WWE Smackdown on FOX Results for 9/11/20 Intercontinental Championship Match

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to tonight's coverage for Smackdown on FOX!

- We open tonight's show with a recap of Jey Uso winning a shot at Roman Reigns' Universal Championship at Clash of Champions before Roman and Paul Heyman come out to the ring. Paul addresses the WWE Universe for Roman and introduces and congratulates Jey on winning the number one contender match last Friday. Jey comes out and thanks Paul for the opportunity to face his blood family at Clash of Champions. Paul tells Jey that he should give Roman the credit because it was his idea. Roman tells Jey that he doesn't need to thank him and that he's blood while saying that Jey earned it all.

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Roman tells Jey that it won't be his moment at Clash of Champions and that he's going to whoop his ass like he did when they were kids. Baron Corbin comes out and says that it was all a set up for Roman to get a handpicked opponent for his first title defense. Corbin gets up on the apron before they're interrupted by Sheamus who comes out and agrees with Corbin. Jey then takes out Corbin and Sheamus single handedly while Roman stands still with his belt on his shoulder before Roman leaves.

- We get a graphic for Bayley as well as a Women's Fatal Four Way Number One Contender match for her Smackdown Women's Championship.

- We get a graphic for the Intercontinental Championship match up next before we cut to Sami Zayn in the truck where he complains and accidentally makes the video feed go off as we go to commercial.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Jeff Hardy (c) vs AJ Styles

Sami Zayn comes out when the announcer is introducing the two competitors and says that he's the IC champion and that he never lost it. Sami says that it's an exhibition match before Adam Pearce comes out and brings security to escorts Sami to the back. AJ cheap shots Jeff when he's busy watching Sami before the match officially starts. Jeff then immediately hits a Twist of Fate before AJ rolls out of the way of a Swanton Bomb as we go to commercial.

We come back to Jeff on the floor before hitting a leg lariat off of the steps and into the barricade. Back in the ring Jeff drops AJ with a back elbow into an inverted atomic drop before AJ counters a double leg drop. Jeff hits a Whisper in the Wind for two before AJ counters a Twist of Fate into an ushigoroshi for two. Jeff counters the Styles Clash into a double leg drop into a basement dropkick and a splash for two. Sami then comes back out and attacks AJ for the disqualification.

Winner: Jeff Hardy retains his Intercontinental championship due to champion's advantage when the match ends in a disqualification

- We get a graphic for tonight's Firefly Fun House before we see Roman and Jey backstage and we cut back to Jeff making his way up the ramp before he collapses as we go to commercial.

- We come back to an update on the condition of Jeff Hardy before AJ is interviewed and says that everything between Jeff, Sami and himself needs to stop. AJ then goes on to say that he could beat the both of them before leaving.

- We're told about how Superstars from Smackdown and RAW can go back and forth once a quarter before we get a recap of how Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura will have a champion versus champion match Monday on RAW against The Street Profits. The Profits then show up when Cesaro and Shin are getting ready for their match up next and the four have words before Shin and Cesaro leave to come out to the ring.

-Backstage Jeff Hardy is with the trainer before Sami Zayn comes in and mocks Jeff before they end up brawling as we go to commercial.

Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Kalisto w/Lince Dorado) vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

Cesaro and Metalik start things off with Metalik dodging the more powerful Cesaro and hitting a pair of head scissors. Kalisto hits a splash off of the top of Metalik's shoulders before Cesaro rocks him and tags in Shin. Shin hits a snap mare into a jumping knee and Bad Vibrations in the corner before the tag champs isolate Kalisto. We then see The Street Profits on the big screen, having a party in Cesaro and Shin's lounge before Kalisto rolls up Cesaro off of the distraction for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lucha House Party defeat Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall.

- We see Bayley making her way out to the ring to address her attack on Sasha Banks up next as we go to commercial.

-We come back to Bayley making her way out to the ring with a steel chair before she grabs a mic and sits on the chair. Bayley points to the big screen and we get a recap of her attack on Sasha after they failed to reclaim their tag titles. Bayley says that loved every second of what she did to Sasha before saying that Sasha pretended to be her best friend. Bayley says that Sasha used her just like she used Sasha to become a two division champion. Bayley then leaves before Nikki Cross comes out for the number one contender match and passes Bayley who lays her out with the chair she's carrying as we go to commercial.

Smackdown Women's Championship Number One Contender Fatal Four Way Match

Lacey mocks Nikki when she's coming out to the ring before taking out Nikki and Alexa and pairing off with Tamina. Alexa comes back with strikes and takes out both Lacey and Tamina before Tamina clotheslines her. Tamina drops Alexa with a kick and whips her in the corner before hitting a running splash in the corner. Lacey gets kicked when she's upside down in the corner before Tamina chokes Alexa in the corner. Nikki jumps on the back of Tamina before kicking her knee out and clotheslining her for two.

Nikki and Alexa work together and clear the ring before Nikki hits a diving cross body off of the apron. Alexa then hits Nikki with a sister abigail onto the floor out of nowhere as we go to commercial.

We come back to see that Alexa left the match during the break after taking out Nikki before the commercial, Tamina in control of Lacey in the ring. Lacey comes back and snaps the neck of Tamina in the ropes before hitting a slingshot elbow drop for two. Lacey hits a moonsault for a near fall that Nikki breaks up before hitting running splashes in opposite corners. Nikki hits a bulldog out of the corner for two before hitting a tornado DDT to Tamina and a fisherman's neck breaker to Lacey for a near fall that Tamina breaks up. Everyone then hits a move before Nikki rolls Tamina up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross defeats Tamina, Lacey Evans and Alexa Bliss via pinfall to gain the opportunity to face Bayley.

- We see Corbin and Sheamus talking backstage before we get a graphic for their tag match against Roman Reigns and Jey Uso later tonight.

Heavy Machinery (Otis w/Tucker) vs John Morrison

Otis nearly knocks John out of the ring with a shoulder block before John counters a back drop only to be dropped with a back elbow. John hits a jawbreaker and kicks the leg of Otis before following up with a forearm and Otis tosses him across the ring with a fall away slam. Miz jumps on the apron and distracts Otis before he's backed down by Tucker and Miz steals Otis' lunch box. Otis then hits John with a running splash in the corner into The Caterpillar before hitting a Vader bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Otis defeats John Morrison via pinfall.

- We come back to Otis showing Tucker that the Money in the Bank contract is inside a lunch box inside of the briefcase

- We get tonight's edition of the Firefly Fun House where Bray introduces the latest members of the group with puppets resembling Mr.McMahon with demon horns and Paul Heyman as a walrus.

Roman Reigns & Jey Uso w/Paul Heyman vs Baron Corbin & Sheamus

Sheamus and Corbin rush and attack Jey when he's making his way out to the ring before the match starts off as a pseudo handicap match with Roman Reigns nowhere to be seen. Jey knocks Sheamus off of the apron and superkicks Corbin before hitting a Samoan drop. Jey misses a running hip attack in the corner before Sheamus hits White Noise for two and calls for the Brogue Kick. Roman comes out and Jey retakes control before hitting a suicide dive to Corbin. Roman then tags himself in after Jey hits a diving splash before spearing Sheamus for the pin and the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns and Jey Uso defeat Sheamus and Baron Corbin via pinfall.

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