WWE Raw 5/11/20 Results: Becky Lynch's Gonna Be A Mom, Asuka's A Champion & Plenty Of Returns

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The Distraction On Twitch: Watching The Finest Filth (5/11/21)

- The show starts off with highlights from last night’s Money In The Bank Ladder Matches.

- Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring holding Asuka’s Money In The Bank briefcase, Lynch grabs a microphone and she says tonight is no ordinary night for her because she is torn between joy and sadness. Lynch says she asked the decision makers to make a change to the women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Lynch talks about her early days in the WWE and how the fans that always had her back. Lynch says the fans deserve to hear that she has to go away for awhile, Asuka interrupts and makes her way to the ring. Lynch calls Asuka the best wrestler in the world and she has been for a long time, Lynch says last night’s women’s Money In The Bank ladder match was for more than a contract. Lynch unlocks the briefcase and says the match was for the Raw Women’s Championship and she proclaims Asuka the Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka grabs the belt and celebrates. Lynch announces that she is pregnant and a happy Asuka embraces her, Lynch heads backstage while Asuka stays in the ring to celebrate.

- Charly Caruso interviews Becky Lynch, but she quickly gets interrupted and embraced by a bunch of WWE superstars.

No DQ Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Humberto Carrillo

The match begins with Lashley scoring a takedown on Carrillo before slapping him in the face, Lashley corners before landing some strikes. Lashley misses a charge in the corner and he gets Carrillo from the ring apron to the ring, Carrillo slaps Lashley in the face. Lashley gets angry and he nails a charging Carrillo with a spine buster, Lashley goes for a spear and Carrillo sends him out of the ring. Carrillo goes for a suicide dive and Lashley cracks him with a right, Lashley grabs a steel chair and Carrillo drop kicks it into his face as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Lashley working over Carrillo in the corner, Carrillo fights back and he nails Lashley with a missile drop kick. Lashley sends Carrillo to the ring apron before eating a jumping head kick, Lashley leaves the ring and Carrillo nails him with another head kick. Lashley catches a leaping Carrillo and he sends him right into the ring post, Lashley grabs a steel chair and Carrillo avoids his swing. Carrillo grabs the steel chair and he attacks Lashley with it, Lashley gets back in the ring and he catches a leaping Carrillo before applying a full nelson to force a Carrillo tap out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

- The Street Profits are in a locker room and they talk about playing a game of basketball against The Viking Raiders, The Viking Raiders are in another locker room and Erik questions why they were challenged to a basketball game.

- Charly Caruso interviews Asuka, who says a bunch of stuff in Japanese before being interrupted and congratulated by Kairi Sane.

- Highlights are shown from the Edge/Randy Orton Last Man Standing Match from ‘Mania 36.

- Highlights are shown of Apollo Crews’ knee injury from two weeks ago on WWE Raw.

- Andrade, Austin Theory, Angela Garza and Zelina Vega are shown arguing backstage.

Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega, Andrade & Austin Theory vs. Akira Tozawa

The match is joined in progress and we see Garza trap Tozawa in the corner before landing a knee strike, Garza then chokes Tozawa along the middle rope before landing some chops. Tozawa fights back and Garza nails him with a knee strike, Tozawa recovers and he nails Garza with a hurricarana. Garza fights back and he nails Tozawa with a pop up kick, Garza traps Tozawa in the corner before landing a penalty kick for a near fall. Garza keeps Tozawa down while applying a modified abdominal stretch, Tozawa gets free after getting to the ropes. Garza nails Tozawa with the Wing Clipper for a three count.

Winner: Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega, Andrade & Austin Theory

After the match, all four continue their argument until WWE Champion Drew McIntyre interrupts and comes to the ring. McIntyre nails Austin Theory and Angel Garza with Claymore Kicks, Andrade comes face to face with McIntyre as we go to a commercial break.

Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade w/Zelina Vega

The match begins with McIntyre backing Andrade into the corner before letting him go free, Andrade looks for a go behind and McIntyre works over his arm before landing a takedown. McIntyre then stomps on the arm of a downed Andrade, McIntyre keeps wrenching away on the arm of Andrade. Andrade fights back and McIntyre drops him with a back elbow strike, McIntyre corners Andrade and Andrade nails him with multiple strikes afterwards. Andrade goes for a leap in the corner and McIntyre kicks him in the midsection, Andrade leaves the ring and McIntyre follows him out there to land more strikes. Andrade fights back and McIntyre slams him on the ring apron, Andrade rolls under the ring and McIntyre follows him before getting sent into the steel frame of the ring. Andrade then smashes the injured arm of McIntyre into the ring post, McIntyre gets back in the ring and Andrade nails him with a baseball slide drop kick. Andrade also wraps the arm of McIntyre around the ropes, Andrade follows up by locking McIntyre in a rope assisted arm bar. McIntyre fights back and Andrade lands a double knee strike to the arm for a near fall, Andrade holds McIntyre down while wrenching away on his arm.

McIntyre fights back and he nails Andrade with an overhead belly to belly suplex, McIntyre then drops Andrade with a boot to the face. McIntyre goes to the top rope and he nails Andrade with a clothesline, McIntyre goes for a Future Shock DDT and Andrade escapes to eat a sit out power bomb for a near fall. McIntyre sets up for a Claymore Kick and Andrade leaves the ring, Andrade goes back to attacking the injured arm of McIntyre. Andrade then sends McIntyre shoulder first into the ring post, Andrade then nails McIntyre with a running double knee strike for a near fall. Andrade goes for the hammerlock DDT and McIntyre escapes to get into a striking exchange, McIntyre nails Andrade with a Glasgow Kiss after eating a spinning elbow strike. McIntyre catches a leaping Andrade and he nails him with an inverted Alabama slam, McIntyre then hits Andrade with a Claymore Kick for a three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Drew McIntyre grabs a microphone and he says that he didn’t come out initially to have a match tonight. McIntyre talks about his match against Seth Rollins at WWE Money In The Bank ’20, McIntyre then reveals the new brand to brand invitation. McIntyre says Raw extended an invitation to Smackdown and a Smackdown wrestler has challenged him, McIntyre says he’ll face King Corbin next week on WWE Raw.

- Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross are shown backstage.

- MVP approaches Bobby Lashley backstage, MVP asks Lashley when the last time that he fought for the WWE Championship. MVP talks about how Lashley is in the same place he was when they first met, MVP asks Lashley when he’ll let Lashley out. MVP approaches Lana and he gets her angry before leaving.

- Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross make their way to the ring for A Moment Of Bliss, Bliss and Criss talk about Becky Lynch’s pregnancy announcement. The IIconics interrupt them and make their way to the ring, Billie Kaye and Peyton Royce say that Bliss and Cross forgot about them. Bliss says that Lynch’s pregnancy announcement stole The IIconics thunder, Royce and Kaye say that Bliss and Cross are disrespecting them. The IIconics challenge Bliss and Cross to the title match tonight, Bliss and Cross turn them down and The IIconics say they still want a match tonight.

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics (Billie Kaye & Peyton Royce)

The match begins with Royce backing Bliss into her corner before stomping away on her, Kaye tags in and she stomps away on Bliss. Royce tags back in and she double teams Bliss with Kaye for a near fall, Bliss fights back and she knocks Royce out of the ring with a drop kick. Cross tags in and she traps Royce in the ring skirt while landing strikes, Cross gets Royce back in the ring to get a near fall on a pin attempt. Cross then hits Royce with an avalanche before tagging Bliss in, Bliss nails Royce with a right before tagging Cross back in. Kaye makes a blind tag and she double teams Cross with Royce for a near fall, Royce tags back in and she double teams Cross again with Kaye. Cross shocks Royce with a roll up for a near fall, Royce regains control by nailing Cross with a clothesline. Kaye tags back in and she makes Cross fall backwards for a near fall, Kaye keeps Cross down while applying a modified chin lock. Cross fights back and Kaye attacks her with more strikes, Royce tags in and Cross knocks her to the arena floor. Royce recovers and she works over Cross by landing a running kick for a near fall, Cross fights back and she nails Royce with a jaw breaker.

