WWE RAW Results for 3/8/21 Lashley, Baszler & Jax Retain

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of WWE RAW!

- We open tonight's show with a recap of last week's main event where Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz to become the new WWE champion ahead of their rematch in our opening contest.

Shane Taylor Confirms His Contract End Date With ROH, Sends A Message To The Superkliq

- Backstage Bobby and MVP are interviewed about Bobby winning the title after sixteen years before addressing the rematch against Miz.

WWE Championship Match
Bobby Lashley (w/ MVP) (c) vs The Miz (w/ John Morrison)

Bobby cuts Miz off before Miz rolls out of the ring and gets back inside only to roll back out and into MVP before Bobby lifts him back into the ring and hits a delayed suplex. Drew McIntyre looks on from backstage as Bobby beats on Miz in the corner before crashing into the post and Bobby clotheslines Miz at ringside as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Bobby in control in the ring before Miz hits several up kicks and a running clothesline in the corner before Bobby tosses him across the ring. Miz gets out of the ring before Bobby smashes his face into the announce table and tosses him back inside before Miz rocks him with a knee lift. Bobby then sends Miz into the post and hits a flat liner for two before hitting a spine buster and locking in the Hurt Lock for the tap and the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley retains his WWE Championship by defeating The Miz via submission.

- Backstage Drew is interviewed before Sheamus attacks him as we go to commercial.

- We get a video package for Rhea Ripley who is still debuting soon before Drew tells Adam Pearce to make a match between Sheamus and himself and make it No Disqualification.

- Backstage R-Truth talks to Braun before Braun heads out to the ring to demand an apology from Shane McMahon as we go to commercial.

- Braun is in the ring where he demands that Shane come out to the ring and give him an apology before Shane apologizes to him and leaves.

- Backstage Shane McMahon is interviewed briefly before we go back to the ring for our next match.

No Disqualification Match
Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

Drew attacks Sheamus when he's coming out to the ring before sending him into the steps and the apron before tossing Sheamus inside. Once the match starts Drew and Sheamus brawl before Drew drops Sheamus with a back elbow before Sheamus rakes his eyes. Sheamus whips Drew into the corner before Drew hits a back elbow and sends Sheamus over the top rope and onto the apron. Sheamus snaps the neck of Drew across the top rope before hitting a diving clothesline for two before Drew sends him into the stairs and across the announce table. Sheamus drives Drew into the apron and clotheslines him before bringing a kendo stick out from underneath the ring before Drew dodges him.

Drew sends Sheamus over the barricade before slamming him onto the stairs and tossing him back inside before Sheamus kicks the ropes when Drew is getting back inside. Sheamus hits Drew with the kendo stick before Drew hits a pair of overhead belly to belly suplexes into a side Russian leg sweep for two. Sheamus then sends Drew into the post and hits a uranage onto the announce table as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Sheamus in control in the ring as he locks in a Cloverleaf before Drew punches his way free and hits a spine buster for two. Drew hits a superplex before Sheamus hits White Noise for a near fall before bringing a chair into the ring and Drew hits him with it before hitting the Future Shock DDT onto the chair for a near fall. Sheamus throws a chair at Drew when he goes for a Claymore and hits a knee lift for a near fall before wedging the chair into the corner. Drew sends Sheamus into the chair in the corner before hitting a Claymore that sends Sheamus out of the ring before rolling Sheamus back inside. Sheamus rolls back out before hitting Drew with a Brogue Kick at ringside before they joust with steel steps and Drew flies over the barricade.

The referee then calls the match after Sheamus doesn't let him know if he can continue.

Winner: No Contest.

- We get a video package for the feud between Randy Orton and The Fiend dating back to three months ago.

- Backstage AJ Styles and Omos are interviewed where AJ mocks Randy Orton before Randy shows up and AJ calls him weak before Randy challenges him to a match and AJ accepts.

- It's announced that New Day will be challenging The Hurt Business for their tag belts on the go home edition of RAW before Fastlane.

