WWE Raw Results For 1/15: Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor, Handicapped Match, Braun Strowman Goes On A Rampage & More!

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Here is the Fightful post-Raw podcast:

- The show starts off with highlights from Kane and Brock Lesnar battling each other two weeks ago on WWE Raw, followed by Braun Strowman dropping a lighting rig on them last week on WWE Raw.

- Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring, Strowman says he wants to tell us a story that ends with him winning the WWE Universal Title at WWE Royal Rumble. WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle comes out with a security team, Angle says that Strowman put lives in danger last week on WWE Raw. Strowman tells Angle that he’ll continue to do things however he wants, Angle then says Strowman is no longer in the triple threat match at the WWE Royal Rumble. Angle then fires Strowman, Strowman leaves the ring and he follows Angle backstage.

- Braun Strowman is being escorted out of the building by security, Strowman attacks the security team before saying he isn’t leaving until “everybody gets these hands.”

The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) vs. Titus Worldwide (Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews) w/Dana Brooke

The match begins with Sheamus trapping Crews in the corner before tagging Cesaro in, The Bar then kicks away at a trapped Crews. Sheamus tags in and Crews nails Cesaro with a drop kick, Crews then hits Sheamus with a drop kick as well. O’Neil tags in and he nails Sheamus with a shoulder tackle, O’Neil corners Sheamus while nailing him with chops. Sheamus recovers and he nails O’Neil with strikes, Cesaro tags in and he attacks O’Neil with European uppercuts. O’Neil recovers and he attacks Cesaro with some chops, Cesaro recovers and he attacks O’Neil with chops of his own.

Crews tags in and he slams Cesaro before landing an elbow drop, Cesaro escapes a suplex from Crews to tag Sheamus in. The Bar double teams Crews before Sheamus nails Crews with a top rope clothesline as we go to commercial break, we return from the break to see Cesaro cornering a leaping Crews before tagging Sheamus in. The Bar hits Crews with the Destruction Device for a near fall, Sheamus also wrenches away on the arm of Crews. Crews gets free and he nails Sheamus with an enzaguri, O’Neil and Cesaro get tagged in by their respective partners. O’Neil cleans house on the opposing team before tossing Cesaro across the ring, O’Neil hits Cesaro with a power slam for a near fall.

Cesaro fights back and he tags Sheamus into the match, Crews gets Cesaro out of the ring before eating a right. Cesaro catches O’Neil with a cheap shot before Sheamus rolls him up for a near fall, Cesaro tags in and he goes for the Gotch Style Pile Driver. O’Neil escapes and he tags Crews into the match, Crews nails Cesaro with a standing moonsault for a near fall. The Bar then hit Crews with a double shoulder tackle, The Bar look to double team Crews when Jason Jordan comes out. Crews rolls up a distracted Sheamus for the three count.

Winners: Titus Worldwide (Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews) w/Dana Brooke

- Braun Strowman is shown backstage and he kicks Kurt Angle’s office door in, Strowman then destroys his office.

- Braun Strowman invades the catering area and destroys it, Strowman the grabs Curt Hawkins and choke slams him through a table.

- Enzo Amore comes to the ring with Tony Nese, Enzo does his usual shtick on the microphone. Enzo says that he is doing better than Curt Hawkins right now before calling himself a monster among men, Enzo says he’ll leave the Royal Rumble event as the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Enzo says that Cedric Alexander must get through Tony Nese tonight, Goldust accompanies Alexander to the ring. Goldust has a microphone and he questions why Enzo would compare himself to Boris Karloff, Goldust then calls Alexander a box office smash.

- Braun Strowman is shown backstage again and he shoves a dumpster at a WWE referee.

Tony Nese w/Enzo Amore vs. Cedric Alexander w/Goldust

The match begins with Alexander holding Nese in a headlock, Nese recovers and drops a charging Alexander with a forearm strike. Nese then stomps away on a downed Alexander, Alexander recovers to hit Nese with a headsciccors takedown followed by a drop kick. Nese recovers to drop Alexander on the top rope, Nese catches Alexander with a gut buster for a near fall. Nese mounts Alexander before clobbering him with strikes, Nese traps Alexander in the corner before nailing him with more strikes. Nese then hangs Alexander upside down in the corner before landing more strikes, Nese gets Alexander in the middle of the ring while twisting away on his head.

Nese follows that up with a leg drop on Alexander for a near fall, Nese goes back to wrenching away on the head of Alexander. Alexander gets free before having a striking exchange with Nese, Alexander then uses a drop kick to propel Nese into the corner. Alexander catches a cornered Nese with a kick to the face followed by a rope assisted flat liner, Alexander follows up with a springboard clothesline on Nese for a near fall. Nese recovers and he catches Alexander with a few strikes and a roll up for a near fall, Alexander then cracks Nese with a spinning elbow strike and a Lumbar Check for the three count.

Winner: Cedric Alexander w/Goldust

- Backstage, Kurt Angle is talking to a WWE referee while looking at his destroyed office, another referee says Braun Strowman is heading for the production trucks.

- Braun Strowman heads into the production truck and he threatens the production team before leaving. Strowman disengages the big rig from the production trailer, Raw GM Kurt Angle arrives and Strowman pushes over the big rig. Strowman then heads back out to the arena before grabbing Michael Cole, Angle returns with a security team to tell Strowman that he has called the cops. Angle then says that Stephanie McMahon has rehired him, Strowman then tosses Cole onto the security team.