Royce and Cross both take each other down with a double face buster, Bliss and Kaye are tagged in by their respective partners. Bliss quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Cross hits the ring and Royce knocks her to the arena floor. Royce tags in and The IIconics hit Bliss with an inverted Magic Killer for a three count.

Winners: The IIconics (Billie Kaye & Peyton Royce)

- Charly Caruso interviews Rey Mysterio, who says the risk was worth the reward in the MITB Ladder Match. Mysterio says it was a miracle that he survived being thrown off a roof by King Corbin last night, Mysterio talks about how Aleister Black suffered the same fate. Seth Rollins arrives and Mysterio congratulates him on becoming a father, Rollins stares at him before leaving.

- R-Truth is backstage and he says that Pretty Ricky is back.

R-Truth, Cedric Alexander & Ricochet vs. MVP, Brendan Vink & Shane Thorne

The match begins with R-Truth tripping up Thorne to force him into a split, Alexander tags in and he nails Thorne with a basement drop kick. Ricochet tags in and he double teams Thorne with Alexander for a near fall, Alexander tags in and he cracks Thorne with strikes. Vink makes a blind tag and he drops Alexander with a back elbow strike, Vink corners and kicks away at Alexander. Vink drops Alexander before holding him in a chin lock, Vink releases the hold and he attacks Alexander with more strikes. Thorne tags in and he kicks a downed Alexander in the back for a near fall, Thorne holds Alexander down while twisting away on his head. Vink tags back in and he stomps away on a downed Alexander, Alexander fights back and Vink drops him with a right. Alexander then nails Vink with an enziguri, R-Truth and MVP are tagged into the match by their respective partners. R-Truth quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Vink and Thorne battle Ricochet and Alexander on the arena floor. R-Truth nails MVP with the Lie Detector for a three count.

Winners: R-Truth, Cedric Alexander & Ricochet

After the match, Bobby Lashley hits the ring and he destroys R-Truth with a spear, Lashley then holds R-Truth in the full nelson while MVP attacks him.

- Charly Caruso interviews Jinder Mahal, who says he is honored to be back on WWE Raw after getting knee surgery. Mahal talks about Drew McIntyre becoming the WWE Champion, Mahal says he deserves to be respected since he is a former champion. Mahal says he will redeem himself for past mistakes and his journey is a heroes journey.

- AJ Styles is shown sitting backstage.

- Charly Caruso interviews Shayna Baszler, who says Becky Lynch is stupid for getting knocked up while the Raw Women’s Champion. Baszler says Lynch threw everything away to raise a baby, Baszler says the baby is going to suck because of who the father is.

- Highlights are shown from The Undertaker: The Last Ride special.

- AJ Styles is shown backstage and he gets angry after watching the highlights.

Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy

The match begins with Murphy working over the arm of Black, Murphy goes for a tag and Rollins doesn’t reciprocate. Black catches Murphy in a roll up before working over his arm, Mysterio tags in and he nails Murphy with an enziguri. Black trips up Murphy and Mysterio lands a basement drop kick for a near fall, Murphy fights back and Black makes a blind tag. Murphy gets trapped in the ropes and Black lands a kick for a near fall, Murphy recovers and he sends Black into the corner before landing a knee strike. Murphy tries getting Rollins’ attention and Black knocks him to the arena floor, Murphy gets back in the ring and he cannot get Rollins attention. Black then attacks a swinging Murphy with a series of strikes for a near fall, Black holds Murphy down while working over his arm. Murphy fights back and he nails Black with a striking combo of his own, Black recovers and he kicks Murphy to the arena floor. Black gets Murphy back onto the ring apron before confronting Rollins, Murphy traps Black in the ropes before drop kicking him into the ring post as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Black nailing a leaping Murphy with a boot to the face, Mysterio tags in and he goes right after Murphy with a springboard seated senton.

