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We begin this week's show with the new Universal Champion: Seth Rollins! After a recap of his WrestleMania win, Rollins said that he's waited a long time for this very moment, proudly holding the title high above his head. Rollins thanked the fans for their support but conceded that he feels terrible today, citing Lesnar's strength but reiterating that regardless, he got back up. Seth even admitted that he may have needed some "questionable tactics" but he didn't do anything to Brock that Lesnar wouldn't have done to him. Rollins then told Brock to stay in Las Vegas as he's the champion now and more than that, he's one to be proud of too. That brought out The New Day!

Kingston promised that Rollins' eyes do not deceive him, with E calling last night "cause for celebration." New Day couldn't wait until SmackDown Live, complimenting Seth on his title win before restating Kofi's achievement as well. Kingston then shifted the focus to last night's main event, mentioning the 'Winner Takes All' stakes and suggesting that he and Rollins do the same thing tonight. Seth accepted the challenge and the match was made!

WWE RAW Tag Team Titles

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins (C) vs. The Revival

Dawson and Ryder got this one started, with the former then quickly bringing in Wilder to briefly take control. Ryder soon fired back with a clothesline though, following up via some tandem offense only for Hawkins to be immediately cut off. With Curt isolated, The Revival went to work, grounding things until a dropkick turned the tide. A cheap-shot from Wilder soon halted Hawkins too though, with the challengers hitting Hart Attack for 2. After creating space with a knee, Curt then reset things, making the hot tag to Ryder.

Zack run wild on both of his foes, swiftly bringing Hawkins back with an elbow drop for 2. Curt then played possum, faking an injury and almost catching a roll-up in response. The Revival then responded though, wiping out Hawkins and isolating Ryder for a massive double-team move. Zack kicked out though, next hitting a neckbreaker on Dash and then making the tag before Shatter Machine connected. As Dawson looked for the pin, Hawkins seized, rolling his foe up for the successful title defense.

Winners and STILL Champions: Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

Baron Corbin is here next, having all of his accomplishments announced and then walking out to boos. Corbin mocked the fans' complaints, reminding them that Kurt chose him before Baron proved that Angle doesn't belong in a ring with him. He then claimed that he'd proven people wrong, asking for a gold medal of his own as Kurt Angle arrived! The hall of famer thanked the fans one more time, telling Baron that last night, he was the better man. Angle even wished Corbin luck, shaking his hand but then adjusting, stating "bad luck" and hitting an Angle Slam for good measure.

As Kurt celebrated though, Lars Sullivan made his way to the ring! The pair went head to head, with Sullivan swiftly picking Kurt up for Freak Accident in center ring. He then headed up top, hitting a headbutt off the top rope.

Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley

Going right to work, Bayley immediately flurried with strikes, cornering her foe until Bliss fired back, landing a sharp right hand on the outside. Alexa then grabbed a hold, grounding things and then following up with a spiteful slap too. Bayley soon responded, tackling Bliss into the corner and then launching her into the corner for 2. Alexa then used a kick to create space though, then landing DDT for the sudden win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Becky Lynch was here next, following a recap of her win with a celebratory "we did it!" The double champion says that after all the claims, she's the one that walked in with nothing before leaving with everything. She may not be the strongest, fastest or most athletic but she'll always find a way to win in the end. Becky then said that whenever Ronda is done sulking, she'll be here waiting for her. As for Charlotte, Lynch expects her to be handed the tag titles but no matter who steps up, Lynch is ready to slap the heads off of all comers.

As she began to leave though, Lacey Evans made her way down the ramp. Evans landed a right hand out of nowhere, then walking away as Becky chased after her. The two then brawled, trading strikes and fighting up the stage. Lynch then briefly hooked Dis-Arm-Her but Lacey bailed in response.

Elsewhere, Seth Rollins was interviewed by Charly Caruso. The Universal Champion said that while he respects New Day, he's slightly insulted. This is his show and for Kofi, B+ isn't going to get the job done tonight.

Ricochet and Aleister Black vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

In a pre-taped promo, the former champions were rather serious here, claiming that tonight, they'll be doing things their way. In-ring, Black and Gable got this one started, trading holds before eventually reaching a stalemate. Gable then wrestled Black to the mat, unleashing some strikes and bringing in Roode. He went right to work, cornering his foe but then running into a combination of strikes. Some simultaneous acrobatics followed, with Roode quickly regaining control nonetheless.

Gable kept the team on top as well, unleashing a sublime belly to belly suplex and removing Black from the apron as well. Roode followed up, landing a vicious clothesline and then slowing things down. Ricochet soon fired back though, using a dropkick to create some space and tagging in Black. He run wild on an incoming Roode, unleashing strikes and then hitting a springboard moonsault too. Bobby responded, catching an awkward roll-up for 2 but then succumbing to a salvo of strikes.

Ricochet then re-entered, scoring with his own offense and forcing Gable to break the fall. Chad then interfered again, allowing Bobby to hit an emphatic spinebuster for 2. The team's tandem finisher followed but Black broke the fall, removing Roode and allowing Ricochet to score a Codebreaker for the win.

Winners: Ricochet and Aleister Black

Post-match, Roode immediately jumped Ricochet from behind and then pulled Gable to safety too.

Backstage, Elias claimed that Cena ruined his greatest performance but thankfully, he's been given plenty of time to perform his rock album tonight. Elias promises that he'll show no mercy to anyone that interrupts him.

Dean Ambrose is here next, taking part in his last WWE match as he takes on Bobby Lashley.

Before that though, we see a mysterious vignette featuring some kind of puppet.

Back live and Lio Rush has a microphone in hand, silenced by his disappointment as instead, Lashley promised to take care of Dean's wife once he's gone. Enraged, Ambrose jumped Lashley here, fighting him at ringside and chasing Bobby up the ramp too. Dean then floored his foe, landing Dirty Deeds on the stage but after a Lio distraction, turning into a sudden spear. Bobby then flattened Ambrose, violently slamming him through the announce table.

This match never even got a chance to begin, with Renee tending to Ambrose as Lashley walked off proud of his work. The crowd responded with 'Thank You Ambrose' chants nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Sami Zayn is back! Heading to the ring for his long awaited return.

Elsewhere, Mojo Rawley spoke to a shattered mirror, asking himself where he's been as of late.

Back live and Zayn is making his way to the ring, re-introducing himself and throwing out an open challenge. After a momentary wait, Finn Balor emerged. Upon arrival, Finn told the referee that in fact, this match will be for the Intercontinental Title!