WWE Smackdown! Live Results 6/5: AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura Contract Signing, Rusev Day & Lana vs The Usos & Naomi & Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

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-Carmella comes out to the ring to start the show and rather than talking about herself, opts to talk about her opponent at Money in the Bank; Asuka. Carmella shows a video package that showcases Asuka's career so far on the main roster before showing one of her first defeat to the hands of Charlotte at WrestleMania and in various compromising positions. Carmella then says that she is not afraid of Asuka and that Asuka is not ready for her before Asuka comes out to the ring. Asuka gets in the ring before Absolution comes out to the ring, but Paige is quick to come out to the ring and proceeds to make a handicap match between Absolution and Asuka as we go to commercial.

Asuka vs Absolution

Mandy and Sonya are seemingly no match for Asuka as she dominates both of them to start the match before Sonya drops Asuka with a fight hands and mocks her as we see that Carmella has joined on commentary at ringside. Mandy comes in and kicks Asuka in the corner before she and Sonya take turns beating Asuka down into a heap in their corner. Asuka elbows her way out of a side headlock only for Mandy to slam her to the mat by her hair, Mandy attempting to drop Asuka with a clothesline, but it just angers her. Asuka hits a running hip attack in the corner into a missile dropkick before she's distracted by Carmella who goes to ringside and yells at Asuka. Sonya then attacks Asuka from behind once Mandy tags her in and capitalizes on the distraction as we head to a commercial break.

Asuka dropkicks Mandy and hits a release German suplex once we come back from break before dropping both Mandy and Sonya with several moves including a roundhouse kick and a hip attack. Mandy gets a near fall off of a roll up, then Sonya and Asuka drop each other with kicks before Sonya spears her for a near fall. Asuka then grapples with Sonya before managing to lock in the Asuka Lock and force Sonya to tap.

Winner: Asuka defeats Absolution via pinfall when she submits Sonya DeVille with the Asuka Lock.

-Asuka tries to fight off Absolution after the match when gang up on her, but Carmella comes in and drops her before holding up the title.

Karl Anderson vs Harper

Harper immediately drops Karl with a strike before chopping him in the corner and stepping on his head. Harper rakes the eyes of Anderson and drops him with a thrust to the throat before hitting a variation of the deep six. Karl then picks up the win out of nowhere when he rolls Harper up.

Winner: Karl Anderson defeats Harper via pinfall with a roll up.

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