Mysterio then hits Murphy with a springboard cross body block, Murphy goes for a roll up and Mysterio kicks him in the face. Murphy leaves the ring and Mysterio uses a hurricarana to send him into the barricade, Mysterio gets Murphy back in the ring before going to the top rope. Mysterio goes for a high cross body and Murphy rolls through for a near fall, Murphy goes for Murphy’s Law and Mysterio counters with a bulldog for a near fall. Mysterio knocks Rollins off the ring apron and Rollins gets angry before sending Mysterio to the arena floor to cause a DQ.

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black, by DQ

After the match, Seth Rollins continues attacking Rey Mysterio by going after his eye, Aleister Black comes over and Rollins sends him over the barricade. Murphy goes to help Rollins and Rollins refuses his help, Rollins sends Mysterio eye first into the point of the ring steps. A bunch of WWE officials come out to help Mysterio as Rollins heads backstage.

- The injured Rey Mysterio is shown being checked by doctors backstage as Aleister Black looks on, Seth Rollins and Murphy appear and Rollins claims he doesn’t know what happened. Black attacks Murphy and various officials break the brawl up.

- Highlights are shown of The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders warming up for their upcoming basketball game.

- Highlights are shown from the basketball game between The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders, which The Street Profits win 74-2.

- Natalya approaches Shayna Baszler backstage about her comments about Becky Lynch, Baszler says the Hart Dynasty dies with Natalya.

- Highlights are shown after the basketball game between The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders, as The Viking Raiders reveal that they are good at basketball and they let The Street Profits win.

Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya

The match begins with Natalya getting Baszler down with a headlock, Baszler gets free and Natalya gets back to her feet. Baszler scores a takedown on Natalya and Baszler gets her in a headlock a short time later, Baszler then drops Natalya with a shoulder tackle. Baszler gets Natalya down while applying another headlock, Natalya gets free and she gets Baszler in a head scissors. Baszler gets free and she works over the arm of Natalya, Baszler then drops Natalya with a leg kick after releasing her arm. Baszler backs Natalya into the corner before tripping her up, Baszler backs Natalya into the corner again and Natalya shoves Baszler over. Baszler gets angry and she attacks Natalya with a plethora of strikes, Baszler then hits Natalya with a series of suplexes. Natalya catches Baszler in a roll up from out of nowhere for a near fall, Natalya looks for a sharp shooter and Baszler trips her up before missing a stomp. Baszler then nails Natalya with a knee strike for a three count.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

- Charly Caruso interviews King Corbin, who says he says he was willing to do whatever it took to win at WWE Money In The Bank ’20. Corbin says Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black were lucky to survive last night, Corbin says he made Drew McIntyre the champion that he is today. Corbin says that he will prove why he is the king next week.

- Charly Caruso is in the ring and she brings out Edge, Edge grabs a microphone and he says it’s the first time he has been in the ring since ‘Mania 36. Edge says that he has always lived in a world where “what if’s” are changed, Edge says ‘Mania 36 wasn’t the end for him. Edge says that he isn’t here to hunt Randy Orton because he already got revenge at ‘Mania 36, Edge says he and his family are ready to move on. Orton interrupts and makes his way to the ring with a microphone in hand, Orton says he came out to congratulate Edge on his win at ‘Mania 36 and that the better man won. Orton leaves the ring before returning a short time later while laughing, Orton says he tried to be the bigger man and he cannot do it. Orton says he thought they may be friends again one day and he knows that isn’t true, Orton says the better wrestler didn’t win at ‘Mania 36. Orton says Edge returned at the Royal Rumble to hide behind other wrestlers, while saying Edge also chose the Last Man Standing Match at ‘Mania 36. Orton says it didn’t take him nine years to return after what happened at ‘Mania 36, Orton says Edge hasn’t competed in a wrestling match since 2011. Orton says there is doubt in the eyes of Edge, Orton says Edge’s passion and grit do not compare to his wrestling ability.

Orton talks about all of the things that Edge has said about him in the past, Orton challenges Edge to a wrestling match at WWE Backlash.

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