New Day (Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston) vs The Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin w/ Cedric Alexander)

Shelton muscles Xavier out of the ring before Xavier drops him and Shelton hits a high angle back body drop into a scoop slam before whipping him into the corner. Shelton locks in a rear chin lock before hitting a scoop slam and traps Xavier in the ropes before hitting a V-Trigger for two before Xavier hits a stunner. Xavier then gets two off of a sunset flip before Shelton runs him over before he talks trash to Kofi at ringside and Xavier pins him out of nowhere.

Winner: Xavier Woods defeats Shelton Benjamin via pinfall.

- Backstage United States champion Riddle is interviewed about his match against Slapjack where he just talks about how he's worried about what is going to happen with his scooter. New Day then agree to take care of the scooter before Riddle goes out to the ring.

Riddle vs Slapjack (w/ Retribution)

Riddle immediately hits Slapjack with running forearms and an exploder into a PK and a senton before Slapjack rips Riddle off of the apron and drops him back first across it. Back inside Slapjack kicks Riddle in the corner and hits a snap suplex into a falcon arrow for two before hitting a high angle dropkick for two. Slapjack goes up top before Riddle catches him and powerbombs him before hitting a Final Flash for a near fall before Slapjack hits a knee for a near fall of his own. Riddle then hits the Final Flash into Bro-Derek for the pin and the win.

Winner: Riddle defeats Slapjack via pinfall.

- In the office Shane tells Adam to have Braun meet him in the ring as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Braun in the ring before Shane comes back out and down to the ramp, but not to ringside or the ring itself before pacing up and down the ramp. Shane then mocks Braun before Braun chases Shane to the back and a car speeds away before Braun leaves and Shane comes back into view and waves at Braun's back and calls him stupid.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match
Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax (w/ Reginald) (c) Lana & Naomi

Naomi and Nia start the match before Naomi and Lana double team Nia briefly and Shayna comes in and gets hit with a bulldog before Naomi hits a split legged splash. Naomi and Lana then hit a double side Russian leg sweep for two before Lana is sent out of the ring and Naomi takes them out with a corkscrew cross body as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Shayna in control of Lana in the ring before she gets the hot tag to Naomi who dropkicks Shayna and hits her with the Rear View. Naomi rocks Nia with a flurry of kicks before Nia accidentally knocks Shayna off of the apron and Reginald trips Naomi before Lana takes him out. Nia then knocks Naomi off of the apron before powerbombing Lana for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax retain their WWE Women's Tag Team titles by defeating Lana and Naomi via pinfall.

- Backstage Randy Orton is interviewed ahead of his match against AJ Styles later tonight as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke being interviewed before Charlotte shows up and tells Dana and Mandy to back up their big talk and that they have five weeks to Wrestlemania.

AJ Styles (w/ Omos) vs Randy Orton

Randy immediately rocks AJ and smashes his face into the turnbuckle before stomping his hand and dropping him with an uppercut before AJ escapes an RKO. Back in the ring AJ stomps Randy when he comes in after him and Randy drops him with a back elbow before back dropping him across the announce table AJ then knocks Randy off of the apron and hits a slingshot forearm as we go to commercial.

We come back to the action in the ring to AJ in control of Randy and focusing on his leg to set up the Calf Crusher until Randy comes back with a signature snapping powerslam. Randy hits a backbreaker for two before setting AJ on the top turnbuckle and counters the Phenomenal Forearm before AJ counters a draping DDT. Randy blocks the Calf Crusher before AJ locks it in and Randy kicks his way free when AJ readjusts before he hits the draping DDT. Randy calls for the RKO before Omos pulls AJ out of the ring and Alexa shows up on the big screen with a Jack in the box before lighting a match and the ring catches fire like it does with Kane. Randy then starts spitting black liquid before AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm from off camera for the pin and the win.

Winner: AJ Styles defeats Randy Orton via pinfall.

- After the match Alexa laughs hysterically as we go off the air as Randy stumbles around.

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