WWE NXT UK Results for 8/21/19 WALTER & Tyler Bate Meet Face to Face

Good afternoon Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage of today's edition of WWE NXT UK!

The Hunt vs Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner)

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Primate and Fabian get things started off by locking up before they try to knock each other over until Aichner hits a kitchen sink and locks in a straight armbar. Primate tags in Mike, but Marcel gets the blind tag and Marcel drops Mike from behind before he keeps Mike grounded with a shoulder lock. Mike comes back with a flurry of strikes before Marcel shoves him down and beats on him in the corner before Fabian hits several backbreakers for a two count. Fabian and Marcel double up on Mike before Fabian boots Primate off of the apron and Primate rushes in as soon as he gets the tag and sends Marcel out of the ring. Mike misses a spear and Imperium hit a double drive by dropkick and hit their finisher, a diving uppercut powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Imperium defeat The Hunt via pinfall when they hit Mike with their finisher.

-Assistant general manager Sid Scala announces a match between Travis Banks and Noam Dar for NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff next weekend.

-Imperium are briefly interviewed after their win against The Hunt before they're attacked by Tyler Bate off camera.

Kay Lee Ray vs Shax

They lock up and Kay backs Shax into the corner for a clean break before beating her down in the corner and stomping her before starting to focus on her arm. Kay hits a clothesline and chops Shax before Shax stuns her with a forearm and Kay superkicks her in midair before hitting a Gory bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray defeats Shax via pinfall with a Gory bomb.

-After the match Kay gets on the mic and talks about her title match against Toni Storm and how she's planning on becoming the new NXT UK Women's champion while insulting the champion and calling her strength and mental fortitude into question before Toni makes her way out and down to the ring. Kay then keeps up her trash talking before leaving with Toni standing in the ring as we get a video recapping the match between Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff ahead of their last man standing match at Takeover: Cardiff.

-We then get a video package for Dave and Joe training and counting up to ten as we go to commercial.

-We get a vignette for the debuting Oliver Carter next week before Jordan Devlin is interviewed about his match against Travis Banks and WALTER shows up with Alexander and says they there will be hell to pay for the attack on Aichner and Barthel.

Mark Andrews vs James DrakeĀ 

James forces Mark into the corner and the two exchange wrist locks before Mark hits several arm drags and James converses with Zack Gibson at ringside. James hits Mark with a forearm to the small of the back before Mark hits a huricanrrana and James a float over suplex for a two count. James tanks Mark from the top turnbuckle and hits a backbreaker before locking in a million dollar dream. Mark gets to his feet and sends James into the corner before James reapplies it and Mark rolls through into a jumping stomp before sending James out of the ring with an enzuigiri. Mark hits a suicide dive and a tornado DDT for a near fall before hitting a bulldog and gets distracted by Zack at ringside. James hits a running dropkick in the corner for a near fall before beating on Mark in mount and Mark comes back with a reverse huricanrrana for a near fall. Gallus then attack Flash at ringside before Mark hits Stundog Millionaire for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mark Andrews defeats James Drake via pinfall with Stundog Millionaire.

-Trent Seven gets into the ring and is immediately rushed by WALTER before Tyler takes out Alexander on the stage with a chair, it being revealed that he took out Imperium due to his socks having been showing in the video. Tyler then hits a Tyler Driver '97 on a chair to WALTER before holding the title over him as we go off the air.

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