WWE RAW Results for 12/28/20 Keith Lee vs Sheamus, Charlotte vs Nia Jax

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of WWE RAW!

- We open tonight's show with a graphic for the passing of Luke Harper before we go to the ring where the WWE champion Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring. Drew talks about how tonight is the last RAW of the year and his career trajectory this year before thanking the WWE Universe. Drew talks about his defending his title next week against Sheamus or Keith Lee before first Sheamus, then Keith Lee make their way out to the ring. Keith says that he's decided to wait to beat Sheamus up and that he's going to force him to apologize before telling Drew that he might stab him in the back. Sheamus tells Keith that he Brogue Kicked him last week because of his mouth and his accusations against Sheamus.

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Drew then has a referee to come out to the ring before Sheamus drops Keith with two Brogue Kicks as we go to commercial.

WWE Championship #1 Contender Match

Sheamus vs Keith Lee

Drew is on commentary as Sheamus beats Keith down with clubbing blows across the back before locking in a straight armbar with a chin bar. Lee slings Sheamus off and smashes him in the corner before Sheamus goes back to the injured arm and shoulder of Keith. Keith sweeps Sheamus and gets kicked in the face before Sheamus stomps and chokes Keith before applying a shoulder lock and Keith comes back with punches to the midsection. Keith hits a belly to belly suplex that sends Sheamus over the top rope and down onto the floor before sending him into the LED board and the barricade before sending him into the post and back inside. Sheamus then knocks Lee off of the apron and down onto the floor when he tries to get back into the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back to Keith in control, knocking Sheamus out of the ring and onto the apron before Sheamus snaps his neck across the top rope and Sheamus beats Keith across the chest. Keith knocks Sheamus out of the air when he comes off of the top before running him over for two before Sheamus counters the Spirit Bomb and chop blocks Keith. Sheamus kicks out the leg of Keith before Keith hits a running cross body for two before Sheamus hits White Noise and yells at Keith while slapping his face. Keith and Sheamus then exchange headbutts before Keith hits a Spirit Bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Keith Lee defeats Sheamus via pinfall to earn a shot at Drew McIntyre's WWE Championship mech week.

- Keith and Drew face off at ringside before we go backstage to Elias and Jaxson Ryker in the locker room where Elias plays guitar and Jaxson is vibing to the music.

The Miz w/John Morrison vs Gran Metalik

Gran's speed and athleticism is too much for the Miz before Gran pins Miz with a sunset flip out of nowhere for the upset.

Winner: Gran Metalik defeats The Miz via pinfall.

- Backstage Omos and AJ walk into the locker room that Elias and Jaxson are in before AJ and Elias mock each other at Jaxson and Omos have a stare down.

Dana Brooke w/Mandy Rose vs Shayna Baszler

Dana drops Shayna repeatedly before driving her shoulder into Shayna's midsection in the corner and hits a somersault splash. Shayna drags Dana out onto the apron and smashes her elbow into the edge of the apron before driving her knee into her arm for two. Shayna stays focused on the injured arm of Dana, manipulating the joints before Dana hits a jawbreaker and clotheslines Shayna. Shayna drags Dana out of the ring and locks in a sleeper hold before trying to injure Mandy's arm. Dana then hits a somersault neckbreaker for a near fall before going up top and landing on her feet when missing a dive before Shayna drops her with a knee and submits her.

Winner: Shayna Baszler defeats Dana Brooke via submission.

- Shayna attacks and chokes Mandy after the match before leaving her and Dana laying in the ring.

- We get a recap of the encounter between Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss last week ahead of tonight's edition of Alexa's Playground up next as we go to commercial.

- We come back to the ring to Alexa's Playground where she says that The Fiend might come back next week for Legends Night or he might be waiting for Randy to come back to her playground. Alexa then invites Randy out to the ring which Randy teases doing twice before a dejected Alexa says that Randy is inconsiderate and rude. Randy shows up in the Firefly Fun House rather than joining her in the ring before throwing the puppets around and destroying them. Alexa then challenges Randy to a match later tonight before Randy accepts since he assumes that The Fiend will return later tonight.

- We get a video package recapping how Nia Jax attacked Charlotte earlier this year to set up their grudge match later tonight. Asuka then comes into frame and says that Nia isn't ready for Charlotte Flair before blowing a party kazoo.

AJ Styles w/Omos vs Elias w/Jaxson Ryker

AJ gets several two counts early before taking Elias down to the mat with a side headlock before Elias hits a high angle back body drop. Elias gets two off of a sunset flip before hitting a drop toe hold into the ropes and laying into Elias with strikes in the corner. AJ dropkicks Elias out of the ring before Elias drops AJ across the edge of the barricade and sends him into the post as we go to commercial.

We come back to Elias in control, getting two after rocking AJ before hitting a wrist lock meteora for two. Elias dumps AJ out of the ring before Jaxson acts like he's going to attack AJ and is backed down by Omos before Elias sends AJ back inside. AJ comes back with a flurry of strikes before hitting a clothesline into a sliding forearm. AJ hits a running clothesline in the corner before hitting an ushigoroshi for a near fall before missing a splash in the corner and Elias counters a Phenomenal Forearm for a near fall. AJ knocks Elias off of the top before Elias hits a TKO for a near fall before AJ rocks Elias with an enzuigiri and hits the Phenomenal Forearm for the pin and the win.

Winner: AJ Styles defeats Elias via pinfall.

