WWE Raw 11/30/20 Results: A #1 Contender Is Crowned, Reckoning's In-Ring Debut & More!

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- Alexa Bliss is in the ring for A Moment Of Bliss and she brings out tonight’s guest in Randy Orton, Bliss shows highlights of what happened to Orton last week on Raw. Orton says he doesn’t know The Fiend as much as he knows Bray Wyatt, Orton talks about the similarities between himself and The Fiend. Orton talks about burning the Wyatt Family House down and how he has to find The Fiend’s weakness, Bliss says the voices Orton hears could be telling him lies. The lights go out and Orton is holding Bliss as The Fiend appears, Orton gives Bliss to The Fiend before leaving the ring.

- Highlights are shown of the rivalry between Jeff Hardy and Elias.

- Highlights are shown of Drew McIntyre winning the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match.

Symphony Of Destruction Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

The match begins with a striking exchange between Hardy and Elias, Hardy ends the exchange by knocking Elias out of the ring with a clothesline. Hardy leaps off the ring steps and Elias nails him with a knee strike, Elias then drops Hardy face first on the ring apron. Elias follows up by sending Hardy into the grand piano, R-Truth is found hiding in the piano and a bunch of wrestlers chase him before Hardy and Elias take some of them out. Elias and Hardy attack people with guitars as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Hardy and Elias battling in the ring. Hardy drops Elias before landing a leg drop and drop kick for a near fall, Elias and Hardy go through a series of reversals until Elias sends Hardy into a guitar for a near fall.Elias sticks guitar picks in between his hands before landing punches on Hardy, Elias gets Hardy out of the ring before attacking him with a drum set. Elias follows up by sending Hardy into the ring post, Hardy avoids a charging Elias and Elias crashes into a gong. Hardy follows up by throwing Elias into the drum set, Hardy gets Elias into the ring and Elias prevents his guitar shot.

Elias looks for a sit out power bomb and Hardy counters with a huracanrana, Hardy goes for a Whisper In The Wind and Elias nails him with a guitar for a near fall. Elias grabs a piece of the broken guitar and he electrocutes himself by accidentally stabbing a speaker, Hardy then hits Elias with a guitar before placing him on top of a table. Hardy also places a bunch of instruments on top of Elias, Hardy climbs to the top of the ring post before leaping off and putting Elias through the table for a three count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

- Keith Lee is approached by Riddle backstage, Riddle talks about tonight’s triple threat match and Lee simply leaves.

- The New Day do a Cyber Monday holiday commercial.

- Highlights are shown of what went down a few weeks ago on Raw between Retribution and Ricochet.

- Retribution is backstage and Mustafa Ali talks about how what is happening to Ricochet right now has already happened to them before, Slapjack says he has been forgotten and discarded until Ali made his a weapon for Retribution.

Ricochet vs. Slapjack w/ Mustafa Ali

The match begins with Ricochet nailing Slapjack with a springboard cross body block, Ricochet corners Slapjack while landing some strikes. Slapjack fights back and he cracks Ricochet with a few strikes, Ricochet gets distracted by Ali and Slapjack knocks him off the ropes before landing a cannonball for a near fall. Slapjack holds Ricochet down while pulling back on his head, Ricochet gets free and he nails Slapjack with a rolling drop kick. Ricochet follows up by nailing Slapjack with some strikes, Ricochet then hits Slapjack with a standing shooting star press for a near fall. The rest of Retribution comes out and Ricochet nails them all with a suicide dive, Ricochet gets Slapjack back in the ring while Dana Brooke attacks Ali. Retribution distracts Ricochet again and Slapjack takes him out for a three count.

Winner: Slapjack w/ Mustafa Ali

- Highlights are shown of Drew McIntyre defeating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship.

- The Miz & John Morrison are in the ring for another edition of Miz TV, Sheamus is then brought out as a guest for the show. Sheamus wants to know what Miz and Morrison are up to by having him on the show, Miz and Morrison question Sheamus’ friendship with Drew McIntyre. Sheamus says McIntyre got his heirlooms back and he expects nothing in return for giving them back to McIntyre, Miz proposes that Sheamus work with him so he can cash in his Money In The Bank contract tonight. Miz says Sheamus is no longer at the top of the heap and his career is a joke, Sheamus gets angry before attacking Miz and Morrison. Miz gains control for him and Morrison after attacking Sheamus with the briefcase.

- Highlights are shown of what went down last week between Asuka, Lana, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler.

- Asuka & Lana are shown pumping each other up backstage.

