WWE Raw Results for 2/11/19: The McMahon Family Invites Becky Lynch Back to RAW!

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We begin this week's show with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in center ring. Together, they ran down Sunday's Elimination Chamber card before transitioning to a recap of last week's interactions with Becky Lynch. Following that, McMahon announced that they intend to do what's best for business and speaking of such, Becky saw her doctor this past weekend. Lynch herself arrived in response, light-heartedly promising to hit McMahon "harder next time." Triple H then apologized to Becky and announced that their doctors agree with Lynch's, there is no tear and her suspension is lifted. McMahon then made it official, announcing the WrestleMania match but only on one condition: Becky must first apologize to them both.

Lynch refused, saying that she doesn't trust the McMahon family and won't allow this opportunity to be taken from her. She told them to shove their apology, enraging Stephanie and forcing Triple H to intervene. He told Becky to prioritize WrestleMania and apologize. She only has until the end of tonight to do so though. As Stephanie and Triple H left, Sasha Banks and Bayley arrived...

Losing Team Enters Elimination Chamber First

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan vs. Nia Jax and Tamina

Pre-match, Sasha and Bayley as well as Nia and Tamina cut short pre-taped promos as in-ring, Banks slapped Jax before immediately tagging in Liv. She ran directly into a tackle from Nia but then fired back with an enzuigiri and tagged in Logan. She was quickly overpowered though, allowing Tamina to come in and eat a tackle for her troubles. Tamina's power swiftly put her back in control regardless, slamming Morgan to the mat and soon bringing Jax back in as well. She was greeted by a flurry of kicks from Liv but Bayley then seized, tagging herself in only to be immediately floored by Nia.

In the meantime, Banks was taken out by The Riott Squad. Back from the break and Sasha is being helped to her feet by doctors while in-ring, Bayley is isolated by both of her foes. Even still, Bayley soon fired back but that only allowed Liv and Sarah to take advantage, using tandem offense to rock Tamina for 2. Jax's re-entry rapidly turned the tide though, running through Logan until Sarah evaded her corner attack. That forced Tamina to come back in, hitting a Samoan Drop on Sarah and then heading up top. Logan got the knees up though, next tagging in Liv while Bayley brought herself in.

She run wild on Morgan, flurrying big to take control. Taking out everyone in her path, Bayley next headed up top, hitting her elbow drop and forcing Logan to break up the pin. Either way, Bayley continued to build momentum, landing Bayley to Belly but then being rocked by a superkick from Tamina. Jax then came back in, pinning Bayley via Samoan Drop.

Winners: Nia Jax and Tamina

Elias is here next but before he can start, we headed backstage to see Finn Balor talking to Becky Lynch. He warned Lynch about prioritizing pride, relating it to his issues with Lashley and promising to become Intercontinental Champion. After that, Elias once again was unable to start, with us instead moving to a Seth Rollins' video package. This begun with Rollins' historic gauntlet showing and ended at his recent Rumble win.

The Lucha House Party then interrupted Elias too, heading to the ring only to be stopped in their tracks by an enraged Elias. He is upset about his lack of Grammy nomination but Kalisto reassured him, explaining that tonight, they 'want to Walk With Elias.' In response, Elias sang his song, mocking the home crowd before asking the Lucha House Party for their opinions. They claimed that they could do better and Kalisto took Elias' seat, successfully playing his guitar and even encouraging Elias to propose a duet. Instead, Elias simply broke his guitar over Kalisto's back and then scurried backstage.

Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush are here next, ready to watch the upcoming match....

First though, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville previewed Sunday's tag title match with a short promo.

Finn Balor vs. Drew McIntyre

Distracted by Lashley and Lio at the first bell, Balor was immediately jumped by McIntyre as Drew took control right way. He quickly grabbed a hold from there but Finn soon fired back, scoring with a big dropkick and then evading Drew too, sending him flying into the ring-post. However, Lio and Lashley prevented Balor from hitting his big dive and Finn lashed out, flooring both of his upcoming opponents before refocusing on McIntyre. He looked set to hit Coup De Grace next but Lashley interfered to cause the DQ finish.

Winner: Finn Balor via Disqualification

With Balor isolated, Drew then turned his attention to the steel steps but Kurt Angle made the save, running wild and applying the Ankle Lock on Rush. Corbin cut him off out of nowhere though, taking Angle out and standing tall until Braun Strowman arrived. He wiped out McIntyre and Lashley on the ramp-way and then focused on Corbin. However, Drew then saved Corbin, pulling him to safety.

Finn Balor, Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman vs. Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin

This impromptu match was underway after the break, with Balor quickly being isolated and worked over with quick tags too. He soon created space regardless, bringing in Angle who run wild with three German suplexes. A missile dropkick came next and the Angle Slam as well but Corbin broke the fall. That brought in Strowman and with the referee distracted, Lashley smartly cut Kurt off. The heels then went to work, wearing Angle down until Bobby grounded things with a hold. Angle fought to his feet in response, managing to land a big kick but being cut off by McIntyre again anyway.

Back from the break and Angle had tagged in Balor either way, with Finn running wild on all three of his foes until Corbin's Chokeslam Backbreaker turned the tide. Balor countered Lashley though, creating space to no avail as in the meantime, both of his partners were wiped out. Finn avoided the spear regardless, next using a dive to take out Corbin and McIntyre before heading up top for Coup De Grace. A Rush intereference allowed Lashley to halt him though, slamming Balor to the mat and pinning him after the referee missed Balor's foot on the rope. In response, Bobby removed the evidence and celebrated his win.

However, another referee then arrived, restarting the match. Enraged by the decision, the heels took out both of Finn's partners, again working him over until Balor scored a sudden counter. Without anyone to tag, Finn remained isolated but floored Lashley regardless, resetting things and eventually, tagging in the returning Braun Strowman. He ran wild on all three of his foes, flurrying big and flattening them one by one. The running shoulder tackles came next and Lashley then walked into the Running Powerslam. As a result, hat allowed Balor to hit Coup De Grace for the win.

Winners: Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle

A short promo from Kevin Owens followed, talking from a bowling alley about how hard it is for him to watch RAW and SmackDown Live. However, he doesn't know which brand he'll be returning to but he only has around one more month to wait. He then bowled a gutter ball.

Backstage, Becky Lynch refuses to tell Charly Caruso about her decision...

Nikki Cross vs. Ruby Riott

Cross immediately jumped on Riott, running wild and hitting a crossbody for 2. She was all over Ruby here but Riott soon cut her off, sending her head first into the turnbuckle as we headed backstage. Rousey had confronted Lynch, telling her to "man up" in order to keep their WrestleMania match alive. Back in-ring, Riott was on top, controlling Cross and nastily working her over as well. Cross fired back on the apron, dropping Ruby via inverted DDT and following up with a crossbody before trapping Riott in the ring skirt.

Ruby then came back though, cutting Cross off and hitting Riott Kick for the win.

Winner: Ruby Riott