WWE NXT UK Results for 1/9/19 NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinals Match

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Episode 1

Roderick Strong 'Resigns' From WWE NXT

Jaime Ahmed & Dan Moloney vs Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan

Jaime and Amir start the match off by exchanging wrist locks before Kenny gets the tag and takes Jaime down before leg dropping his arm. Amir comes back in and hits a running cross body before Jaime pulls him from the top turnbuckle and clotheslines him before dragging Amir to his corner. Dan gets the tag and Amir gets a two count off of a back slide before Kenny and Jaime come in and Kenny hits a springboard back elbow into an enzuigiri and another springboard back elbow. Amir then hits Jaime with a swanton bomb after he and Kenny send Dan out of the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan defeat Jaime Ahmed and Dan Moloney when Amir pins Jaime with a swanton bomb.

-Gallus come out to the ring and Joe talks about their six man tag match against British Strong Style next week and his title match against Pete Dunne at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool.

-We get a video of the press conference for the NXT UK Women's Championship match at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool.

Isla Dawn vs Xia Brookside

They lock up and exchange several wrist locks before Xia puts Isla in a side headlock, but Isla reverses it into a hammer lock. Xia hits a float over suplex for a near fall before Isla puts Xia in a straight jacket hold and Xia reverses into one of her own and they counter and reapply the moves several times until Isla backs Xia into the corner and they exchange pin attempts for several near falls. Isla then sits down on a victory roll to keep Xia's shoulders on the mat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Isla Dawn defeats Xia Brookside via pinfall.

Jordan Devlin vs Damien Wier

Jordan takes Damien down and focuses on manipulating the left arm and hand of Damien before backing him in the corner and stomping on his arm. Jordan hits an enzuigiri into a standing moonsault into a backbreaker before hitting another backbreaker and stomping the face of Damien while holding his wrist. Damien gets a near fall off of a sunset flip before hitting an enzuigiri, but Jordan catches him with a kick when he goes for a tope and hits a slingshot cutter into a Saito suplex. Jordan then hits Ireland's Call for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordan Devlin defeats Damien Wier via pinfall with Ireland's Call.

-After the match Travis Banks comes out and sends Jordan to the back as we go to commercial.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinal Match

Zack Gibson & James Drake vs Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews

James immediately attacks Mark and sends Flash off of the apron before he and Zack double up on Mark before hitting a doomsday device for a very early near fall. Zack hits an assisted backbreaker at ringside before rolling Mark back into the ring for a two count before James tags himself in and drops Mark with a forearm to the neck for another two count. Zack comes back in and hits Mark with a lariat for a two count before Mark kicks James into Zack and tags in Flash. Flash hits a springboard moonsault and several dropkicks before hitting a clothesline and a cannonball off of the apron to Zack. Flash hits a butterfly facebuster for a near fall before sending Zack out of the ring and Mark hits a diving cross body into an assisted 450 for a near fall once Zack gets back in. Mark hits a frankensteiner with James into Zack before flash hits a senton and Mark hits an inverted huricanrrana for a near fall that Zack breaks up by pushing Flash into Mark. Mark then gets hit with Helter Skelter on the ramp when Zack catches him going for a suicide dive before Zack and James hit A Ticket to Ride for the pin and the win.

Winner: Zack Gibson and James Drake defeat Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster when Zack pins Flash with A Ticket to Ride.

Episode 2

Ligero vs Joseph Conners

Joseph picks up Ligero and drives him back into the corner before Ligero hits a huricanrrana and Joseph sends him into the ring post. Joseph puts Ligero back into the ring and stomps on the luchadore before hitting a rebound suplex for a two count. Ligero comes back with chops and a back body drop before dropping Joseph with several clotheslines and hits a sit-out DVD for a near fall. Joseph then stomps Ligero down when he goes for a sliced bread and chokes him in the corner before Ligero hits a springboard tornado DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ligero defeats Joseph Conners via pinfall with a springboard tornado DDT.

Travis Banks vs Tyson T-Bone w/Saxon Huxley

Tyson repeatedly tosses Travis away before dropkicking him and getting distracted by Jordan Devlin who comes out dressed like Travis. Travis then hits a series of kicks into a superkick and a Slice of Heaven for the pin and the win.

Winner: Travis Banks defeats Tyson T-Bone via pinfall with a Slice of Heaven.

-After the match Travis and Jordan brawl until Travis sends Jordan out of the ring when he teases a Slice of Heaven.

Gallus vs British Strong Style

Tyler and Joe kick the match off by locking up several times and going for a test of strength. Joe lies on top of Tyler and pins his shoulders to the mat before he gets to his feet and tries to take Joe down who takes him back down before all six men get into the ring and leave before Trent and Wolfgang come in. Wolfgang puts Trent in a side headlock and drops him with a shoulder block before Trent drops him with a running cross body and all six men get in the ring once more. The referee makes sure that everyone else gets out before Mark and Pete tag in and lock up before Pete drops Mark with a clothesline and everyone gets into the ring and brawls. BSS clear the ring before Mark rushes in and Pete hits a drop toe hold and starts manipulating the joints of the fingers of Mark before stomping his knees and tagging Trent in.

Trent slams Mark to the mat for a quick two count before Tyler comes in and hits an assisted leg drop for a two count. Mark suplexes Tyler after Tyler runs into Wolfgang on the apron and Joe gets the tag before immediately tagging Wolfgang in. Gallus begin to make frequent tags and cut the ring in half until Tyler leap frogs Wolfgang and tags Trent in who hits a high angle back body drop and a suicide dive. Trent rolls Wolfgang back into the ring before Mark accidentally hits Wolfgang and Trent hits a snap German suplex before Wolfgang accidentally hits Mark with a move off of the top and Wolfgang sends Trent out of the ring. Joe sends Trent into the ring steps and rolls him back into the ring before Wolfgang spears him for a near fall and tags Joe in.

Joe puts a front choke on Trent before his brother Mark comes in and puts the hold back on Trent. Trent fights his way out of the corner before hitting a superplex and tagging Pete in. Pete hits an xplex to Mark before locking a knee bar on Wolfgang who tags Mark who immediately gets caught in a triangle choke. Wolfgang gets tagged back in and gets caught in an armbar before Pete turns it into a double wrist lock, Wolfgang suplexing his way out of it. Tyler and Joe come in and Tyler hits a diving European uppercut into a running European uppercut and a standing shooting star press when Joe misses a diving splash.

Tyler spins Joe before Joe counters the Tyler Driver '97 and Tyler drops him with a right hand. Trent and Mark come in and Trent hits a rip cord lariat before BSS hit a triple powerbomb for a near fall before Tyler hits a suicide dive to Wolfgang outside and Pete kicks the arm of Mark before Joe distracts him and Mark rolls him up for a near fall. Joe powerbombs Pete for a very close near fall that MM break up before Pete and Joe brawl until they collapse and Pete stomps on his hands before Joe misses a spear and Pete side steps and  knees him. Pete then hits the Bitter End for a near fall, Wolfgang breaking it up before Tyler takes out all three members of Gallus with a corkscrew senton. Back in the ring Joe counters the Tyler Driver '97 into discus lariat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Gallus defeat British Strong Style when Joe pins Tyler with a discus lariat.

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