WWE Raw Results For 08/02/21 Goldberg Returns, Riddle vs. Omos, Charlotte Flair vs. Nikki A.S.H.

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- We are welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw by Commentator Jimmy Smith and Raw is coming to us live from the All-State Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

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- Bobby Lashley and MVP make their way out to the ring. MVP begins the in-ring promo by welcoming Chi-Town back to Raw. Then, MVP says that he knows people are ready to see Bill Goldberg (the crowd boos heavily). Finally, MVP says Goldberg did not just challenge just anybody, but he challenged "The All-Mighty Bobby Lashley.

Goldberg makes the way to ringside, and now the crowd's cheering Goldberg. Goldberg hugs his son sitting at ringside before getting in the ring. Goldberg says that if anyone is afraid of losing something, it should be him being afraid of losing his Championship."

The crowd begins chanting, "We want Wyatt." Goldberg says he lives with the spear and dies by the spear and tells Lashley at Summerslam, "Lashley is next." Lashley gets in the face of Goldberg's son, and then MVP gets in his face. Goldberg comes back down and spears MVP and then leaves ringside with his son.

Handicap Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Veer & Shanky (w/ Jinder Mahal)

We come back from the commercial break with Veer, Shanky, and Jinder Mahal already in the ring. Drew McIntyre comes out to ringside carrying his sword. The match begins with Drew taking control right away with a series of punches. Veer gets away from McIntyre and tags in Shanky; Shanky and Veer double-team and send McIntyre to the steel post shoulder first.

Shanky gets a series of punches in, and during the action, the crowd begins chanting for "CM Punk." McIntyre recovers and starts getting in the offense. Now, Drew McIntyre tosses Veer around and hits a nice neckbreaker. Next, McIntyre hits Veer with a spinebuster; McIntyre is setting up for the Claymore. Next, Mahal enters the ring and hits McIntyre with the chair. Now, Veer, Shanky, and Mahal have chairs, and before they attack, McIntyre grabs his sword and his opponents, and Mahal retreats.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

- Drew McIntyre is walking down a hallway when he is stopped and interviewed. Drew says he is going to end this feud with Jinder Mahal.

- We get a very short promo from Nia Jax about what she will do to Rhea Ripley.

Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax (w/ Shayna Baszler)

The match begins with a tie-up, and Nia Jax pushes Rhea Ripley down with ease. Ripley gets back up and headbutts Nia; the headbutt did nothing to Jax. Nia then sends Ripley shoulder first into the ring post. Nia then runs and squishes Ripley against the steel post. Nia goes for it again but misses this time. Jax is on the outside, and Shayna Baszler is checking in on Jax. Ripley goes to hit Jax by doing a senton but misses Nia and hits Baszler. Ripley gets up, and Jax immediately hits her with a Samoan drop against the barricade. Raw goes to a commercial break.

We return from the commercial break with Ripley on her shoulders; Ripley gets out of it and hits Jax with a hurricanrana. Ripley is in control and takes Jax down with a dropkick. Jax is cut open by her eye, and blood is all over the left side of her face. Baszler tries to distract Ripley; however, it backfires, and Jax gets rolled up for the pin. Nia is upset with Shayna, costing her the match; Shayna leaves, and Jax watches her leave the ringside area. Ripley enters the ring and hits Jax with the Riptide.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

- We get a recap from last week's Raw, where Mansoor and Mustafa Ali got their first win as a tag team.

Mace & T-Bar vs. Mansoor and Mustafa Ali

All the competitors are out, and Mustafa Ali gets a massive pop from the Chicago fans. Ali gets attacked right away by T-Bar; T-Bar takes out Mansoor with a series of punches. Mansoor gets to Ali for the hot tag; Ali takes out Mace and T-Bar. Ali hits T-Bar with a swinging DDT. Ali tags in Mansoor; Mansoor gets pushed into the ropes, knocking Ali off the turnbuckle. T-Bar sweeps the leg of Mansoor, and Mansoor hits the turnbuckle with the back of his head. T-Bar waits for Mansoor to get back up and finishes it with a devastating big kick. T-Bar then pins Mansoor to get the win. After the match, Mace and T-Bar attack Mansoor, but Ali pushes him away, taking him out by hitting a chokeslam.

