WWE Smackdown Live Results for 8/21/18 Smackdown! Tag Team Championship No Disqualification Match!

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-The Miz and Maryse are in the ring to start the show, Miz saying that he's retiring from facing Daniel ever again. Miz says that he has the hardest punch in the business and that he did what Daniel did to him, but he knocked him out and beat him. Daniel comes out to the stage and calls Miz a coward as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring. Daniel calls Miz a liar and says that he's fake and that he will expose Miz before Maryse tells him to run along home and retire again and change his name to Daniel Bella. Brie then comes out and attacks Miz as Maryse escapes before Brie and Daniel clothesline Miz over the top rope before announcing a mixed tag team match between the four at Hell in a Cell as we go to commercial.

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton

Randy backs Jeff into the corner repeatedly before he sends him out of the ring almost as soon as the match starts as we go to commercial.

Randy has Jeff in a side headlock as we come back from break before Jeff comes back with a Whisper in the Wind and right hands into a reverse atomic drop and a leg drop. Randy catches Jeff on the top turnbuckle before Randy tries to rip Jeff's earring out and hit a draping DDT, but Jeff counters before hitting a baseball slide that sends Randy out of the ring. Jeff then tosses Randy over the announce table before they brawl at ringside and into the crowd for the double count out.

Winner: No contest due to double count out.

-After the match Jeff assaults Randy with a chair before Jeff jumps off of some equipment and hits a swanton bomb through a table before leaving as we go to commercial.

Naomi vs Peyton Royce

Naomi is in control to start the match before Billie distracts Naomi, Peyton getting a quick two count before Peyton puts Naomi in a rear chin lock. Naomi kicks Peyton before hitting a springboard roundhouse kick and sends Billie into the ring post. Peyton then hits a fisherman's suplex once Naomi gets back in the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce defeats Naomi via pinfall with fisherman's suplex.