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We begin this week's show with today's news about the RAW Women's Title match main eventing WrestleMania. That transitioned to Ronda Rousey's entrance and upon arriving in center ring, she had a microphone in hand. Talking over "We Want Becky" chants, Rousey reiterated the women's main event status before signing off with "you're welcome." She then returned the microphone though, promising to tap out Becky and Charlotte at the same time before leaving and coming back to mock the "BS gimmick" of Beat the Clock Challenge. Ready for the upcoming matches, The Riott Squad came out next and Becky Lynch then followed them.

She said that while Ronda was given every advantage, "nobody gave a damn until the man came around." Lynch claims to have made Rousey better and that's why they are the main event of WrestleMania, finally promising to take the title from her foe. That brought out Charlotte Flair, with 'The Queen' pointing to herself as the reason for their main event billing.

Beat the Clock Challenge

Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Logan

Immediately bailing at the first bell, Sarah Logan sprinted around ringside before finally greeting Ronda with a dropkick in center ring. In control, Logan then applied a submission but Rousey countered, next landing a sharp elbow and closing the show via armbar.

Winner in 1:25: Ronda Rousey

Charlotte Flair vs. Ruby Riott

Avoiding her foe's opening big boot, Riott sent Charlotte to the floor, next landing some strikes and avoiding the Figure Four Leglock too. Ruby countered Natural Selection as well, landing a sudden facebuster for 2. Flair fired back, catching her finishing hold but failing to force the submission in time.

Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan

After being distracted by Liv before the first bell, Lynch turned into a big boot from Charlotte. Morgan seized, unleashing strikes in the corner while Flair smugly watched on. She then grabbed a hold too but Becky fought upright, making her trademark comeback but failing to apply Dis-Arm-Her. That didn't matter though, with Lynch catching a quick roll-up for the win with 8 seconds to spare.

Winner of The Beat the Clock Challenge: Becky Lynch

If Balor wins, he gets an Intercontinental Title match at WrestleMania

Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley and Jinder Mahal

Pre-match, Lio Rush doesn't appear to be dressed for competition but first, he took the time to poke some fun at Rob Gronkowski. He went on to announce that unfortunately, he's not medically cleared and as a result, Jinder Mahal will take his place in tonight's handicap match.

In-ring, Balor quickly rallied, scoring some offense but being halted by multiple distractions until Lashley sent him flying to the floor. Back from the break and Finn again fired back, half-landing Slingblade and and then flurrying on Mahal. A double foot stomp took out Lashley too and Balor then floored all involved with his signature dive. Coup De Grace followed and Balor had pinned Mahal, earning his WrestleMania title shot in the process.

Winner: Finn Balor

Post-match, Lashley floored both Singh Brothers and then Speared Mahal too.

Elias is in Times Square next, promising the greatest performance in history and claiming that people are lining up to watch him. His plan to perform was unsurprisingly interrupted though, with an onlooker unsuccessfully attempting some kind of duet.

Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. The Revival

A brawl commenced before this one could even begin, with the NXT duo almost immediately sending their foes to the floor as a result. Things then officially got started, with The Revival quickly taking control by grounding a now isolated Black. A sudden kick halted that nonetheless, allowing Aleister to tag in Ricochet as both flurried in an instant. That culminated in aerial attacks to the floor as the champions were now rocked. Back from the break and The Revival are now on top once more though, cornering Ricochet and using tandem offence to floor him too.

A neckbreaker turned the tide regardless, with Ricochet bringing in Aleister Black as the Dutchman run wild on both of his foes. A salvo of strikes almost closed the show as well, with Dawson then responding via fake-out DDT for 2. However, The Revival then put Black in his own corner and swiftly paid the price, eating a double Black Mass that allowed Ricochet's 630 splash to close the show.

Winners: Ricochet and Aleister Black

Undeterred, The Revival demanded that the ring announcer reiterate their champion status before leaving.

Drew McIntyre was here next, demanding the crowd's respect and using a recap to remind Roman of his challenge. Following that, McIntyre reminded everyone of his dominance over The Shield, listing off recent wins and demanding that Roman think of his family when considering this decision. After all, they've already watched "daddy fight for his life" once before but before Drew could continue much longer, Roman Reigns finally arrived. The rivals went face to face, with Reigns saying that "Roman accepts" his challenge before telling Drew to never mention his family again.

Reigns then unleashed a vengeful fury on McIntyre, throwing him around ringside until a low-blow cut him off. Drew then followed up too, landing Claymore and standing tall over Reigns before proudly departing. Backstage, McIntyre was then confronted by Dean Ambrose, with the latter refuting his "exterminated" claims before challenging Drew to a Last Man Standing match tonight! McIntyre was stunned by Dean even being able to stand but promised that he'd change that tonight.

Sasha Banks vs. Natalya

Bayley and Beth Phoenix are both at ringside here while in-ring, Banks flurried until Natalya took things to the mat, applying Romero Special until Sasha fought free and landed a knee for 2. Some counters followed, with Natalya thinking Sharpshooter before Banks pushed her to the floor. She continued to build momentum as well, hitting a hurricanrana off the apron and landing a knee against the barricade. Following the break though, Natalya was in control, wearing Banks down until she rallied with some signature offense.

Sasha then countered a Natalya comeback too, applying Bank Statement but after an immense struggle, Natalya turned it around and snatched the Sharpshooter. Banks eventually fought free but as she did, Nia Jax and Tamina arrived at ringside. They brought a swift end to the match but Beth made them pay, clotheslining Nia to the mat and then hitting a GlamSlam on Tamina too. Phoenix then stared the champions down as an exclamation point on their statement.

Winner via Disqualification: Sasha Banks

Post-match, a video package celebrating The Hart Foundation's Hall of Fame induction aired. We then saw Natalya's live reaction too, proudly pointing to the sky with tears in her eyes.

An interview with Kurt Angle followed that, as the retiring hall of famer spoke about leaving on his terms as well as his appreciation for Joe coming from SmackDown Live. Baron Corbin then interrupted, questioning Angle's age and claiming that fans only support him out of sympathy. Corbin also promised that at WrestleMania, Kurt will disgrace himself. Angle responded simply, "screw you."

Elsewhere, Bayley and Sasha stopped for an interview with Charly Caruso. Banks said that if everyone wants to come for them, they'll take on all three of their rival teams at WrestleMania.

Time for A Moment of Bliss next, with Alexa crediting herself for the women's main event status before admitting that her reputation is at stake. She then pointed to a video package recapping Braun Strowman's conflict with Colin Jost and to a lesser extent, Michael Che. Bliss then introduced Braun Strowman, welcoming 'The Monster Among Men' before listing off his most outrageous outbursts. Strowman accepted all of these charges, next planning to smash Jost's "pasty face".

Alexa then introduced Jost and Che via satellite, with the former conceding that he'd made a dumb mistake. He then walked that back though, putting on a Yankees hat while Che told Strowman that he'd crossed the line. Jost claims that he can help Braun with many things: chewing food, reading a newspaper etc. Che claimed that they simply want to make things better but Jost recommended therapy, asking for a receipt as well as an autograph from Brock Lesnar. Strowman responded by demanding that Jost enter the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. He refused but Che entered him nonetheless, protecting himself until Jost entered his partner too.

Alexa then confirmed things, adding them to the match as Strowman promised that at WrestleMania, they'd "get these hands"

Back to Elias next, now outside Madison Square Garden but first, taking a shot at Boston before someone threw a quarter in his direction. Initially enraged by this, Elias' stance then seemingly changed.

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