WWE Smackdown Live Results for 6/12 Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jeff Hardy, Paige Hosts a Women's Money in the Bank Summit

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-Paige is in the ring with all of the Smackdown! Live women who will be participating in the Women's Money in the Bank match this Sunday night at Money in the Bank. Naomi and Lana argue before everyone states why they will win the match. The Iconics interrupt the segment and mock all of the women involved in the match before they are interrupted by Absolution and everyone ends up brawling on the ramp before being separated as we go to commercial.

Daniel Bryan vs Shelton Benjamin

Shelton attacks Daniel as soon as the match begins before Daniel teases the Yes Lock early but Shelton counters him. Shelton sends Daniel over the top rope and onto the apron before superkicking him to the floor. Shelton then drops Daniel knee first onto the announce table as we go to commercial.

We come back to Shelton Benjamin with a single leg Boston crab on Daniel until he crawls to the bottom rope for the break. Daniel dropkicks Shelton's knee before kicking it repeatedly and hitting a dragon screw leg whip, then Daniel hits his signature Yes Kicks before hitting a running dropkick in the corner. Shelton catches Daniel with a knee when he's going for a springboard move before hitting a superplex. Shelton goes for Pay Dirt, but Daniel counters into the Yes Lock, Shelton countering that into another Boston crab. Daniel then counters the single leg Boston crab and applies a figure four leg lock for the tap and the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan defeats Shelton Benjamin via submission with a figure four leg lock.

​-We come back from commercial to Paige backstage where she talks to Asuka first and makes the women's eight woman tag match a ten person, then makes The Miz the special guest referee for the Rusev and Samoa Joe match.

-Jerry Lawler comes out to the ramp and introduces AJ Styles for an interview segment. AJ says that he lost his cool when he slapped Shinsuke and says that he's sorry he didn't knock his head off. AJ says that Shinsuke acts like a child and that he will win their match because he is a man and it's a last man standing match.

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