WWE NXT UK Results for 2/27/20 NXT UK Women's Championship Kay Lee Ray makes Toni Storm Say "I Quit"

Good morning Fight Fans and welcome to our coverage of today's special edition of NXT UK!

The Grizzled Young Veterans vs The Hunt

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The Hunt get things started by isolating James before Zack gets in the ring and between Wild Boar and James before dragging James by his hand to the corner to tag him in. James saves Zack when Boar whips him into the corner before James gets a blind tag and GYV double up on Boar and send Primate off of the apron. James grounds Boar with a headlock before he gets to his feet and GYV hit their signature backbreaker into a diving knee drop at ringside. Back in the ring Zack locks in a straight jacket before Boar clotheslines Zack and makes the tag to Primate who enters the match for the first time. Primate clotheslines Zack and beats on him before tossing James into the ring and throwing Zack over his back before hitting running clotheslines in opposite corners.

Primate sends James out of the ring and spears Zack for two before James distracts Primate on the apron and Zack attacks him from behind. Primate hits an overhead suplex to James before James hits several superkicks into a neckbreaker by Zack for two. Primate counters A Ticket to Mayhem before The Hunt hit stereo German suplexes and Boar hits James with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. James then takes out Boar before Primate takes out Zack and GYV hit Primate with A Ticket to Mayhem for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Grizzled Young Veterans defeat The Hunt via pinfall when they pin Primate with A Ticket to Mayhem.

-After the match we get a video package for Ridge Holland who returns to action next week as we go to commercial.

Jack Starz vs Kassius Ohno

They exchange wrist locks before Jack gets two off of a crucifix and stands on his head in the corner before Ohno focuses on the hand and wrist of Jack. Ohno hits a backbreaker and focuses on joint manipulation before hitting an overhead suplex and locking up a double arm bar that Ohno turns into a pinning predicament for two. Jack counters a short arm scissors that Jack counters into a roll up for two before Jack hits a diving back elbow. Jack then hits a butterfly suplex into jack knife pin for two before Ohno yanks him from the top turnbuckle and locks in the Kassius Clutch for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kassius Ohno defeats Jack Starz via submission with the Kassius Clutch.

-After the match we go backstage to an interview with Isla Dawn about participating in the first ever NXT UK event in Ireland at NXT UK Takeover: Dublin as we go to commercial.

-We come back to a promo by Travis Banks before we go to the ring for a match between A-Kid and The Brian Kendrick.

A-Kid vs The Brian Kendrick

They start the match off by striking before Brian locks in a hammer lock and grounds the high flying A-Kid before A locks in a heel hook and Brian is quick to the ropes for the break. They run the ropes and take each other down before A locks in an arm bar and transitions into a guillotine choke before Brian gets to his feet. A hits an arm drag into a dropkick before Brian sends A throat first into the rope and stretches A in the ropes. Brian locks in a cravat before A gets free and they end up outside where A hits a moonsault off of the steps into a diving cross body once they're back inside for two. A goes for a Fujiwara arm bar before Brian gets to the ropes and rolls out of the ring and crotching A on the top turnbuckle. Brian hits an avalanche butterfly suplex for two before immediately transitioning into the Captain's Hook, but A slips out.

They then have a knuckle lock before A hits a springboard DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: A-Kid defeats The Brian Kendrick via pinfall.

-We get a video package for the NXT UK Championship match next week between the champion WALTER and the challenger Dave Mastiff as we go to commercial.

NXT UK Women's Championship I Quit Match

Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Toni Storm

The two women immediately brawl before KLR escapes the ring and Toni sends her into the post and the steps before tossing KLR back into the ring. Toni focuses on the shoulder of KLR before hitting a German suplex and locking in an STF before crawling out of the ring and onto the apron. Toni lets the hold go and gets hit with a tornado DDT before Toni counters a Gory bomb and KLR locks in a Gory special. Toni locks in an octopus stretch in the ropes before getting a table out from underneath the ring and setting it up at ringside. KLR sends Toni into the apron and Toni lays KLR on the table before hitting a diving splash off of the top and onto KLR through the table.

KLR counters a suicide dive and hits a draping DDT onto the floor before grabbing athletic tape and tossing Toni back into the ring before tapping Toni's arms before her back. KLR beats on a defenseless Toni before Toni headbutts KLR when she goes to hit her with a chair before trapping Toni's hear in the chair and superkicking it. KLR drives the chair into the back of the neck of Toni before trapping her in it and sending the seat of the chair into her back and base of her spine as general manager Johnny Saint, assistant general manager Sid Scala and Piper Niven come out to ringside. KLR then climbs to the top and teases jumping off onto the chair before Toni ends up saying that she quits and KLR retains her title.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray retains her NXT UK Women's Championship by forcing Toni Storm to say 'I quit' and Storm is never allowed to challenge for the title as long as Kay Lee Ray is champion.

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