Winners: Mace & T-Bar

- Before they go to a commercial break, they go backstage to show Nikki A.S.H. preparing for her match against Charlotte Flair.

- Charlotte Flair cuts a promo talking about Simone Biles, and the crowd is chanting for "Becky Lynch." Flair says that I sold out the All-State Arena and not Becky Lynch. Flair says that Nikki stole the title from her and that she is the one that is going to have a nervous breakdown. Flair says that winning the championship off of her by cashing in is cowardly. Flair says that people have cashed in on her three times. Flair then walks around ringside showing what she will do with Nikki A.S.H. in their no-holds-barred match. Nikki A.S.H. attacks Charlotte from behind and hits her in the back with a chair.

- The announcers then give a recap of last week's EVAlution and how LILLYlution began. Eva Maries then talks about her upcoming match.

Doudrop (w/ Eva Marie) vs. Tamina

The match begins with a tie-up, and Tamina hits Doudrop with a big shoulder tackle. Tamina wants to go to the top rope and is distracted by Eva Marie. Doudrop then takes Tamina and drivers her to the turnbuckle headfirst. Doudrop hits a significant elbow drop and then hits Tamina with a senton. Doudrop then has Tamina in an arm lock; Tamina gets out of it and hits Doudrop with a big clothesline. Doudrop goes for a move, but Eva Marie stopped her and told her to hit the crossbody. The hesitation costs Doudrop as Tamina hits Doudrop with a Samoan drop. Tamina pins Doudrop for the win. After the match, Alexa Bliss shows up on screen and says Eva Marie is the one that lost the match. The crowd chants for CM Punk again in the background.

Winner: Tamina

- We get a recap from last week's Damian Priest and Sheamus match.

- Riddle bumps into Damian Priest, and he tells Priest he is ready for his match against Omos tonight. Riddle asks Priest if he is cool going on MizTv.

- MizTV introduces Damian Priest as his next guest; Miz asks John Morrison, "who's responsible for Miz being in a wheelchair." The crowd begins chanting for CM Punk, and Priest talks about his match against Sheamus, and he respects him. However, Damian Priest insults The Miz and asks him if he is going to wrestle again. John Morrison tells Priest says "that no kid wants to grow up and be Johnny Sidekick." Priest says he came out to challenge Sheamus but changes his mind as The Miz and Morrison pissed him off.

Damian Priest vs. John Morrison (w/ The Miz)

The match begins with Damian Priest getting the upper hand with a series of strikes; John Morrison gets back up and gets some offense and gets sprayed by The Miz. John Morrison takes advantage and drops Priest. Morrison goes for a running knee; however, Priest catches it and then hits Morrison with a big chokeslam. After the match, Sheamus comes in and attacks Priest, and Priest is getting beat down. Ricochet makes the save and helps Damian Priest clear the ring.

Winner: Damian Priest

Damian Priest and Ricochet vs. John Morrison and Sheamus (w/ The Miz)

We come back from the commercial break, and we now have a tag-team match. Ricochet is in control, and Ricochet gets in some good offense on both Sheamus and John Morrison. The action goes outside the ring, and Morrison throws Ricochet, and Ricochet slides about 8 to 10 feet into the steel steps. Ricochet gets back in the ring. Ricochet tags in Damian Priest, and Priest hits a big neckbreaker on Morrison. Sheamus is outside of the ring, and Ricochet hits Ricochet with a big dive from the top rope to Sheamus. John Morrison goes for the rollup pin; however, Damian Priest kicks out and hits Morrison with The Reckoning.

Winners: Damian Priest and Ricochet

- Bobby Lashley accepts Bill Goldberg's challenge, and he does. He says he hopes Goldberg brings his son to Summerslam.

