WWE NXT UK Results for 11/12/20 Dave Mastiff vs Trent Seven

Good afternoon Fight Fans, it's time for today's edition of WWE NXT UK!

The Hunt w/Eddie Dennis vs Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan

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Primate and Kenny start the match off before Boar launches Kenny out of the ring and Kenny grabs his knee. Primate brings Kenny back into the ring and covers him for two before Boar takes direction from Dennis at ringside. Boar headbutts the ribs of Kenny  repeatedly before The Hunt double up on Kenny for two and isolate him. Kenny lies on the mat writhing in pain until he comes back with a back stabber into the hot tag to Amir. Amir takes out Primate before hitting a diving splash to Boar for a two count that Primate breaks up.

Kenny then comes back in and hits a bulldog for two before Wild Boar takes out Kenny and The Hunt hit Amir with The Ambush for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hunt defeat Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams via pinfall.

- We get a video package for Dave Mastiff and Trent Seven ahead of their tournament match in our main event as we go to commercial.

Jack Starz vs Rampage Brown

Jack locks in a standing side headlock before Brown hits a belly to belly suplex and driving Jack into the corner. Rampage then hits a Samoan drop into a sit-out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rampage Brown defeats Jack Starz via pinfall.

- Earlier this week Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter confront Pretty Deadly about their siding with Eddie Dennis over South Wales Subculture before Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala keeps the four from coming to blows as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a video package recapping the saga between Kay Lee Ray and Piper Niven. 

- We get a backstage promo by Rampage Brown who says that he's just getting started with the division.

Xia Brookside vs Nina Samuels

The two exchange wrist locks and flips before Xia dropkicks Nina and follows up with a monkey flip. Xia takes Nina down to the mat with a side headlock take over before Nina reverses into a head scissors. Xia counters and focuses on the leg of Nina before Nina hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and Xia rolls out onto the apron. Nina hits a snap mare into a rear chin lock before Xia gets to her feet and gets dropped with an elbow. Xia hits a head scissors before Nina sets her on the top turnbuckle and Xia hits a diving cross body for two.

Xia misses a running meteora in the corner before Nina pulls her down by her hair and Xia meets Nina up top. Nina then kicks Xia away before Nina grabs her knee and the official checks on her before Xia wins with an inside cradle.

Winner: Xia Brookside defeats Nina Samuels via pinfall.

- Nina attacks Xia after the match and sends her into the steps before officials make her leave.

- Earlier this week Sam Gladwell is interviewed where he says that he didn't lose to Joe Coffey before Alexander Wolfe walks passed him without saying a word as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a graphic for the first ever NXT UK Women's Championship Falls Count Anywhere match on next week's show.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Semifinal Match

Dave Mastiff vs Trent Seven

Round 1

They lock up, Dave backing Trent into the corner for a clean break before backing him into the ropes for a second clean break. Trent locks in a standing side headlock before Dave backs him into the ropes for the break only for Trent to reapply the headlock. Dave throws Trent off and the two run at each other before Dave knocks Trent across the ring as round one ends.

Round 2

Dave nearly TKO's Trent with a knee to the ribs before hitting a high angle back suplex and whipping him into the corner. Dave misses a sit-down splash before Trent gets the first fall off of a crucifix.

1-0 Seven

Round 3

Dave hits a kitchen sink before hitting a running senton for two and Trent counters a rolling senton. Trent comes back with chops into a DDT before Dave hits a superplex for two before Trent hits the Seven Star Lariat. Dave then knocks Trent out cold as the round comes to an end.

Round 4

Trent tells the referee that he's still in the match before the round starts and Dave immediately goes after Trent before hitting a powerbomb into Into the Void for the pin and the second fall.


Round 5

Trent collapses on the corner before Dave misses a second Into the Void and Trent hits the Birminghammer for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trent Seven defeats Dave Mastiff via pinfall to advance to the finals of the Heritage Cup Tournament.

- Trent makes his way up the ramp after the match before he's met by A-Kid and the two competitors in the finals of the Heritage Cup Tournament square off as we go off the air.

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