- Sarah Schreiber interviews Lana, Lana acts confident without saying much.

- Sarah Schreiber interviews Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, Jax says last weeks loss was a fluke and Baszler hints that their loss last week was her fault.

Asuka & Lana vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

The match begins with Baszler tripping up Lana during a lock up, Lana gets up and Baszler immediately takes her back down. Lana recovers and drops Baszler before rolling her up for a near fall, Baszler gets up and she quickly drops Lana. Asuka tags in and she knocks Baszler out of the ring with a drop kick, Jax interferes and she is knocked out of the ring. Baszler and Jax drag Asuka and Lana out of the ring before bouncing them around the barricade as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Asuka tagging Lana into the match. Lana immediately attacks Jax with a bunch of strikes, Lana goes for a sleeper and Jax tosses her away. Jax follows up by choking Lana on the middle rope, Jax then tosses Lana across the ring before landing an avalanche. Baszler tags in and she lands strikes on a trapped Lana, Baszler holds Lana down while wrenching away on her leg. Baszler releases Lana before tossing her out of the ring, Jax tags in and she sends Lana into the barricade. Lana recovers and she manages to knock Jax into the ring post, Baszler tags in and Asuka tags in as well. Asuka immediately starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Asuka hits Baszler with a hip attack for a near fall.

Baszler and Asuka drop each other with simultaneous head kicks, Lana tags in and Baszler rolls through her high cross body attempt. Baszler gets Lana in the rear naked choke and Asuka breaks it up by landing a knockout strike on Baszler, Lana then pins the knocked out Baszler for a three count.

Winners: Asuka & Lana

- Sheamus is backstage when Drew McIntyre approaches him, McIntyre and Sheamus joke about the attack by The Miz and John Morrison. McIntyre and Sheamus say they are ready to destroy Miz and Morrison.

- The New Day are in the ring and Kofi Kingston talks about Xavier Woods being named a host for the G4 revival, Woods gets the microphone and he thanks everybody for making his dream come true. Woods hosts highlights of The New Days success over The Hurt Business, The Hurt Business interrupt and MVP says The New Day are in need of a wake up call because their series is tied up at two wins apiece.

Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston vs. Cedric Alexander w/ Shelton Benjamin & MVP

The match begins with Alexander attacking Woods before the bell sounds, Alexander takes Woods’ title belt as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Woods attacking Alexander with a bunch of strikes, Woods corners Alexander again while landing more strikes. Alexander fights back and he quickly drops Woods, Woods fights back and he knocks Alexander out of the ring before landing a drop kick. Woods gets Alexander back in the ring and Alexander drops him on the top rope while avoiding a tornado DDT, Alexander keeps Woods down while nailing him with elbow strikes. Alexander keeps Woods down while briefly applying a chin lock to him, Woods gets free and he nails Alexander with a few strikes. Alexander goes for another chin lock and Woods counters with a jaw breaker, Woods nails Alexander with more chops and a forearm strike. Woods also hits Alexander with a clothesline and leg lariat, Woods follows up by nailing Alexander with the Honor Roll for a near fall. Woods goes for a power bomb and Alexander counters with a brain buster for a near fall, Alexander knocks Woods to the arena floor.

Alexander goes for a suicide dive and Woods counters by sending him into the barricade, Woods gets Alexander back in the ring and Alexander immediately hits him with a Lumbar Check for a three count.

Winner: Cedric Alexander w/ Shelton Benjamin & MVP

- AJ Styles and Omos confront Riddle backstage, Riddle tells Styles to get out of his way so he can get his title opportunity tonight. Styles feels insulted by Riddle and he gives him a shove.

WWE Championship #1 Contender Tournament Finals
AJ Styles w/ Omos vs. Riddle vs. Keith Lee

The match begins with Styles leaving the ring as Riddle goes after him, Riddle leaves the ring to battle Styles. Lee sets up for a suicide dive and everybody gets out of the way, Lee chases Styles back in the ring and Styles stomps away on him. Riddle returns and he attacks Styles with some strikes, Lee gets up before landing a cross body block on Riddle for a near fall. Lee corners Riddle before landing some strikes on him, Lee then sends Styles into Riddle before nailing Styles with a back body drop. Riddle fights back and Lee quickly drops him, Riddle gets up and he knocks Lee out of the ring before Styles attacks Lee. Styles then hits Lee with a sliding knee strike from the ring apron, Riddle attacks Styles before taking everybody out with a suicide dive as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Riddle hitting Lee with multiple senton bombs for a near fall, Riddle goes for one on Styles and Styles gets his knees up. Lee gets up and he sends a sliding Styles into the ring post, Lee then hits Riddle with an avalanche before tossing him across the ring. Lee hits Riddle with a second avalanche before tossing him across the ring again, Lee goes for a Spirit Bomb and Riddle defends while looking for a triangle choke.