Riddle vs. Omos

Before the match begins, we get footage from last week's Raw when AJ Styles hit Riddle with the Styles Clash. Omos says he broke Riddle's scooter on last week's show. Omos said that he broke the scooter first, and tonight he will break Riddle's spine. Riddle jumps on the back of Omos before the match begins; however, Omos stops it and throws him like a rag doll.

The bell rings, and Riddle starts attacking Omos right away, and he gets some big shots in on Riddle. Omos then gets out of the ring and throws Riddle over the barricade into the ring announcer's area. Although Riddle is down and out of it, he recovers and makes it back to the ring at the referee's count of nine. Omos hits Riddle with a big chokeslam and then ends it by lifting and slamming Riddle down hard.

Winner: Omos

- Alexa Bliss is about to cut a backstage promo but gets attacked by Doudrop, and Eva Marie walks off, warning Bliss of what's to come.

Karrion Kross vs. Keith Lee

The match begins with a lock-up; Keith Lee brings Karrion Kross to the corner and gets a nice stiff shot on Kross. Kross gets a few strikes in and then hits Kross with a few shoulder tackles. Karrion Kross sends Lee out of the ring; however, Lee catches himself and dives over the top rope taking down Kross. Kross gets up, and he hits Lee with another big stiff shot and then immediately nails Lee with an exploder suplex. The action goes outside, and Kross hits the exploder suplex again, sending Lee into the steel steps.

We go to a commercial break; they come back with Kross in control. Keith Lee makes a comeback and nails Kross with a series of strikes and then hits Kross with a big chop to the chest of Karrion Kross. Lee then hits Kross with a big shoulder tackle. Lee was going to end it, but Kross gets out of it. Kross has Lee in the Kross Jacket; Lee is trying to get out of it and does. Lee hits the Spirit Bomb to get the big victory over the NXT Champion.

Winner: Keith Lee

24/7 Championship
Towzawa vs. Reggie

The match begins, and both men counter almost every move. Reggie gets the upper hand for the majority of the night. Towzawa then tells Reggie to "stop" Towzawa yells out, "Ninja Power," and Towzawa goes to strike Reggie; however, Reggie ducks and gets some shots in on Towzawa and ends the match by hitting a variation of a senton. Reggie pins Towzawa for the win.

Winner: Reggie

No-Hold's Barred Match
Charlotte Flair vs. Nikki A.S.H.

The match begins with Charlotte Flair going right at Nikki A.S.H. with a big boot, but she misses. Nikki avoids Charlotte at first. However, Nikki gets taken out right away, Flair nails Nikki with a strong kick, and Nikki rolls to the outside of the ring.

Charlotte now clears the announcer's table and is throwing things around. The crowd is chanting, "we want tables," and Charlotte goes underneath the ring and brings out a table. Nikki recovers and pushes Charlotte into the steel post; Charlotte, however, recovers quickly and gets the upper hand again. Charlotte hits Nikki with a suplex on the outside, Nikki gets up off the ground a short time later, and Flair hits Nikki with a spear into the barricade by the ring announcer. We go to the last commercial break of the evening.

We return from the commercial break, and the crowd is chanting "we want tables" again. Nikki attempts to hit Charlotte with a crossbody from the top rope but misses her completely. Instead, Charlotte hits Nikki with a big boot. While Nikki gets laid out, Charlotte Flair yells to the crowd and says, "this is my Raw Women's Championship." Flair goes to grab a chair; however, Nikki kicks the chair and takes out Charlotte.

Nikki gets in a series of strikes on Charlotte; Charlotte recovers quickly and sends Nikki A.S.H. through the table. Flair gets Nikki back into the ring and goes to end the match by pinning Nikki with only her boot on the chest of Nikki; Nikki kicks out at the last second. Charlotte cannot believe it, Nikki recovers, and Charlotte attempts to hit Nikki with a spear but misses and goes through the table. Nikki now goes to pin; Charlotte, however, kicks out at two. Nikki A.S.H. gets up and uses the ropes and nails Charlotte with The Purge; Nikki A.S.H. pins Charlotte Flair to get a big victory.

Winner: Nikki A.S.H.

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