WWE Smackdown! Live Live Coverage 10/25 AJ Styles VS Dean Ambrose & More!

Welcome to the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE Smackdown! Live! Tonight after losing to James Ellsworth yet again last week, this time via disqualification, AJ Styles is set to exact his revenge on the man who's become a thorn in his side, Dean Ambrose! Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all of the action!

-We open with a video package for the past two weeks then Dean is in the back talking to James Ellsworth. We open in the arena with Bray Wyatt coming out to the ring. They recap last week with the casket as Kane comes out.

Bray Wyatt vs Kane No Disqualification Match

Bray is in control early, but Kane turns it around, Bray getting out of the ring then Bray picks up a chair, but Kane grabs him and throws him into the stairs. Kane takes the announce table apart then goes to chokeslam Bray through it, but Luke Harper appears on the table then hits a discus lariat as we go to commercial.

Bray is in control as we come back, having Kane in a side headlock, but Kane powers out of it, Bray dropping him with a stiff clothesline for a quick 2 count. Bray splashes Kane in the corner then plays to the crowd, going for another, but Kane counters with a big boot then a DDT. Kane hits a clothesline off the top rope then Harper drags Bray out of the ring. Kane hits Luke then puts Bray back into the ring, Luke distracting him allowing Bray to hit a uranagi for a close 2 count. Bray goes for Sister Abigail, but Kane counters into a chokeslam then Bray counters that. Randy comes out and faces off with Luke Harper who backs out of the ring. Randy and Bray goes to attack Bray, but Randy hits an RKO on Kane so Bray gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt via pinfall

-AJ is interviewed backstage about the past couple of week as we go to commercial.

-Becky comes out to be interviewed, but Alexa interrupts her. Alexa calls Becky a coward then Becky explains why she was unable to compete. Alexa says she can fool the fans, but she can't fool her. Alexa mentions she could miss the match in two weeks with food poisoning, a break up or depression. Alexa asks her to hand the belt over to her, but Becky gets mad. Alexa tells Becky to calm down and hold onto the belt and that in two weeks the belt will be hers. Alexa goes to attack her, but Becky is ready then Alexa sends her into the barricade then back into the ring. Alexa hits a DDT then grabs a can of spray paint, spraying a stripe of yellow on her back. They plug the title match in two weeks as we go to commercial.

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