WWE NXT UK Results for 1/9/19 NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinals Match

Good afternoon Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage of the final edition of WWE NXT UK before NXT TakeOver: Blackpool on Saturday afternoon! Enjoy the show and feel free to leave a comment below and check out our premium service Fightful Select!

Episode 1

Jaime Ahmed & Dan Moloney vs Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan

Jaime and Amir start the match off by exchanging wrist locks before Kenny gets the tag and takes Jaime down before leg dropping his arm. Amir comes back in and hits a running cross body before Jaime pulls him from the top turnbuckle and clotheslines him before dragging Amir to his corner. Dan gets the tag and Amir gets a two count off of a back slide before Kenny and Jaime come in and Kenny hits a springboard back elbow into an enzuigiri and another springboard back elbow. Amir then hits Jaime with a swanton bomb after he and Kenny send Dan out of the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan defeat Jaime Ahmed and Dan Moloney when Amir pins Jaime with a swanton bomb.

-Gallus come out to the ring and Joe talks about their six man tag match against British Strong Style next week and his title match against Pete Dunne at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool.

-We get a video of the press conference for the NXT UK Women's Championship match at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool.

Isla Dawn vs Xia Brookside

They lock up and exchange several wrist locks before Xia puts Isla in a side headlock, but Isla reverses it into a hammer lock. Xia hits a float over suplex for a near fall before Isla puts Xia in a straight jacket hold and Xia reverses into one of her own and they counter and reapply the moves several times until Isla backs Xia into the corner and they exchange pin attempts for several near falls. Isla then sits down on a victory roll to keep Xia's shoulders on the mat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Isla Dawn defeats Xia Brookside via pinfall.

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