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Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke & Asuka defeated Lana, Natalya & Zelina

  • I guess we're finally gonna find out if Asuka can beat Zelina!
  • I like Mandy and Dana Brooke teaming together. Mandy has experience in a team, and I want to see Dana highlighted better.
  • The faces looked really good in this. Lana eats a Mandy knee and Mandy gets the pin.
  • Zelina hits the bricks when Shayna Baszler and Nia show up. Natalya fights off a little bit, but Lana gets Samoan Dropped through a table for the third time.
  • As pessimistic as I've been watching Raw lately, I'm very excited for the Draft. Just like I am for every Shakeup, Rumble, Raw/SD after Mania and Money in the Bank. It's a fresh start opportunity.
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WWE 24/7 Title
Drew Gulak defeated R-Truth (c) to win the title
R-Truth defeated Drew Gulak (c) to win the title

  • R-Truth yelling "Randy Orton!" at the janitor sent me.
  • Gulak wins the title.
  • R-Truth and Tozawa end up fighting Gulak in a garbage can. Truth wins, and this was one of the better 24/7 segments in a while, I thought.

Buddy Murphy & Seth Rollins defeated Humberto Carrillo & Dominik Mysterio

  • Seth Rollins scolds Murphy, and Murphy says that he needs Rollins to apologize to Aliyah. Rollins screams at Murphy to know his place.
  • Thank god, Dominik facing Murphy and Rollins.
  • I'm all for Dominik and Humberto teaming. They come out and clean house before the match.
  • Rollins does a fireman's carry gutbuster. The good fortune of wrestling a smaller guy.
  • Rollins and Murphy argue and Humberto takes advantage. Humberto's maroon gear rules.
  • Murphy ends up bailing out Rollins, but they argue again and Humberto takes both out.
  • Murphy catches Carrillo flying off the top rope with a knee. THIS WAS AMAZING!!
  • Humberto has been really great in this tag team.
  • There was actual story progression here.


  • Backstage, Rollins tells Murphy he has until 10 PM EST to apologize to him.
  • Aliyah doesn't want Murphy apologizing and pleads.
  • I really wish we'd see Murphy mention that none of the other Disciples are around.
  • Instead he kicks Rollins in the face after being yelled at.
  • Murphy grabs a kendo stick and demands Rollins apologize to Aliyah.
  • Rollins' verbal selling is so great.
  • Rollins attacks Murphy and is about to go after him with a chair, but Aliyah comes out.
  • The Mysterios intervene.

KO Show

  • Kevin Owens throws his office chairs out of the ring. I need a compilation of Kevin Owens throwing office chairs from the ring. Please.
  • He says he's usually excited for his guests, but this isn't to have a nice chat.
  • Bring back The Brood! Kevin Owens brings up them and the Ministry. He wants to fight Bray.
  • Wyatt sings a friendship song backstage and won't come out. Owens is coming to Wyatt.
  • He doesn't get to, as Aleister Black shows up and kicks him in the fizzace.

Braun Strowman vs. Keith Lee ends in a double countout

  • At least they tried to explain Braun being on Raw. I appreciate it. Adam Pearce says that he'll give Braun an exhibition match. Keith Lee offers himself up.
  • Gee I wonder if Braun Strowman is moving to Raw!
  • They immediately get a double countout. Lee gets sent through the barricade.
  • This couldn't have waited until next week?
  • Lee tosses Strowman into the LED boards. Lee then goes off the stage through a table with Strowman.
  • I feel like this would have been much more impactful if Strowman got drafted to Raw and Lee immediately showed up to fight him just because he dared to exist on the same show.

The Hurt Business (w/ MVP) defeated Apollo Crews & Ricochet (w/ Ali)

  • MVP tells Ali, Apollo and Ricochet there's a one night opening in the Hurt Business.
  • Apollo Crews has now faced members of The Hurt Business in 15 consecutive matches. From June 15 into October, he's not faced anyone else.
  • Haha, MVP called T-Bar "Teabag."
  • Ali makes fun of Hurt Business for getting scared of Retribution's logo.
  • Ricochet was great in passing on Hurt Business.
  • Apollo has a really nice spinebuster, it's just hard to look impressive next to Lashley's. Lashley also does a cool tilt-a-whirl Yokosuka Cutter.
  • Lashley wins with The Hurt Lock on Apollo. They win the best of 15!
  • Ricochet says they're gonna keep coming back. WHAT, MAN!?!??!
  • This one fell below par because there was no need to watch it again.

WWE Women's Tag Team Titles
Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax (c) defeated Riott Squad to retain the titles

  • Shayna's purple gear is a nice change.
  • Ruby is getting brutalized by both champions.
  • Liv gets tagged in and runs wild. She looks really good. Eventually she runs into a clothesline.
  • Riott gets tagged back in and does a very interesting Monkey Flip slingshot DDT.
  • Baszler chokes out Ruby Riott and gets the win.

Ali vs. MVP (w/The Hurt Business)

  • Ali gets beaten up, but Retribution come out and interfere.
  • MVP wants to know if Ali is with them for this.
  • Instead, Ali leads the charge for Retribution!!
  • This is the coolest thing they've done with Retribution so far. Fantastic.

Randy Orton, Bobby Roode & Dolph Ziggler defeated Drew McIntyre & Street Profits

  • Randy Orton cut a promo about how and why he attacked each person last week in THE DARK. He challenges Drew McIntyre to a Hell in a Cell match. Why? Why should this happen? He lost twice. The ambulance match was a great finish.
  • Drew shows up in the Legends Lounge and beats the living snot out of Orton. There! Solved.
  • Seeing Orton work with Montez Ford is a nice glimpse into the future. Ford is playing a babyface in peril.
  • Ziggler counters a pop up from Dawkins with a DDT. Dawkins gets the Anointment on Orton though.
  • Ford almost pins Orton with a Frog Splash.
  • McIntyre does an awesome Claymore to Ziggler over the top rope. Roode gets one too.
  • Orton snaps an RKO. They needed that to justify the third title match, but they could have made the challenge AFTER this.
  • I could be wrong, but I don't think McIntyre has been pinned at all since Survivor Series.

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