's taking on The Creed Brothers all on his own. He nails Julius Creed with multiple kicks. Jiro gets tagged in and hits a big dive; he goes for the pin, Brutus Creed breaks up the pin. The referee gets distracted by Julius Creed shortly after, Roderick Strong takes advantage and stops Jiro's momentum. Jiro gets back into the ring, and Julius hits him with a quick powerbomb. Creed then pins Jiro for the victory. After the match, Odyssey Jones comes out and attacks Roderick Strong, and they begin fighting. The refs break things up, and we go to a different segment.

Winners: The Creed Brothers (w/ Diamond Mine)

- We see Toxic Attraction leaving, and they stop and talk about their titles. Then, Raquel Gonzalez shows up and tells Mandy Rose to keep her title warm.

- Raquel Gonzalez is now in the ring and calls out Dakota Kai; Kai gets attacked by Cora Jade. Raquel says she knows Jade wants Kai but to get in line.

- We see Andre Chase teaching his class in a vignette about what went wrong for him on last week's episode of NXT.

- We see highlights from last week's Poker Game featuring Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson's Poker Game before we go to a commercial break.

- The Grizzled Young Veterans have a vignette.

Cameron Grimes vs. Ru Feng

The bell rings, and Cameron Grimes goes in for a takedown; however, that did not work whatsoever. However, Ru Feng gets some offense in, Grimes powers through and takes Feng down with a few shoulder tackles. Grimes is on the top rope and does a crossbody dive onto Ru Feng. Feng is down, and Grimes ends it with the Cave In. After the match, Duke Hudson is in the ring, and he asks Cameron Grimes if he cheated last week in their Poker Game. Duke Hudson says he will "never lose again to a hick or someone that looks like that." Grimes is irritated by the words from Duke Hudson, and Grimes says, "last week, I played you."

Hudson says he can't let it go and challenges Cameron Grimes to a "Poker Showdown," Grimes accepts.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Triple Threat Match
Grayson Waller vs. LA Knight vs. Solo Sikoa

The bell rings, and all three competitors are in each other's faces. Solo Sikoa begins throwing punches, and he takes down both Grayson Waller and LA Knight. Sikoa sends Waller out of the ring; Knight takes a cheap shot at Waller. Sikoa grabs Knight and pulls him into the ring, and then Sikoa sends Knight over the top rope with the help of Grayson. Sikoa then does the same thing to Waller. Waller and LA Knight begin working together and hit Sikoa with a suplex.

Sikoa is sitting on the top rope, Knight and Waller are arguing about who will suplex Sikoa. They decide to hit him with a suplex, but Sikoa escapes, and he throws both men down onto their backs. Sikoa sends Waller over the top rope, and Waller hits the ground hard. Waller gets back into the ring and hits an outstanding rolling stunner on LA Knight. Sikoa grabs Waller again and sends him out of the ring again. Sikoa then takes out Knight again, hits Knight with the Samoan splash, and pins LA Knight for the win.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

- Tony D'Angelo appears on the screen while Indi Hartwell is getting interviewed; he tells Indi that he will meet her husband Dexter Lumis next week's NXT.

Erica Yan vs. Elektra Lopez (w/ Legado del Fantasma's Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza)

Elektra Lopez and Erica Yan go right after each other when the bell rings; Lopez takes down Yan quickly. Lopez is punishing Yan; Lopez ends it quickly by hitting Yan with a spinning sit-down powerbomb. Finally, Lopez pins Yan for the easy victory. Lopez then calls out Xyon Quinn, and she flirts with him a little bit and invites him to join Legado del Fantasma. Quinn says to Lopez, "Elektra, you're amazing, but I'm not down with Legado." Joaquin Wilde angrily says, "nobody says no to Legado," and he pushes Quinn and Quinn to take out both Wilde and Raul Mendoza with ease. Lopez then goes to slap Quinn, but he stops her.

Winner: Elektra Lopez (w/ Legado del Fantasma's Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza)

- Kyle O'Reilly is being interviewed about his match from last week's NXT, and he says he does not know if he wants to be a singles wrestler again or go all-in on the tag titles. He is then interrupted by Imperium, however, within seconds, Von Wagner is there, and Imperium walks away.

Pete Dunne vs. Carmelo Hayes (w/ Trick Williams)

The bell rings, and Pete Dunne runs in and takes down Carmelo Hayes; Dunne gets in multiple kicks in on Hayes. Hayes gets a few shots in on Dunne; however, Dunne takes Hayes down quickly and starts snapping Carmelo Hayes's fingers.

Carmelo Hayes is getting some offense in now; he hits Dunne with a nice springboard clothesline. Dunne and Hayes are fighting near the corner turnbuckle. Dunne stops Hayes and snaps the fingers of Hayes again. Dunne and Hayes are fighting on the outside; Dunne suplex Hayes onto the ring apron's edge.

Dunne gets Hayes back into the ring; Trick Williams is watching Pete Dunne closely. Williams suddenly sees Dexter Lumis in the corner of his eyes and is shocked that Lumis is at the commentary table. We head out for the last commercial break of the evening.

We return with Pete Dunne stretching out Carmelo Hayes and begin punishing Hayes with some vicious kicks. Hayes and Dunne are countering each other's moves until Hayes hits Dunne with a big clothesline. Hayes slams Dunne into the mat and goes for the pin, but Dunne kicks out at two. Dunne is now in control; Dunne hits Hayes with a double knee. Dunne gets right back up and nails Hayes with a nice down sit-down powerbomb.

Dunne hits Hayes with enzuigiri, Hayes goes for a springboard elbow, but Dunne sees it coming and knocks Hayes right down. The crowd is chanting, "fight forever." Hayes locks in the Gargano Escape on Dunne; Dunne gets out of it.

Dunne then goes right at Hayes with a massive kick to the temple of Carmelo Hayes. Trick Williams goes to attack Dunne; however, Lumis stops him and punches him. The distraction caught both Hayes and the referee's attention. Johnny Gargano then grabs at Hayes's boots, and this distracts Hayes. The distraction on Hayes allows Pete Dunne to take advantage of it; Dunne hits Carmelo Hayes with the Bitter End. Dunne pins Hayes and gets the victory over the NXT North American Champion.

After the match, Hayes is shocked, Dunne seems confused by everything. Johnny Gargano does a thumbs up to Dexter Lumis, and that ends the show.

Winner: Pete Dunne

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