WWE NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day Results Finn Bälor vs Pete Dunne for the NXT Title

Good evening Fight Fans, Happy Valentine's Day and welcome to our coverage for Takeover: Vengeance Day!

- We open tonight's show with a video package for all of the matches on tonight's show.

Two Opera Cup Bouts Set For 10/27 MLW Fusion ALPHA

Women's Dusty Cup Finals Match
Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart

Raquel and Shotzi start the match off with Raquel knocking Shotzi over and slinging her off of her back before Ember comes in and gets hit with a sidewalk slam before Shotzi tags back in. Ember and Shotzi double team Raquel before Dakota comes in and takes control of Shotzi before missing a Helluva Kick in the corner and Shotzi locks in a Cloverleaf. Dakota gets to the ropes before Shotzi hits an inverted cannonball before Ember hits a slingshot cross body for two before Shotzi locks in a half crab and drags Dakota to the corner. Dakota drags Ember to the ropes before Ember drags her back and knocks Raquel off of the apron before locking in another submission. Raquel gets the hot tag and runs Ember over before clotheslining her and smashing Ember into the corner before tossing her across the ring and hitting a fall away slam.

Shotzi breaks up a near fall before Raquel powerbombs her into the metal fencing at ringside before Ember hits a powerslam and gets doubled teamed before Raquel accidentally clotheslines Dakota. Ember hits Raquel with The Eclipse for a near fall before Ember gets a series of near falls and Shotzi comes in and hits Dakota with a shotgun dropkick. Shotzi hits a spinning ushigoroshi for a near fall before she and Ember hit a series of double team moves for a near fall before they take out Dakota at ringside. Kai saves Raquel from tapping to a submission before Kai hits Shotzi with the Kairopractor before Dakota and Raquel hit a GTK for a near fall that Ember breaks up. Raquel then sends Ember onto the ramp and off of the stage before Raquel splashes Dakota onto Shotzi before Raquel hits a one armed powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez defeat Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon via pinfall to win the tournament.

- Earlier today Finn Bälor and The Kings of NXT entered the arena ahead of Finn defending against Pete Dunne in our main event.

WWE North American Championship Match
Johnny Gargano (c) vs KUSHIDA

Before the match The Way are getting ready to come out before Dexter Lumis abducts Austin Theory and Johnny has Candice and Indi go look for him. Once the match starts with the two locking up before they grapple on the mat until they run the ropes and counter each other to a stalemate. Johnny superkicks KUSHIDA and sends him into the steps before KUSHIDA suplexes Johnny onto the floor and goes right after his arm once they're back in the ring. Johnny hits a neckbreaker in the ropes before hitting a float over suplex for two before KUSHIDA counters a neckbreaker and Johnny slams him before kicking his arm as revenge for when KUSHIDA kicked his arm. Johnny cross faces KUSHIDA in the ropes before KUSHIDA gets a series of two counts off of various pin attempts before they clothesline each other.

KUSHIDA drops Johnny with a Shotei and stomps the back of his head before hitting a German into a roundhouse kick for a deep two count before KUSHIDA hits a northern lights suplex for two. KUSHIDA goes back to the arm of Johnny and Johnny hits a twisting superplex into a tornado DDT for a near fall before they grapple on the mat and exchange submission attempts. KUSHIDA and Johnny exchange forearms on their knees before Johnny counters a hand sprint elbow into the Gargano Escape before KUSHIDA counters and Johnny lawn darts him into the middle turnbuckle. KUSHIDA hits a diving armbar before Johnny rolls to the ropes for the break right before tapping before Johnny drives KUSHIDA into the apron and the barricade before KUSHIDA kicks the arm of Johnny. Back in the ring KUSHIDA then locks in the Hoverboard Lock before Johnny snaps the neck of KUSHIDA in the ropes and hits One Final Beat onto the ramp before hitting it again once they're back in the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano retains his NXT North American Championship by defeating KUSHIDA via pinfall.

Men's Dusty Cup Finals Match
Grizzled Young Veterans vs MSK

Zack kicks things off with Nash by taking him down with a straight armbar before applying a chin bar and driving Nash back into the corner before James takes Nash down with a side headlock take over. Nash comes back with a springboard corkscrew cross body before MSK double team James and send him out of the ring before doing the same to Zack. Lee hits a Fosbury flop that takes out both members of GYV before Nash takes out James and Zack clotheslines him at ringside. GYV double up on Nash for two before cutting the ring in half until Nash Nash gets the hot tag to Wes who knocks James out of the ring and drops Zack with a flurry. Wes hits a flipping senton over the top rope onto James before hitting a back flip into a Pele kick to Zack for two before Wes counters a powerbomb sends James off of the apron.

