WWE NXT UK Results for 11/21/19 Ilja Dragunov vs Alexander Wolfe, Ridge Holland Debuts

Good afternoon Fight Fans, it's time for NXT UK headlined by a match between Ilja Dragunov and Alexander Wolfe! Enjoy the show and I'll see you back here tomorrow night for Smackdown on FOX and 205 Live!

Trent Seven vs Kona Reeves

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Trent back drops Kona and chops him across the chest before sending Kona out of the ring, Kona catching Trent with a knee when he goes to pull him back into the ring. Kona traps Trent in the apron and hits a leg drop before punching and kicking Trent in the corner before Trent hits a snap German suplex into a spinning side slam for a two count. Trent clotheslines Kona over the top rope and hits a suicide dive before rolling Kona back into the ring and misses a flipping senton before hitting the Seven Star Lariat for a near fall. Trent then hits a burning hammer for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trent Seven defeats Kona Reeves via pinfall with a burning hammer.

-After the match Trent has a confrontation with Eddie Dennis who's in the crowd before we go to an interview with Ilja Dragunov ahead of his match against Imperium's Alexander Wolfe in tonight's main event as we go to commercial.

-We come back to the announcement of NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool II in January before Jack Starz comes out to the ring for his match against A-Kid.

Jack Starz vs A-Kid

A takes Jack down and locks in a straight armbar before they get back to their feet and A takes Jack right back down with a waist lock takedown. A locks in a rear chin lock before transitioning to an armbar, then a triangle choke before Jack lifts Kid and powerbombs him for a two count before rocking A with an uppercut. A then locks in an omaplata for the verbal tap and the win.

Winner: A-Kid defeats Jack Starz via submission with an omaplata.

-We then have an interview with Jinny and Jazzy Gabbert where Jinny says that the road to the NXT UK Women's Championship goes through her and Piper Niven has never pinned her as we go to commercial.

-We come back to the Grizzled Young Veterans coming out to the ring where Zack says that he and James should be NXT UK Tag Team champions and that it's management's fault they lost their titles and that they're a great tag team and are going to bounce back. Zack then implores that NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint to add them to the Tag Team Championship match at NXT UK Takeover:Blackpool II.

-We cut to Jordan Devlin who shows us a video package for himself under the guise of showing off the best of NXT UK before he insults A-Kid ahead of their match on next week's show.

Oliver Carter vs Ridge Holland

Ridge throws Oliver to the mat and slams him down before Oliver hits a drop toe hold into a baseball slide through the ropes before Ridge catches Oliver and hits an overhead suplex. Ridge stomps Oliver in the corner before dropping him with uppercuts and an overhead suplex into a standing arm triangle before taking Oliver down to the mat. Oliver gets back to his feet and rocks Ridge with an enzuigiri before hitting a spinning heel kick and Ridge launches him across the ring with a shoulder tackle. Ridge then nearly knocks Oliver out with a headbutt before hitting his finisher he calls Northern Grit for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ridge Holland defeats Oliver Carter via pinfall with Northern Grit.

-Travis Banks, Ligero and Joseph Conners are interviewed about Joseph's interference in Ligero and Banks match last week as we go to commercial.

-We come back to Noam Dar confronting Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter before setting up a match between Dar and Smith next week before we're told about Piper Niven and Jinny next week.

Ilja Dragunov vs Alexander Wolfe

The two Europeans lock up and move around the ring for several clean breaks before Ilja tells Wolfe to bring it and Wolfe puts his hands behind his back before Ilja slaps him. Ilja hits a flying cross body for a quick two count, Wolfe sending Ilja out of the ring before driving him into the barricade and rolls Ilja back into the ring. Ilja dodges Wolfe and misses a dive, but lands on his feet and sends Wolfe into the barricade before Wolfe crotches Ilja on the middle rope and hits a spinning neckbreaker for a two count. Wolfe takes Ilja down and punches him in mount before hitting an elbow drop for a two count before locking in a rear chin lock, Ilja getting to his feet and countering a drop toe hold before Wolfe drops him with a knee. Wolfe rips at the face of Ilja and hits a low dropkick for a two count before tossing Ilja out of the ring and teasing hitting Ilja with a chair before dropping it and hitting Ilja with a boot for a quick one count once they're back in the ring.

Wolfe puts Ilja in a headlock before Ilja counters a German suplex and rocks Wolfe with a knee before Wolfe drops him with a high knee. Ilja hits a suplex and the two exchange forearms until they drop each other and Ilja hits a running knee in the corner before hitting a running clothesline in the opposite corner. Wolfe catches Ilja with an uppercut on the top turnbuckle before Ilja knocks him off and hits a diving knee drop into a Gotch style powerslam for a near fall. Ilja hits a running knee into a dead lift bridging German suplex for a near fall before Wolfe rolls across the ring and hits a coast to coast dropkick for another near fall. Wolfe gets his knees up when Ilja goes for a high angle senton before hitting a bridging German suplex for a near fall before Wolfe hits a superplex for yet another near fall.

They get to their feet and slap each other until Ilja drops Wolfe with a spinning back fist and Ilja hits a lariat before the rest of Imperium try to interfere and Ilja dispatches them. Wolfe then counters the Moscow Torpedo into a snap DDT for a near fall before Wolfe hits a sit-out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Alexander Wolfe defeats Ilja Dragunov via pinfall with a sit-out powerbomb.

-After the match the rest of Imperium attack Ilja before Gallus come out and clear the ring as we go off the air.

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