WWE Raw Results For 3/5: Paul Heyman Speaks, Two Big 'Mania Matches Made & The Symphony Of Destruction

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Nine Matches Announced For 5/11 Episode Of AEW Dark

Here is the Fightful post-show podcast for WWE Raw: 

- WWE Raw GM Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and he has a microphone in hand, Angle says that Triple H punching him last week took things to far. Angle then calls out Triple H and he wants him to face him like a man, Stephanie McMahon comes out instead in an attempt to calm things down. Stephanie says that Triple H isn’t even in the building yet, Stephanie quickly brings up Angle’s family and kids. Stephanie also talks about all that Angle has accomplished throughout his life, while talking about how Angle needs to be Raw GM to pay the bills.

Stephanie also talks about the ruckus Angle caused at WWE Elimination Chamber, Ronda Rousey then makes her way to the ring. Rousey grabs a microphone and she says last weeks actions were very enlightening, Stephanie wants to make sure Rousey knows that she is the boss while she is at the WWE. Stephanie announces that Rousey will have her debut match at WWE Wrestlemania 34, Rousey then says that she wants to face Stephanie at ‘Mania 34. Triple H then makes his way to the ring and he says the match isn’t happening, Angle then says he and Rousey will face Triple H and Stephanie at ‘Mania 34.

Stephanie goes to slap Angle and Rousey stops it from happening, Triple H and Angle brawl until Angle tries applying the ankle lock. Triple H escapes and Stephanie attacks Rousey from behind, Rousey gets angry and she chases Stephanie out of the ring. Angle recover and he applies the ankle lock to Triple H, Stephanie returns ans she helps Triple h get out of the ring. Rousey grabs Stephanie and she gets her in the ring, Rousey then hits Stephanie with a Samoan drop.

Asuka vs. Nia Jax

The match begins with Asuka nailing Jax with a few forearm strikes, Jax corners Asuka before landing an avalanche and a butt smash. Jax gets Asuka out of the corner before dropping her with a headbutt, Jax then tosses Asuka across the ring and to the arena floor. Jax follows Asuka out of the ring and attacks her before getting her back in the ring, Jax misses a charge in the corner and recovers to nail Asuka with a back breaker. Asuka counters a second back breaker attempt with an octopus hold, Asuka releases the hold and Jax shoves her into the corner. Jax keeps Asuka down while just stomping away on her, Asuka goes to the top rope and Jax gets her down with an airplane spin inverted power bomb as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Jax holding Asuka in the cobra clutch, Asuka fights back and she nails Jax with a hip attack. Jax recovers and she gets Asuka in the corner before landing shoulder thrusts, Jax would then toss Asuka across the ring. Jax hits an attacking Asuka with a Samoan drop for another near fall, Jax stands over Asuka while peppering her with strikes. Jax then hits Asuka with a press slam before missing a leg drop, Asuka catches Jax in an arm bar from out of nowhere and she transitions to a triangle choke. Jax goes for a power bomb and Asuka still holds onto the triangle choke, Jax tries escaping again and Asuka holds onto the triangle choke. Asuka transitions into an arm bar and a tap out follows.

Winner: Asuka

- WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Mickie James were shown reacting to the match backstage.

If The Revival Win, They Get A Title Shot At ‘Mania 34

The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson)

The match begins with Sheamus nailing Dawson with an elbow strike before applying a headlock, Dawson gets free and Sheamus nails him with a shoulder tackle. Cesaro tags in and The Bar double team Dawson in the corner, Sheamus tags back in and he throws Dawson out of the ring. Wilder eats a strike from Sheamus and that allows Dawson to hit him with a stunner in the ropes, Wilder tags in and he catches Sheamus with a roll up for a near fall. Cesaro tags in and Dawson does as well to hit him with a front suplex for a near fall, Cesaro rolls out of the ring as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Sheamus nailing Dawson with a few kicks, Cesaro tags in and The Bar hits Dawson with a Destruction Device for a near fall. Sheamus tags back in and Dawson catches him with a jaw breaker, Wilder tags in and he nails Sheamusw ith a chop block for a near fall. Dawson tags back in and he stomps away on the arm of Sheamus, Dawson would then choke Sheamus on the middle rope. Dawson slows things down further by wrenching away on the arm of Sheamus, Sheamus gets free and he tags Cesaro in. Cesaro goes after both members of The Revival until Dawson lands a DDT for a near fall, Cesaro recovers and he nails Dawson with a European uppercut.

Sheamus tags in and he nails Dawson with a knee strike, Wilder interferes and he prevents The Bar from hitting Dawson with their finisher. Sheamus crashes into the ring post after tagging Cesaro in, The Revival hit Cesaro with a superplex into a splash for a near fall. Dawson tags in just as Sheamus hits Wilder with a Brogue Kick, Cesaro hits Dawson with a Gotch Style Neutralizer for the three count.

