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- We begin this week's show with Seth Rollins, making his way to the ring as we recap what took place at Super ShowDown. Back live and Rollins says that for the Universal Title, it's a new era. Though Lesnar has been around since 2002, no one has ever beaten him like that. Rollins admits that it felt good but before he could continue much further, Baron Corbin arrived. After waiting for the crowd to stop booing, Corbin said that Rollins should worry about him and after Stomping Grounds, he'll worry about Lesnar instead.

Rollins says that things didn't work out so well for Baron last Friday but Corbin blamed the referee, announcing that he'd be severely punished for his officiating. In fact, their rematch will have a special guest referee, with Corbin hand picking who fills that role. Rollins says that it won't matter, asking Corbin who he'll choose considering his lack of friends. In response, Sami Zayn made his entrance. Zayn says that he's on Team Corbin this time, telling Rollins that he's caught in a toxic cycle with Lesnar.

He goes as far as saying that everything would be better with Corbin as champion, finally having a titleholder that's not obsessed with Lesnar. Rollins says that he's not fooled, asking what's in this for Zayn. Sami suggests that if he helps Baron, he'd possibly receive something back, revealing his intentions. Seth was suddenly ready to fight, asking Zayn who has his back right now. That brought out Kevin Owens, saying that he has Sami's back and agreeing with Zayn's opinion regarding Corbin.

Owens doesn't like the way Rollins is talking to his friend, eventually accepting Rollins' challenge for a match in tonight's main event. Seth then stormed up the ramp and with steel chair in hand, walked through the trio opposite him.

Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party

Sullivan jumped Lince and Metalik before the bell here, next focusing on solely Kalisto and eating some strikes for his troubles. Lars then caught Kalisto out of the air though, slamming him to the mat for an early elimination. Dorado was next, jumping Sullivan and flurrying briefly until with another counter, Sullivan scored a sit-out powerbomb for the 2nd elimination. Metalik soon fell victim the same way, being caught in mid-air and slammed to the mat only for Sullivan to halt his own pin-fall.

Lars then retrieved the already eliminated Kalisto, slamming him onto the steel steps and Penelope in the process. Seemingly content, Sullivan then returned, hitting Freak Accident on Metalik but again stopping his pin. That allowed another attack on Lince, launching him into the ring-post before finally, pinning Metalik via diving headbutt.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

- Elsewhere, R-Truth, his 24/7 Title and Carmella are on the run. A handful of the men in pursuit filled the same elevator as Truth, even breaking the thing as Carmella calmed everyone down. R-Truth was suddenly stuck alongside a handful of his contenders and understandably blamed them for this predicament as Heath Slater reminded everyone that he in fact, has kids.

- We have a sit-down interview next as Michael Cole speaks to both Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans from their seperate locker-rooms. Lynch asked Evans about tapping out at Money in the Bank, admitting that Lacey has every advantage but Becky simply can't let someone like her win. Evans refutes this, saying she knows nothing about her while Lynch reiterated Lacey that she cost her the SmackDown Women's Title. Lynch then reminded Evans of what happened last time she got angry while Lacey said that Becky is simply driven by a fear of losing it all.

Evans promises to take the title at Stomping Grounds with Lynch promised a slap instead. Tonight, Lynch will team with Bayley and they'll take on Evans and Alexa Bliss.

- Speaking of such, Bliss is talking to Nikki Cross backstage. Alexa says that a tag team pursuit was indeed the plan but SmackDown changed things. Bliss called Bayley a master manipulator, saying she knows the real person and citing their NXT past. Cross was stunned by this but after Bliss seemed briefly paused for reflection, she said that she understands how it feels to be on the outside, looking in. Cross accepts Alexa's apology and will be in her corner tonight.

- MizTV followed, with the man himself introducing tonight's guest: Samoa Joe. The US Champion disagrees with Miz's "new champion" comment, stating that he simply took back what was already his. Miz disagreed, pointing to a video recap of Joe's actions last week. The host says that Mysterio did the right thing but Joe still attacked him, asking why he involved Rey's family. Joe says that he only crosses lines that belong to others, as there's no such thing as 'too far' in his chase for whatever he wants.

Joe then got in Miz's face but as he did, Braun Strowman arrived. He says that if Joe's looking for a challenger, he should shut his mouth and get these hands. Before that can happen though, Bobby Lashley is here. He says that he's not done with Braun, referencing a history with Joe and stating his own case as Ricochet emerged. He says that he wants to use the momentum of beating Cesaro which in turn, brings out the man himself. Instead of talking, Cesaro simply punched Ricochet as a brawl commenced in center ring.

In the end there was a divide, with Strowman, Miz and Ricochet standing tall.

The Miz, Braun Strowman and Ricochet vs. Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley and Cesaro

Lashley and Strowman got this one underway, exchanging some quite dynamic counters until the latter clubbed his foe to the mat. That allowed Miz's entry, scoring some signature offense but then being halted by a Joe interference. The US Champion then came in, going to work with strikes before tagging in Cesaro. Miz wasn't isolated for long though, bringing in Ricochet who run wild on all involved, clearing the ring with spectacular offense and then hitting an incredible dive to the outside.

Back from the break though and suddenly Ricochet is floored, being worked over before a hurricanrana counter briefly gave him life. That was short-lived regardless, with Cesaro landing a heavy European Uppercut and allowing Lashley to charge Ricochet foe into the barricade. Back in-ring though, Ricochet used a kick to create space, bringing in Miz for the hot tag. He flurried big, taking out all three of his foes but then being dropped face first on the mat.

Joe then came in, nailing a Senton on Miz and forcing Strowman to break the count. Cesaro entered in response, swinging Miz while Strowman wiped out Lashley on the outside. The sharpshooter followed in-ring, with Ricochet making the save as Miz finally tagged in Strowman. He run wild with his patented shoulder tackles, then splashing Cesaro in the corner before clubbing him in center ring. Joe broke the fall though, avoiding Running Powerslam and running away with his title in hand.

Strowman planned on chasing but was Speared for his troubles, with Ricochet then diving onto Lashley as suddenly only Miz and Cesaro remained. The latter seized, catching Miz with a European Uppercut but then eating Skull Crushing Finale and Ricochet's 630 Splash for the finish.

Winners: The Miz, Braun Strowman and Ricochet

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