WWE Raw Results For 3/12: The Bar Has Their 'Mania 34 Opponent, Nia Jax Learns The Truth & John Cena Challenges The Undertaker

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Here is the Fightful post-Raw podcast:

- WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and he has a microphone in hand, Angle says he is honored to be competing at ‘Mania 34 with Ronda Rousey. Angle says he feels sorry for what they are going to do to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, Angle says that WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar isn’t here tonight. Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring and he has a microphone in hand, Reigns says he isn’t surprised that Lesnar isn’t here. Reigns wonders if Lesnar is going to face any repercussions before calling Lesnar “Vince’s boy,” Reigns also says that Vince McMahon is the real problem.

Reigns talks about all of the sacrifices he and the other wrestlers make year round for the WWE, Reigns then says he won’t be disrespected by Vince. Reigns walks backstage before bumping into Vince and Shane McMahon as Vince demands we go to a commercial break.

- Renee Young is shown outside of Vince McMahon’s office, Reigns walks out and refuses to speak with her. Vince walks out and says Brock Lesnar isn’t anybody’s boy, Vince says he had no intention of disrespecting Reigns. Vince quotes The Rock against Reigns and he says Reigns needs to “know his role and shut his mouth,” Vince says that Lesnar has earned certain privileges before saying Lesnar will be here next week on WWE Raw. Vince also announces that Reigns has been temporarily suspended for his disrespectful actions.

Sonya Deville w/Mandy Rose & Paige vs. Sasha Banks w/Bayley

The match begins with Banks cracking Deville with a few forearm strikes, Banks catches Deville with a roll up for a near fall. Banks then catches Deville with a few drops kicks for another near fall, Banks throws Deville out of the ring as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Deville holding Banks in a body scissors, Deville releases the hold to slam Banks for a near fall. Deville traps Banks in the corner before landing a series of strikes, Deville reapplies the body scissors to Banks. Banks gets up with Deville on her back and she eventually gets Deville off of her, Deville then hits Banks with a kick and knee strike for a near fall.

Deville corners Banks again before nailing her with shoulder thrusts, Deville crashes into the middle turnbuckle after Banks moves out of the way from a charging Deville. Banks goes to the middle rope to land a double knee strike for a near fall, Rose tries distracting Banks and Bayley takes care of her. Banks catches Deville in the Bank Statement and a tap out follows.

Winner: Sasha Banks w/Bayley

After the match, Bayley walks backstage and Absolution attacks Sasha Banks.

- A video airs announcing that Kid Rock is being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

- The Miz is in the ring for Miz TV, The Miz announces they will face The Bar tonight for a tag team title shot at ‘Mania 34. Seth Rollins and Finn Balor are the special guests for tonight, Miz says he and Rollins are the workhorses of the WWE. Miz blames Balor for not allowing him and Rollins to have a singles match at ‘Mania 34, Rollins says Miz is just trying to play games with everybody. Miz calls Balor the man…in bingo halls, Miz brings up how Balor defeated Rollins to become the first ever WWE Universal Champion. Balor also says that he isn’t falling for Miz’s tricks either, Miz continues to try and stir the pot until Rollins tells him to shut up.

Rollins says he is going to become the WWE Intercontinental Champion at ‘Mania 34, Balor also makes the same promise. Balor gets angry and he wants a match with Rollins tonight, Balor and Rollins go face to face before attacking The Miz. Balor gets Miz out of the ring and then Rollins attacks Balor from behind.

- The Miztourage attacks The Bar multiple times before their upcoming match, another brawl breaks out between both teams inside of the ring. The Revival hit the ring and they join the brawl, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows join the brawl as it spills outside of the ring. Titus Worldwide joins the brawl along Heath Slater and Rhyno, the brawl continues between all of the teams. The Bar eventually escape the brawl with Cesaro going through the crowd and Sheamus going up the entrance ramp.