WWE SmackDown (6/2/2023) Results: Roman Reigns 1,000 Day Title Celebration, MITB Qualifiers & More.

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Here's what is set for the show.


WWE SmackDown (6/2/2023).

  • Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns Celebrates 1000 Days as Universal Champion.
  • Men's Money In The Bank Qualifier Match: Montez Ford vs. LA Knight.
  • Women's Money In The Bank Qualifier Match: Lacey Evans vs. Zelina Vega.

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Live Coverage.

- Michael Cole & Wade Barrett welcomed the audience to the broadcast before transitioning into the opening vignette.

- There was a video vignette narrated by Paul Heyman running down Roman Reigns's 1000 Days as WWE Universal Champion. The video showcased Reigns defeating the likes of Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Edge, The Fiend, Braun Strowman, Bryan Danielson, and more during his title reign.

- United States Champion Austin Theory cut a promo in the ring, where he falsely compared Reigns's 1000 Day Title reign with the Universal Championship to his beating John Cena in WrestleMania 39. Pretty Deadly ( Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) joined Theory in the ring and made fun of the Brawling Brutes ahead of their match.

Austin Theory & Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) vs. Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Ridge Holland & Butch).

Holland & Prince locked up before Holland ran down Prince with a vicious shoulder tackle. Holland hit a headbutt before hitting a kick to the spine & a Swinging Lariat. Butch & Holland hit a Dropkick/ Brainbuster Combo on Prince after Butch tagged in. Prince & Wilson cornered Butch before Wilson hit an uppercut on Butch to begin the match. Butch & Wilson ran the ropes before Butch caught him with a lariat and stomped Wilson's hands. Theory tagged in, prompting Sheamus to tag in, but Theory escaped the ring before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Prince slammed Butch onto the mat before tagging in Theory, who hit a cheap shot on Holland to send him off the mat. Theory laid in the punches on Butch before tagging in Wilson, who hit an uppercut on Butch. Butch hit two chops on Prince before hitting a Tornado DDT on Prince. Theory & Sheamus tag in, with Sheamus attacking Theory in the corner before hitting a Tilt-to-whirl Powerslam o Theory. Theory got a Schoolboy on Sheamus, but Sheamus got back up before he hit Irish Curse Back Breakers on Pretty Deadly & Theory. The Brutes hit Stereo Air Raid Crashes on Pretty Deadly & Theory before Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Theory to try and get a pin, but Pretty Deadly pulled him out of the ring. Sheamus hit a dive onto Prety Deadly before Ridge caught Theory & Pretty Deadly with a POUNCE, followed by Butch hitting an Asai Moonsualt to the outside before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Butch caught everyone with Gamonguri Kicks before tagging in Holland. Holland & Butch hit a Back Suplex/ Powerbomb on Prince before Sheamus hit a Splash for a near fall. Sheamus went for a Razor's Edge, but Prince evaded before Wilson hit a Code Breaker off Prince's back, allowing Theory to hit a Torture Rack Bomb on Sheamus for a near fall. Theory went for a punch on Sheamus, but Sheamus caught him with a lariat. Holland hit an Overhead Suplex on Prince, but Wilson caught him with an uppercut before he was sent to the outside by Butch. Butch was tossed to the outside by Theory before Theory went for the Rolling Dropkick, but Sheamus caught him with a Knee Strike for a near fall. Holland hit a Double Alabama Slam on Pretty Deadly before The Brutes hit the 10 Beats of the Battering on Pretty Deadly & Theory. Holland hit a Northern Grit on Wilson, but that was until Theory broke the pin before hitting the A-Town Down on Butch, but Sheamus clotheslined him to the outside. Wilson & Prince fooled Holland before hitting him with Spilled Milk, followed by Theory tagging in to get the Lateral Press for the pinfall win.

Winners: Austin Theory & Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson).

- There was. video recap of Jimmy Uso betraying Roman Reigns on Night of Champions 2023.

- Solo Sikoa & Paul Heyman talked backstage, with Heyman telling Sikoa that he wanted to make tonight feel special for Roman Reigns. Heyman said that he would try to make sure the Usos are barred from the 1,000 Day Celebration later in the night.

- There was a video package recapping the match between Seth Rollins & AJ Styles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Night of Champions 2023.

- AJ Styles was with "Michin" Mia Yim, Luke Gallows & "The Machine Gun" Karl Anderson talking about the diss track from Hit Row. Styles said that he looked forward to taking out Hit Row.

Hit Row (Top Dolla & Ashante Adonis) (w/ B-Fab) vs. The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows & "The Machine Gun" Karl Anderson) (w/ AJ Styles & "Michin" Mia Yim).

Adonis attacked Anderson from behind before stomping away at him to begin the match. Top Dolla tagged in and slammed Adonis into the corner before slamming Anderson with a Ripcord Back Elbow. Adonis hit a Leg Drop on Anderson into the middle rope, allowing B-Fab to hit a jab on Anderson for a near fall, while the referee was distracted. Adonis got a chin lock on Anderson, but Anderson got out of the hold before hitting a Spinebuster on Adonis. Gallows tagged in and hit boot kicks on Adois & Top Dolla before hitting a Corner Splash and an Air Raid Crash on Adonis. This allowed Anderson & Gallows to hit the Magic Killer for the pinfall win on Adonis.

Top Dolla attacked Anderson after the match but was greeted with the Phenomenal Forearm by AJ Styles.