Styles returns and Lee swings Riddle into him, Lee gets free and Riddle nails him with a head kick before landing an exploder suplex on Styles. Lee returns and he nails Riddle with a pounce for a near fall, Styles gets up and he nails Lee with an enziguri followed by a flying forearm strike for a near fall. Styles goes to the top rope and lee is quick to crotch him, Lee climbs the ropes and Riddle takes him down before getting tossed across the ring. Styles takes Lee down with a high cross body for a near fall, Styles looks for a Styles Clash and Lee prevents it from happening. Riddle then hits Styles with an overhead kick followed by a German suplex for a near fall, Lee and Riddle have a striking exchange until Riddle drops Lee. Styles then hits Riddle with a Phenomenal Forearm for a three count.

Winner: AJ Styles w/ Omos

- Charly Caruso interviews The Miz & John Morrison, Miz and Morrison say they have a strategy tonight while talking about AJ Styles winning tonight. Morrison says he has an idea before leaving with Miz.

Reckoning w/ Mustafa Ali vs. Dana Brooke

The match begins with Reckoning nailing Brooke with a shotgun drop kick, Brooke recovers and she nails Reckoning with some strikes. Brooke mounts a downed Reckoning while landing more strikes, Reckoning fights back and she nails Brooke with a clothesline. Reckoning corners Brooke while nailing her with more strikes, Reckoning drops Brooke before applying a chin lock to her. Brooke gets free and she nails Reckoning with a few clotheslines, Brooke then hits Reckoning with a handspring elbow strike. Ali distracts Brooke and Brooke still manages to roll up Reckoning for a three count.

Winner: Dana Brooke

- AJ Styles is approached backstage by The Miz and John Morrison, they offer Styles a pie and Styles doesn’t buy into their game before saying he’ll help them against Drew McIntyre. Styles says he is helping because it would be easier for him to beat Miz than Drew McIntyre.

- Highlights are shown of Drew McIntyre defeating Randy Orton two weeks ago on WWE Raw.

- MVP approaches Riddle backstage and Riddle says MVP cost Bobby Lashley his match last week, Riddle makes more financial pitches to MVP. MVP insults Riddle some more before Lashley attacks him.

- Keith Lee approaches Sheamus backstage, Lee tells Sheamus that some people think he’ll turn on Drew McIntyre.

- Charly Caruso conducts an in-ring interview with Drew McIntyre, McIntyre talks about being the WWE Champion once again. McIntyre says he also humbled Roman Reigns at WWE Survivor Series ‘20, McIntyre promises he’ll win the war against Reigns. McIntyre says his match with AJ Styles at WWE TLC ‘20 will be phenomenal, McIntyre says he is ready for tonight’s tag team match.

Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs. The Miz & John Morrison

The match begins with Sheamus cornering Miz while landing a few strikes, Sheamus knocks Miz out of the ring after landing a fall away slam. McIntyre gets Miz back in the ring and Morrison tags in, Sheamus quickly drops Morrison with a clothesline. Sheamus stomps away on Morrison before tagging McIntyre in, Morrison fights back and McIntyre drops him with a shoulder tackle. Sheamus tags in and he nails Morrison with a knee strike, Sheamus then hits Miz and Morrison with 10 Beats Of the Bowry. Sheamus then drops Miz on top of Morrison with a Finlay Roll, Sheamus goes after Styles before Miz fails at attacking Sheamus. Morrison knocks Sheamus into the announce table as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Morrison landing a few strikes on Sheamus. Miz tags in and he nails Sheamus with a short DDT for a near fall, Miz lands a few knee drops on Sheamus before tagging Morrison back in. Morrison and Miz double team Sheamus for a near fall, Sheamus fights back and he nails Morrison with a knee strike. McIntyre and Miz are tagged in by their respective partners, McIntyre quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team.

McIntyre nails Miz with a neck breaker before watching Morrison attack Sheamus, AJ Styles interferes and he nails McIntyre with a Phenomenal Forearm.

Winners: Drew McIntyre & Sheamus, by DQ

After the match, AJ Styles, John Morrison and The Miz continue attacking Drew McIntyre, McIntyre fights back as Miz thinks about cashing the MITB briefcase in.

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