WWE NXT UK Results for 11/4/21 NXT UK Women's Championship Match

Good afternoon Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for today's edition of WWE NXT UK!

- We open tonight's show with a video package for the NXT UK Women's Championship match in our main event.

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Rampage Brown vs Flash Morgan Webster (w/ Subculture (Mark Andrews & Dani Luna))

Rampage and Flash lock up before Rampage backs Flash into the corner for a clean break before they lock up again and he shoves him backwards before tossing Flash across the ring and Flash gets out of the ring to regroup. Back in the ring Flash hits Rampage with strikes before sending him over the top rope and down onto the floor before he gets back inside and Rampage fights off a waist lock before hitting a slam and shoulder tackling Flash backwards into the corner. Rampage hits a release suplex across the ring before hitting a military press slam and Flash rolls out onto the apron before Rampage drags him back and Flash locks in a guillotine before Rampage drives him into the corner. Flash hits a running dropkick in the corner before Rampage counters a butterfly suplex and sends Flash out onto the apron before Flash hits an enzuigiri into a hurricanrana before he goes for a suicide dive and Rampage catches him. Flash then sends Rampage into the post before hitting a suicide tornado DDT before they get back inside and Flash drops Rampage with strikes before Rampage turns him inside out with a clothesline and a sit-out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rampage Brown defeats Flash Morgan Webster via pinfall.

- We see Meiko getting ready ahead of her title defense later tonight.

- We get a video package recapping Noam Dar defeating Tyler Bate to become the new Heritage Cup Championship last week before we go backstage to earlier this week where Moustache Mountain discussed what happened and Tyler makes it clear that he has no resentment towards Trent as we go to commercial.

- Sid Scala is being interviewed before Xia Brookside shows up and tries to get the winner of Meiko and Jinny to which he turns her down before he says that there's a long line before she gets on the phone to her father before leaving and slamming the door.

Isla Dawn vs Angel Hayze

Isla backs Angel to the ropes for a surprising clean break before Isla drops Angel with a kick before Angel dodges a spear and rolls Isla up for two before Isla hits a front slam into a fall away slam before beating on Angel in the corner. Isla then hits a Saito suplex out of the corner before the referee disqualifies Isla when Angel grabs her hair.

Winner: Angel Hayze defeats Isla Dawn via disqualification.

- After the match Isla lays Angel out with a spinning fireman's carry side slam.

- Backstage we see Jinny getting ready for her title challenge later tonight.

- We get a video package for A-Kid in Spanish before we see that it was Sam Gradwell watching the video on his phone before he cuts a promo on A as we go to commercial.

- We come back from the break to Subculture where Flash talks about how he nearly beat Rampage before Stevie Turner shows up and mocks Subculture before saying that she's two levels above and two steps ahead of all three of them before she faces off with Dani and leaves.

- NXT UK champion Ilja Dragunov comes out to the ring and addresses the NXT UK Universe before he's interrupted by Rampage Brown who challenges him to a match which Ilja accepts before the two shake hands and Rampage drops Ilja with a lariat before saying that he doesn't need his respect, just his title before standing over the champion with his title.

- Backstage Meiko and Jinny face off in the hallway before Blair Davenport shows up and says that she doesn't care who wins and that she's back and they're both on notice.

- We get a video package where Teoman and Rohan Raja talk about their upcoming match against Gallus as we go to commercial.

- A fatal four-way tag match to determine a new number one contender for the NXT UK Tag titles is announced for next week's show.

- We go to the PC earlier this week where Nathan Frazer is interviewed as he watches a Mark Andrews match and Subculture show up before the two agree to a friendly competition and Nathan leaves to go make the match official.

NXT UK Women's Championship Match
Meiko Satomura (c) (Amelia McKenzie) vs Jinny (w/ Joseph Conners)

Meiko and Jinny lock up before Jinny backs Meiko to the ropes and Meiko kicks her in the leg before Meiko backs Jinny to the ropes and the two exchange wrist locks and hammer locks before Jinny wrenches the arm of Meiko. Meiko takes Jinny down with a side headlock take over before Jinny locks in a head scissors hold and Meiko gets to her feet before Jinny goes for a double wrist lock and Meiko backs into the ropes for the break. Meiko rocks Jinny with strikes before Jinny catches a kick and hits a dragon screw before Meiko drops her and Jinny hits a wrist lock clothesline for two before Jinny sends Meiko into the corner and traps her leg in the ropes before catching her with a forearm when she comes off of the top for two. Jinny goes after the leg of Meiko before locking in a half crab before Meiko rolls over and kicks Jinny away before they exchange strikes until Meiko drops Jinny for two before going up top and Jinny kicks her legs out to trap her in the corner before hitting a sit-out facebuster for a near fall. Jinny goes back to the half crab before Meiko gets to the ropes for the break before Meiko dodges a rolling kick and drops Jinny with a kick before going up top and hitting a frog splash for a near fall before locking in an STF and Jinny gets to the ropes for the break.

Joseph gets on the apron before Amelia takes him out and Jinny hits the rolling kick for a near fall before Meiko fights off a German and hits a Pele kick into a DVD for a near fall before hitting Scorpio Rising. Meiko then hits a second DVD for the pin and the win.

Winner: Meiko Satomura retains her NXT UK Women's title by defeating Jinny via pinfall.

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