WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 11/20/18 New Day vs The Bar in a Thanksgiving Feast Fight

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-Charlotte comes out and talks about her match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series and how much she enjoyed attacking her and how she did it for the blue brand and for Becky. Charlotte says that she did what Becky asked her to do before Paige comes out and that she doesn't need to apologize before Paige tells her that Ronda is coming for her. Paige says that Charlotte snapped and that she should have never put her hands on officials before fining her one hundred thousand dollars. The Iconics come out next and mock Charlotte and patronize Paige before Charlotte threatens to do to them what she did to Ronda and they try to decide who will face her as we go to commercial.

Charlotte vs Billie Kay

Charlotte drags Kay to the corner and chops her before taking her down with a side headlock and hitting several knee drops before Kay rolls out of the ring when Charlotte goes for a figure four four. Charlotte rolls Kay back into the ring, but she rolls out of the other side before Peyton distracts her and Kay attacks her from behind. Kay rolls Charlotte back into the ring for a quick two count and stomps on her while distracting the referee so Peyton can choke her for another quick two count. Charlotte then hits a fall away slam into the Natural Selection for the pin and the win.

Winner: Charlotte defeats Billie Kay via pinfall with the Natural Selection

Charlotte vs Peyton Royce

The match starts during the commercial as we come back to Peyton in control, clotheslining her for a quick two count before Charlotte drops her with a boot and gets attacked from behind by Kay for the disqualification.

Winner: Charlotte defeats Peyton Royce via disqualification when Billie Kay interferes.

-Charlotte hits a double spear after the match before slamming the faces of Kay and Royce into the announce table one at a time and both at the same time. Charlotte sends Billie into the barricade and hits her with a running knee before sending Peyton into the ring steps. Charlotte then sends both of them over top of the announce table as we go to commercial.

-The Miz comes out to the ring for Miz TV and welcomes his guest Shane McMahon to the ring. The Miz talks about the match at Survivor Series before asking Shane to be in a tag team with him. The Miz then convinces Shane to team with him and take on a pair of local performers.