WWE Smackdown! Live Results for 8/14/18 New Day vs SAnitY, Aiden English vs Andrade Almas

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-Becky Lynch and Charlotte come out to start the show before Carmella comes out and talks about how she's going to keep her title Sunday night. Paige then comes out and makes a tag match between Becky and Charlotte and Sonya and Mandy as we go to commercial.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte vs Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose

Becky is in control of Mandy to start the match before Charlotte comes in and they tag team Mandy for a quick two count. Mandy pulls Charlotte down by her hair before tagging in Sonya only for Charlotte to send her out of the ring. Back in the ring Charlotte gets a quick two count off of a roll up before Sonya and Mandy double up on Charlotte in their corner and Mandy plays to the crowd as we go to commercial.

Sonya is in control of Becky as we come back to the action, Sonya tagging in Mandy who chokes Becky in the corner and hits a scoop slam. Becky comes back with an enzuigiri before Mandy comes in and tries to stop her from tagging Charlotte. Becky then takes out Sonya on the apron before Mandy rolls her up for a near fall and Becky locks in the Disarmer for the tap and the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch and Charlotte defeat Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose via submission when Becky submits Mandy with the Disarmer.

Three on Two Handicap Match

Triple Threat vs Bludgeon Brothers

The brothers send one guy out of the ring before clotheslining another in the ring and take out the third at ringside. The Smackdown! tag team champions then send the one outside into the barricade before pinning the one in the ring for the win.

Winner: The Bludgeon Brothers defeat three local performers via pinfall.

-We get a video package for the rivalry between Daniel Bryan and The Miz ahead of their match at Summerslam showing their days in NXT together in part one of their saga.

New Day vs SAnitY

Kofi and Big-E double team Eric as the match begins before Eric sends Kofi into the ropes and Wolfe pulls the rope so Kofi flies out of the ring and into the announce table. Wolfe gets the tag before he quickly tags Dain in as we go to a quick commercial for Summerslam. Dain hits a shotgun dropkick when Kofi goes to tag in E before Dain hits a fisherman suplex and tags Wolfe in who hits a blockbuster off of the second turnbuckle for a quick two count as we go to a full commercial.

Dain is in control Kofi as we come back until he tags in Xavier who sends Dain out of the ring and drops Wolfe with a series of clotheslines and a dropkick. Xavier hits an enzuigiri into a tornado DDT before Eric breaks up a pin attempt with an elbow drop, then Eric hits a DVD onto the knees of Wolfe with Xavier for a near fall before Dain gets back in and hits a running cross body for a near fall that E breaks up. E hits a series of suplexes before Kofi dives out of the ring and takes out Wolfe and Eric. New Day then hit the Midnight Hour on Dain for the pin and the win.

Winner: New Day defeat SAnitY via pinfall when E and Xavier hit Dain with the Midnight Hour.

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