Winners: The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows & "The Machine Gun" Karl Anderson.

- Paul Heyman came to Adam Pearce's office, but Pearce told Heyman that he had already canceled The Usos's travel and that there would be a large group of Security Guards for the celebration.

- Grayson Waller hosted a new edition of his talk show "The Grayson Waller Effect" with the new Raw Women's Champion Asuka as the special guest. Asuka bragged that she was now the new Raw Women's Champion in Japanese, with Waller saying that he could not have said it better (although he had a confused face). Asuka bragged that she gauged Belair's eyes with the mist before teasing misting Waller, but was interrupted by her former Triple Tails Stablemate, Damage Control's Iyo Sky. The two argued in the ring before Asuka called Sky an Idiot in Japanese. Bayley came to the ring and said that a member of Damage Control would win the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, but Shotzi interrupted and said that she wouldn't love doing anything more but crush Bayley's dreams with steel. Lacey Evans interrupted and told Shotzi to salute her before saying that the contract was coming home to her and promised to beat Zelina Vega, but Vega said that everyone was underestimating her. Waller was elated with all the Women's Division in the ring while Asuka was on the ramp, but was attacked by Bianca Belair before referees and WWE Producer Shawn Daivari broke them up.

Women's Money In The Bank Qualifier Match.

Lacey Evans vs. Zelina Vega.

Before the match, Evans caught Vega with a Jab.

The match officially began with Evans stomping away on Vega before hitting her with a Bronco Buster for a near fall. Evans locked in the Cobra Clutch before slamming Vega right onto the mat, but Vega responded with a Schoolboy/ Roundhouse Kick on Evans for a near fall. Evans hit a lariat on Vega before slamming Vega's head into the at and booting her in unspectacular fashion. Evans locked in a chin lock on Vega while hitting knee strikes onto Vega's head, but Vega responded with kicks to the head before slamming Evans int the corner and hitting a Headlock Takeover and a Code Red for the pinfall win.

Winner: Zelina Vega.

- Backstage, LWO (Santos Escobar, Rey Mysterio, Joaquin Wilde & Cruz del Toro) celebrated with Zelina Vega backstage after she qualified to the Women's Money In the Bank Ladder Match. Escobar is set to face Mustafa Ali next week in a Men's Qualifier.

Men's Money In The Bank Qualifier Match.

Montez Ford vs. LA Knight.

The match began with Ford & Knight locking up before Knight locked in a hammerlock and pushing Ford into the ropes. The two locked up again before Ford got a headlock on Knight, but Knight reversed it with a Hammerlock before Ford locked in a Hammerlock of his own and slapped the back of Knight's neck. Ford hit a shoulder tackle on Knight before running the ropes and hitting a dropkick on Knight. Knight tossed Ford into the apron with a Bandera Toss before blasting him off the apron with a forearm strike before the commercial break.

Back from the break, the two exchanged punches before Ford caught Knight with a lariat, an uppercut, a second lariat, and Back Suplex into a Kip Up before attempting a Standing Moonsault, but Knight evaded before hitting a Torture Rack Neck Breaker on Ford for a near fall. Knight went for a Springboard Moonsault on Ford, but Ford evaded before hitting a Dropkick & a Uranage on Knight for a near fall. Ford hit a Toe Kick on Knight, but Knight got back up before the two collided with Stereo Lariats. The two exchanged chops & punches before Knight tossed Ford into the apron, but Ford caught him with an enziguri from the Apron. Knight went for the Superplex, but Ford caught him with a headbutt on Knight. Ford went for a Frog Splash, but Knight evaded before catching Ford with a Rope-Assisted O'Connor Roll for the pinfall win.

- There was a video vignette of NXT Women's Tag Team Champions The Unholy Union (Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn) showing a graphic that read "The Unholy Union Is Here".

- Triple H was in the ring to host the 1,000th Day Universal Championship Reign Celebration of Roman Reigns, who was accompanied by Solo Sikoa & Paul Heyman. Because of Reigns's landmark achievement, Triple H presented Reigns with a new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship (which is basically the same design but with gold in the center. After being gifted the belt, The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) interrupted the celebrations before the commercial break.

After the break, Reigns demanded Jey Uso kick Jimmy in the face, but Jimmy told Reigns that he was the only one that needed fixing. Jimmy said that he only kicked Reigns in the head because he was being a brother. Jimmy called out Reigns for his attitude towards his family, saying that he had gone crazy. Jimmy then spoke to Sikoa and told him that Reigns would use him and manipulate him. Reigns called Jimmy an imposter before passing the microphone to Sikoa to see who he was aligned with. Sikoa said that he acknowledge Reigns as the Tribal Chief, but stated that The Usos are his brothers before standing next to The Usos. Jimmy then asked Reigns if he wanted to run the show by himself or if he was going to do it with respect, but Reigns responded by telling Jimmy to shut his mouth. Reigns & Jimmy were about to come to blows, but Jey got in between the two to stop them. Jimmy told Reigns that they are all "brothers" and told Reigns to run this place like they had been doing before. Reigns was bamboozled by everything that was happening before hugging Jimmy, but Reigns responded by saying "No". This prompted to Jimmy to back up before Sikoa spiked Jimmy with the Samoan Spike. The Usos stared daggers at Reigns & Sikoa. The Bloodline has officially imploded to end the broadcast.

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