WWE NXT UK Results for 8/7/19 Joe Coffey vs Dave Mastiff, Xia & Piper vs Jinny & Jazzy

Good afternoon Fight Fans, we hope your day is going well and are ready for NXT UK!

-We open the show with a video package for WWE and NWA legend Harley Race before Noam Dar comes out to the ring for his match against Ashton Smith.

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Noam Dar vs Ashton Smith

They lock up and Smith backs Dar into the corner for a clean break before Dar takes Smith down and he reverses into a straight armbar. Dar drops Smith with a shoulder block before Smith hits a dropkick for a quick two count before Dar dropkicks Smith off of the apron. Smith gets back into the ring and Dar transitions from one hold to another before locking in the ankle lock, but Smith kicks him away and dropkicks him. Ashton hits a shining wizard for a two count and gets a near fall off of an inside cradle before missing a diving leg drop. Dar then hits the Nova Roller for the pin and the win.

Winner: Noam Dar defeats Ashton Smith via pinfall with the Nova Roller.

-Dar is interviewed after the match where he talks about why he came to NXT UK and that he'll be in a match at NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff before leaving.

-Tyler Bate is interviewed about his title match against WALTER before the NXT UK Tag Team champions The Grizzled Young Veterans come out to the ring. Zack talks about them being the greatest tag team in the world before they're interrupted by Gallus's Mark Coffey and Wolfgang and Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. All three teams exchange barbs before Flash says that he and Mark can beat both Gallus and the champions before a triple threat match is made for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship.

-We get a video package for all of the talent on the roster ahead of NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff, everyone talking about how they want to be on the show and what it will mean to get on the show.

-Travis Banks is interviewed coming out of Johnny Saint's office before saying that Dar has to a earn a spot on the card, the same with Flash and Mark when they leave his office.

Xia Brookside & Piper Niven vs Jinny & Jazzy Gabbert

Xia and Piper double up on Jinny and keep her close to their corner and away from Jazzy before Jinny drops Xia with a forearm for a two count and stomps on her. Jazzy comes in and beats on Xia before hitting a spinning slam and Jinny runs right back in when Xia is down before Xia fights them off and tags in Piper who slams Jinny and hits a buckle bomb right into her corner so Jazzy can get the tag. Jazzy and Piper exchange strikes until Piper hits a headbutt into a running cross body for a two count and hits a wheelbarrow suplex with Xia before hitting a running senton. Xia hits Jazzy with forearms and goes for a huricanrrana, but Jazzy turns it into a side slam and drags her to the corner before Jinny sends Xia out of the ring as Rhea Ripley makes her way down to ringside. Rhea and Piper brawl to the back before Jinny drags Xia back into the ring and drops her with a kick for a near fall before Xia hits a code breaker.

Xia and Jinny exchange forearms until Xia hits a running facebuster and a huricanrrana into running knees in the corner for a near fall. Xia hits a diving cross body to both Jinny and Jazzy before Jazzy hits her with a clothesline into a reverse suplex for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jazzy Gabbert and Jinny defeat Xia Brookside and Piper Niven when Jazzy pins Xia with a reverse suplex.

-We get a video package for the NXT UK Women's Championship match between the champion Toni Storm and the challenger Kay Lee Ray at Takeover: Cardiff.

-We get a video of Kassius Ohno interrupting Ilja Dragunov who scares him away as a match between the two and Flash and Jordan Devlin is announced for next week's show.

Joe Coffey vs Dave Mastiff

They brawl before Dave hits a hip toss for a one count and Dave drops Joe with a forearm before Dave hits a German suplex, Joe ripping off the middle turnbuckle pad before driving Dave into the exposed turnbuckle and beats him down in the corner. Joe hits a backbreaker and a running senton elbow for a two count before Dave headbutts and slams Joe before falling to his knees. Dave hits Joe with a flurry of punches before hitting a release German suplex into a back body drop and drops him with a clubbing blow to the side of the head. Joe rolls out of the ring and Dave clotheslines him into the ring post before rolling him back into the ring and elbowing his ear. Joe gets dizzy when he gets on the top before Dave rips him down and hits a senton for a near fall before they end up on the apron and down onto the floor before the referee calls for the bell when neither man can answer the ten count.

Winner: Double count out.

-After the match Gallus help Joe up the ramp while officials have to hold Dave back as we go off the air.

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