Winners: The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro)

- John Cena makes his way to the ring and he has a microphone in hand, Cena says he wants to talk about his recent appearances on WWE Smackdown. Cena says he has found his road to Wrestlemania and he wants to address it, Cena says he doesn’t take the privilege of competing on both brands for granted. Cena says he will break the title reign record this Sunday at WWE Fastlane, Cena promises to win the WWE Title at Fastlane. Cena talks about the criticism he has been receiving in recent weeks, Cena says he would give AJ Styles a rematch for the title at ‘Mania 34 if he wins the belt on Sunday Night.

Goldust makes his way to the ring and he has a microphone in hand, Goldust says he has always wanted to share the silver screen with Cena. Goldust says he is going to stop Cena from getting to ‘Mania 34, Goldust says all of his dreams have always been taken from him. Goldust says he wants to be Cena’s new director for his road to ‘Mania 34, Goldust then attacks Cena and we go to a commercial break.

John Cena vs. Goldust

The match is joined in progress and we see Cena nailing Goldust with a few strikes, Goldust recovers and he nails Cena with a kick to the head for a near fall. Goldust stands over Cena while smashing his back with some butt drops, Goldust follows that up with an atomic drop before both go down by landing simultaneous clotheslines. Cena misses a charge in the corner and Goldust gets a near fall before landing a few strikes, Cena recovers and Goldust cracks him with a power slam for a near fall. Goldust gets up and he nails Cena with an elbow strike, Cena recovers and he applies the sleeper hold to Goldust.

Goldust catches Cena with a low blow from out of nowhere for a near fall, Cena recovers again and he nails Goldust with a few shoulder tackles. Cena then slams Goldust before landing a 5 Knuckle Shuffle, Cena then hits Goldust with an Attitude Adjustment for the three count.

Winner: John Cena

- Raw GM Kurt Angle is talking on a phone when Elias comes in playing his guitar, Elias wants Angle to cancel the Symphony Of Destruction Match. Angle says he will consider it and then he says the match won’t be canceled, Angle also makes the match a Fall Count Anywhere Match.

- Bayley is shown walking backstage.

- The Hillbilly Jim Hall Of Fame video airs.

- Charly Caruso interviews Bayley before her match, Bayley says that it was every woman for herself at WWE Royal Rumble and WWE Elimination Chamber, but Absolution interrupts before anything else could be said. Paige has a microphone and she congratulates Bayley for growing a backbone, Paige mocks Bayley for potentially ending the friendship with Sasha Banks.

Bayley vs. Mandy Rose w/Paige & Sonya Deville

The match begins with Rose nailing Bayley with a back elbow strike, Rose trips up Bayley before landing a drop kick. Bayley gains control of the match by working over the arm of Rose, Rose gets a leaping Bayley in the corner before landing a slam for a near fall. Bayley recovers and she gets Rose in the corner before landing shoulder thrusts as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Rose holding Bayley in a chin lock. Bayley fights back and she fakes a suplex before landing a forearm strike for a near fall, Bayley fights back again and she catches Rose in a few roll ups.

Rose recovers and she crushes a charging Bayley with a flying knee strike for a near fall, Rose mounts Bayley and she assaults her with strikes. Bayley creates space and she traps Rose in the ropes before landing a stunner, Bayley then hits Rose with axe handle smashes. Bayley gets Rose in the corner and she smashes her face on the top turnbuckle multiple times before landing a side suplex, Deville interferes and Bayley still hits Rose with a middle rope elbow strike. Deville interferes again ad Bayley still catches Rose with a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, Absolution attacks Bayley until Sasha Banks arrives and makes the save. Banks goes for a hug and Bayley turns it down before leaving the ring.

- A WWE women’s history month video airs.

- Nia Jax is shown icing her arm backstage when Alexa Bliss & Mickie James arrive, Bliss sends James away before comforting Jax. Bliss comes off condescending and Jax looks angered by everything, Bliss also brings up Jax’s appearance during the pep talk. Jax gets upset as Bliss continues rambling on.

- Highlights from the Ronda Rousey, Kurt Angle, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H confrontation from earlier tonight air.

- Braun Strowman cuts a Twitter, saying he will show Elias his symphony of destruction tonight.

- Elias is shown walking backstage.

- Elias is shown playing a piano before his upcoming match and he claims that he is the living among the dead. Elias also wants to know “who wants to walk with Elias?” Elias also talks about competing in a Symphony Of Destruction Match tonight, Elias also puts on a performance with a drum set and a guitar before running backstage. Elias makes it to a car and he tries exiting the arena, Braun Strowman arrives and he holds the back of the car in the air. Strowman chases Elias back into the arena.

Symphony Of Destruction Match

Braun Strowman vs. Elias

The match begins with Strowman attacking Elias with a kick to the midsection, Strowman gets Elias in the ring a short time later. Strowman would then toss Elias across the ring before landing an avalanche, Strowman then lands a single blow to the upper body of Elias. Strowman goes for a power slam and Elias escapes to land a chop block, Elias then hits Strowman with a guitar shot to the back. Elias goes to the top rope and he nails Strowman with a top rope elbow drop for a near fall, Elias goes for a suplex and Strowman gets free to knock Elias out of the ring with a punch. Strowman follows Elias up the entrance ramp while landing strikes, Strowman goes for a power slam and Elias gets free.