MSK double team Zack before Nash hits a Shiranui cutter for a near fall before Zack counters MSK'S finisher and kicks Wes when he's upside down before GYV hit Helter Skelter for a near fall. Wes counters a Doomsday Device for a near fall that James breaks up before Nash saves Wes and MSK take out both members of GYV before hitting James with a pair of diving moves from the top for a near fall. GYV hit a suicide Doomsday Device to Wes at ringside before hitting a Code Breaker for a near fall and Wes saves Nash from A Ticket to Mayhem. MSK then pin James with a diving spine buster, neckbreaker combo.

Winner: MSK defeat Grizzled Young Veterans via pinfall to win the tournament.

- We get a video package music video for Cameron Grimes.

- We see Finn Bälor and Pete Dunne getting ready backstage ahead of their NXT title match in our main event.

NXT Women's Championship Triple Threat Match
Io Shirai (c) vs Toni Storm vs Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes attacks Io and sends her out of the ring during the introductions before taking Toni down and beating on her before Io comes back in with a running meteora for two. Io sends Mercedes out of the ring before Toni and Io run the ropes and Io hits a flap jack before Io knocks Mercedes off of the apron and hits Toni with a rolling stomp. Io stomps Toni in the corner and gets dropped with a boot by Toni who follows up with a sliding clothesline before Io misses an asai moonsault and Mercedes tosses Toni into the ring. Mercedes hits a pair of suplexes before Io hits Mercedes with a meteora in the corner before Toni slams Io and Mercedes hits Toni with a spine buster for two. Io breaks up a submission by Mercedes on Toni before Io locks in a submission on Toni while Mercedes locks in one on Io before hitting an inverted suplex. Mercedes hits a spider suplex to Toni before Io hits a diving stomp and Mercedes hits a DVD with Io into the steel fencing at ringside before hitting a Toni with a DDT onto the floor.

Io climbs the scaffold and dives onto both Mercedes and Toni before Mercedes sends Io into the steps and drops Toni with a pair of kamigoye into a fisherman's suplex for a near fall. Toni then hits Storm Zero into a diving headbutt for a near fall that Io breaks up before hitting a moonsault onto the two of them and covering Mercedes for the win.

Winner: Io Shirai retains her NXT Women's Championship by defeating Toni Storm, and Mercedes Martinez via pinfall.

- We see earlier today where the former Eli Drake, now LA Knight signed his contract and joined the NXT roster before crashing the pre-show.

NXT Championship Match
Finn Bälor (c) vs Pete Dunne

They lock up for a clean break before Finn goes for an armbar that Pete is which to get out of before Finn takes Pete down and the two exchange wrist locks before Finn takes Pete down repeatedly. Finn escapes an armbar attempt by Pete before Pete backs Finn into the ropes and hits Finn with shoulder shots to the jaw before Pete focuses on joint manipulation. Pete snaps the arm of Finn and bends his fingers before Finn rolls free and Pete goes back to the fingers of Finn before stomping his ribs and Finn stomps his foot. Finn takes Pete down and focuses on his leg before locking in a half crab and transitioning to a short leg scissors before Pete locks in a front face lock. Pete applies a standing guillotine before suplexing Finn and the two exchange strikes until Finn goes back at the ankle and clotheslines Pete for two before hitting several knee drops.

Finn locks in an STF before Pete drives his fingers into the mat to get free and Finn chops and chokes Pete in the corner before choking him in the ropes. Finn takes out the knee of Pete and Pete rocks him with a headbutt before hitting a sit-out powerbomb for two before Finn hits a back stabber into a reverse DDT. Finn hits a shotgun dropkick before going up top and Pete counters a Coup de Grace into a triangle choke before Finn gets to the ropes for the break before Pete lets go and Finn is unconscious. Pete counters the 1916 before snapping the fingers of Finn and Finn drops him with forearms before stomping Pete who hits the Bitter End for a near fall. Pete then stomps both hands of Finn repeatedly and Finn counters the Bitter End into 1916 for a near fall before hitting a jumping stomp and the Coup de Grace into 1916 for the pin and the win.

Winner: Finn Bälor retains his NXT Championship by defeating Pete Dunne via pinfall.

- Oney and Danny come out after the match and attack Finn with Pete before the Kings of NXT are ran off by the Undisputed Era. We then end the show with Finn standing with UE before Adam superkicks Finn and Kyle when Kyle gets angry at Adam before Adam leaves Roddy in the ring with Finn and Kyle.

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