Ricochet vs Mustafa Ali w/Retribution

Ricochet takes Ali down and hits a running chop in the corner before hitting a head scissors into a dropkick for two. Ricochet hits a high angle back body drop before Ali sends him face first into middle turnbuckle and sternum first into the corner before hitting a jumping neckbreaker for two. The two exchange on opposite sides of the post before Retribution distract the referee and rip Ricochet off of the apron and into the barricade. Ali then hits a diving splash off of the top and onto Ricochet at ringside as we go to commercial.

We come back to Ali in control of Ricochet on the mat before hitting a jumping elbow drop for two before locking in a rear head lock. Ricochet comes back with a back flip German suplex into a clothesline that turns Ali inside out before hitting the Kick Back for a near fall that Mace breaks up. Slapjack, T-Bar and Mace surround the ring before Ricochet takes them out one by one and sends Ali into the post before tossing Ali back inside at nine. Ricochet then goes for a shooting star press and Ali gets his knees up before locking in a Koji Clutch for the tap and the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali defeats Ricochet via submission.

- After the match Ali tells Ricochet to join Retribution before Ricochet says that he won't join them and hits Ali with the Recoil and escapes up the ramp as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a graphic for the WWE Championship match between Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee next week before Drew is interviewed backstage.

Charlotte Flair w/Asuka vs Nia Jax w/Shayna Baszler

The two lock up before Charlotte backs Nia to the ropes for a clean break before Nia fights out of a standing side headlock and drives Charlotte into the corner. Nia drops Charlotte with shoulder thrusts before Charlotte rocks her with a pair of boots and hits a low dropkick that sends Nia out of the ring. Nia takes her time getting back into the ring and gets hit with a flurry of chops and forearms against the ropes before Charlotte dropkicks her back out of the ring. Charlotte dropkicks Nia into the announce table before Asuka drops Shayna with a spinning back fist and Nia posts herself before hitting a German into the corner once they're back in the ring. Nia then hits a running splash in the corner for two as we go to commercial.

We come back to Charlotte in control, keeping Nia grounded before Nia rips her off of the top and Charlotte gets two off of a roll up. Charlotte misses a boot and gets hit with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall before Nia misses a running leg drop and counters a figure four. Shayna then distracts Charlotte before sending Asuka over the announce table and Charlotte locks on a Figure Four before Shayna runs in and chokes Charlotte for the disqualification.

Winner: Charlotte Flair defeats Nia Jax via disqualification.

- After the match Asuka rushes back inside and runs Shayna off, saving Charlotte.

- Earlier today The Hurt Business continue their weeks long string of bullying people backstage as we go to commercial.

- Backstage Angel Garza is interviewed about his first year on RAW where he says that he might introduce himself to a female legend next week before he's interrupted by R-Truth and the Superstars going after the 24/7 title.

- We get a recap of Big-E defeating Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship on this past week's Smackdown.

- Backstage New Day, Riddle and Jeff Hardy prepare for their tag match against The Hurt Business up next in tonight's main event.

Eight Man Tag Team Match

Before the match Bobby Lashley announces that he is declaring for the Royal Rumble next month. Cedric and Riddle kick things off for their respective teams with Riddle hits an overhead suplex and Lashley tags in before dropping Riddle with a shoulder block. Riddle goes for a guillotine that Lashley turns into a delayed suplex before MVP comes in and beats on Riddle in the corner. THB then take control and isolate Riddle in their half of the ring as we go to commercial.

Lashley hits a flat liner for a near fall before dragging Riddle to the corner and tagging in Shelton who stomps Riddle and rocks him with a stiff right hand. Shelton kicks the hamstring of Riddle before locking in a half crab and Riddle gets to the ropes for the break before Shelton tosses him out of the ring. MVP mocks Riddle at ringside before getting back in at seven and Cedric tags himself in and suplexes Riddle before locking in a rear chin lock. THB brutalize the Original Bro before Riddle comes back and gets the hot tag to Kofi who drops Cedric repeatedly and knocks MVP off of the apron. Kofi hits the Boom Drop before Shelton and MVP distract Kofi before Xavier gets the blind tag and hits a slingshot elbow drop to Cedric.

Xavier hits a wrecking ball dropkick before sending Cedric into the ropes and turning him inside out before Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb for a near fall that Lashley breaks up. Lashley then goes into the post before everyone hits a move until Jeff counters a spear and Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock for the tap and the win.

Winner: The Hurt Business defeat Jeff Hardy, The New Day and Riddle via submission.

- Riddle hits Lashley with the Final Flash before he and his team escape up the ramp.

- Backstage The Miz and John Morrison are in a stairwell before Adam Pearce shows up and gives Miz his Money in the Bank briefcase back. Miz is then declared Mr . Money in the Bank once more before M&M celebrate down the stairs as we go to commercial.

- We come back to the Thunderdome as Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss are in the ring before Alexa brings a present into the ring and gives Randy a gas can and matches before challenging Randy to light her on fire. Alexa lies down on the mat before Randy crosses his arms and just stands there before Alexa pours gas in a line from him and into the center before lying back down. Alexa takes the gas can and pours it in a circle before saying that Randy doesn't have the guts and that he's nothing but a little bitch. Alexa pours gasoline all over herself before Randy says that he wants to do it, but she wants him to do it, but he isn't going to do what she wants him to. Randy then changes his mind teases setting her on fire before the lights go out and come back on and Randy is holding a lit match before the lights go out as we go off the air.

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