Strowman then shoves Elias right into the LED board, Strowman grabs a huge base guitar and he smashes it onto the back of Elias. Elias rolls under the piano while Strowman plays it horribly, Strowman picks up the piano and he kicks away the legs before dropping it on Elias for the three count.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Bray Wyatt vs. Rhyno w/Heath Slater

The match begins with Rhyno mauling Wyatt with strikes in the corner, Wyatt recovers and he drops Rhyno with a kick to the face. Wyatt mocks Slater before attacking Rhyno with a bunch of strikes, Wyatt nails Rhyno with a Sister Abigail for the three count.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match, Bray Wyatt grabs a microphone and he wants Matt Hardy to come to the ring, Wyatt says the Final Deletion and Great War are far from over. Hardy appears and agrees with Wyatt, Hardy then says that they must battle again and this time it should happen at the Hardy Compound. Hardy then says they are going to meet in the Ultimate Deletion.

- The Miz & The Miztourage are shown walking backstage.

- The Miz & The Miztourage are in the ring for the 3rd Annual Mizzies, Miz starts everything off by mocking the Oscars and Raw GM Kurt Angle. The first award is for the Superstar Who Does The Best Job Of Patting Themselves On The Back and the winner is both Seth Rollins & Finn Balor. The next award is for the Worst Decision By A Raw GM and the winner is Kurt Angle. The lifetime achievement award is next, but Seth Rollins interrupts and he says that the people wanted him to interrupt the Mizzies.

Finn Balor then makes his way to the ring and he says he came out to one up Rollins, Miz  says neither one of them deserve a match with him at ‘Mania 34. Miz then challenges Rollins & Balor to face him & The Miztourage in a handicapped match tonight, Rollins accepts and he makes his way to the ring with Balor.

Handicapped Match

The Miz & The Miztourage (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) vs. Seth Rollins & Finn Balor

The match begins with Balor taking Axel down before wrenching away on his arm, Axel gets free and he nails Balor with knee strikes. Balor recovers to nail Axel with a drop kick before going back to work on his arm, Rollins tags in and he nails the arm of Axel with a top rope axe handle drop. Axel recovers and he tags Dallas into the match, Rollins nails Dallas with a hip toss followed by a drop kick. Dallas then attacks a distracted Rollins from behind before tagging Miz in, Miz nails Rollins with a kick to the head for a near fall. Axel tags in and he nails Rollins with a rolling neck breaker for a near fall, Axel then wrenches away on the arm of Rollins.

Rollins gets free and Axel crushes him with a drop kick, Dallas tags in and he nails Rollins with a few strikes before applying a chin lock. Rollins fights back and he eventually tags Balor into the match, Balor hits the ring and he cleans house on the opposing team. Balor nails Dallas with a series of running chops in the corner, Dallas escapes to the top rope and Balor nails him with an enzaguri. Miz lures Balor out of the ring so The Miztourage can attack him as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Balor nailing Axel with a jaw breaker. Balor then drops a dazed Axel with an overhead kick, Rollins and Miz get tagged in by their respective partners.

Rollins quickly attacks Miz while cleaning house on the opposing team, Rollins then hits Miz with a suplex into a falcon arrow for a near fall. Rollins then hits Miz with a side kick before attacking Dallas, Rollins connects with another side kick and Axel breaks up the pin attempt afterwards. Rollins then takes out the Miztourage with a suicide dive, Rollins knocks Miz out of the ring and Balor tags into the match and that starts an argument between both men. Balor then takes out The Miztourage with a suicide dive, Balor then hits Miz with a sling blade followed by a shotgun drop kick. Rollins tags in and he nails Miz with a curb stomp for the three count.

Winners: Seth Rollins & Finn Balor

After the match, Raw GM Kurt Angle comes out and he says The Miz will face Finn Balor and Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title at ‘Mania 34.

- Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring holding the WWE Universal Title and doing his usual introduction, Heyman says he is here to deliver a message for Brock Lesnar. Heyman claims that Lesnar may hold the WWE Universal Title and UFC Heavyweight Title at the same time, Heyman then talks about Roman Reigns comments from last weeks Raw. Heyman then predicts that Lesnar will successfully defend the title against Reigns at ‘Mania 34, Heyman then announces that Lesnar will confront Reigns next week on Raw. Heyman says the real bloodline of professional wrestling is the WWE Universal Title, Heyman says whoever holds the title is the best in pro wrestling.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring and he goes face to face with Heyman, Reigns grabs the microphone and he mocks Lesnar for sending Heyman to speak for him. Reigns again mocks Lesnar for not showing up to another WWE event, Reigns says that he is going to fight Lesnar next week.

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