WWE Smackdown! Live Live Coverage 11/29 The Road to TLC American Alpha VS The Wyatt Family & More!

We are just 5 days away from WWE TLC this Sunday and tonight's episode of WWE Smackdown! Live is set to be a good one as we have Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt looking to defeat American Alpha and gain the opportunity to take on Heath Slater and Rhyno for their WWE Smackdown Tag Team titles. Dean Ambrose has James Ellsworth as his special guest in an edition of the Ambrose Asylum and what will AJ have to say before his title defense in a TLC match? Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all of tonight's action!

-We open with a plug for our main event, a #1 contenders match between American Alpha and The Wyatt Family where the winner will face Heath Slater and Rhyno for the Smackdown Tag Team titles at TLC this Sunday. Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch come out to the ring and are interviewed by Renee Young about their title match this Sunday. Becky and Alexa take jabs at each other, Becky calling Alexa Harley Quinn and Alexa saying she won the match because of what she calls dumb Irish luck. Becky compares her to her child cousin and Alexa says her foot was on the ropes then Becky says she's not giving her a choice to tap at TLC. Becky says she has won and it's not because of luck and calls herself a badger then Alexa tells her life isn't like the Disney channel and as hard as you work there's always someone better, talking about herself. Alexa tells her to do whatever she needs to before the match and says she's going to put her fire out and become Smackdown Women's champion. Becky attacks Alexa and smashes her face into the table then beats her up around the ring. Becky then sits Alexa on the top rope and teases an exploder suplex off the second rope, but Alexa knocks her off and she falls through the table. Alexa stands tall over Becky then leaves as we get a plug for The Ambrose Asylum as we go to commercial.

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-We get a recap of Alexa putting Becky through a table as Dolph Ziggler comes out.

Dolph Ziggler & Kalisto vs The Miz & Baron Corbin

Dolph and Corbin start it off and Corbin drops Dolph,hitting him with a series of forearms in mount as we go to commercial.

Corbin is in control as we come back, Dolph sending him to the outside, but he runs right back in and takes down Kalisto on the apron, tossing Dolph out of the ring afterwards then Miz gets out a ladder from under the ring. Miz tries to throw Dolph into it, but he counters and hits a DDT then a superkick on Corbin. Dolph and Miz get back in at the count of 9 then Dolph tags in Kalisto who hits a series of kicks then a tornado to Miz then a mini-huricanrrana for a quick 2 count. Miz takes Dolph out on the outside, but Kalisto hits a tope suicida on Corbin. Kalisto hits a Salida del Sol to The Miz and goes for the pin, but Corbin hits him with a chair from behind for the disqualification.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler & Kalisto via disqualification

-American Alpha are interviewed in the back about their match tonight then Bray and Randy cut their own promo, Randy saying he used to be like AA, but he has seen the light, then Randy belittles Luke Harper, Bray telling him to send Kane back to hell.

-Carmella comes out before her match and has a message for John Cena, saying she publicly apologizes for what she's going to do to Nikki Sunday. Nikki runs out and attacks Carmella and the match never happens. Carmella gets away when the referee pulls them apart then we get a recap of last week's main event where James Ellsworth beat AJ Styles to get a future title opportunity.

-Dean Ambrose comes out for the Asylum and has James Ellsworth come out to the ring. Dean congratulates James on his contract and Dean asks him if he ever thought he'd be a full timer for Smackdown! Live. James says he never thought he would, but he kept at it and with Dean's help he's a Superstar. James says that if there's anything Dean needs that he's there for him, Dean saying he doesn't have to thank him. Dean talks about James' future opportunity for the WWE World Championship and Dean asks him who he's rooting for this Sunday as AJ comes out and interrupts them. AJ gets on the announce table and tells James he's a prop that Dean uses to mess with him. AJ compares him to a ventriloquist dummy and Dean says that AJ lost to a dummy three times. AJ says James would have never won once if it wasn't for Dean's help. AJ says he demands respect and if he doesn't give it to him, he'll beat it out of Dean this Sunday. AJ comes into the ring and says he's going to beat Dean until he can't stand then says he has a surprise for Ellsworth. AJ shoves Ellsworth into Dean and Dean goes into the ladder set up in the ring then AJ goes out and sends Dean into the stairs, AJ dropping them on Dean. AJ goes back into the ring and drops Ellsworth before dropping the ladder on him. AJ tosses James out of the ring then hits him with a chair across the back. AJ goes for the Styles Clash on the floor, but puts him on the steps then hits The Styles Clash off of the steps and onto the floor. 

-Dean is with James as he's loaded into an ambulance and goes with him to the medical facility.

Kane vs Luke Harper

They lock up then Kane pushes Harper away, Harper hitting a standing switch then a side headlock that Kane powers out of. Harper tries to drop Kane, but cannot then Kane drops him. Harper hits a series of uppercuts then a kick to the chest, the two doing their taunts then Kane drops Harper. Kane goes for a chokeslam, but Harper goes to the outside then snaps Kane's neck off the ropes, Kane dropping him with a big boot then sends him over the top rope as Harper looks up in shock as we go to commercial.

Harper is in control as we come back, having Kane grounded with a side headlock, but Kane powers out then goes for another chokeslam, but Harper counters and hits Kane with knee strike for a quick 2 count. Kane hits a DDT then drops Harper repeatedly, hitting a sidewalk slam for a quick 2 count of his own. Kane splashes Harper repeatedly then Harper drops him with a dropkick out of no where. Harper hits a series of running back elbows in the corner then a series of right hands, but Kane powerbombs him for a very close 2 count. Kane misses a clothesline then Harper misses a discus clothesline, hitting a spinning sidewalk slam for a close 2 count. Harper puts another side headlock on Kane, but Kane quickly hits a back drop then Kane goes to the top rope, Harper ducking then hitting a superkick for a very close 2 count. Harper goes to the top rope, but Kane meets him then hits a superplex off the top rope. They exchange right hands then Kane hits a chokeslam out of no where for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kane via pinfall

--Becky Lynch is interviewed in the back and we find out that Alexa Bliss has challenged her to a TLC this Sunday.

American Alpha vs The Wyatt Family

Randy and Jason start it off, the two exchanging standing switches then Randy is dropped repeatedly with arm drags as Heath Slater and Rhyno watch backstage. Bray comes in then Jason rolls him up for a quick 1 count, back him into their corner then Gable comes in, AA double teaming Bray with a double dropkick that sends him to the outside then Bray rips the top off the announce table. Bray comes back in against Jason then Bray ducks when Jason launches himself into the ropes, Bray getting a quick 2 count off of it. Bray tags in Randy who gets a quick 2 count of his own then does his signature stomps to the appendages, following it up with a rear headlock that Jason quickly powers out of. Jason gets fingertips away from Gable, but Randy pulls him away, Jason tags in Gable before Randy sends him to the outside then Gable puts a hanging armbar on Randy in the ropes. Bray then knocks Gable off the apron as we go to commercial.

Bray splashes Gable in the corner for a quick 2 count as we come back then Bray hits a DDT on the apron, getting a close 2 count then tags in Randy. Randy gets a quick 2 count of his own then puts on another rear headlock, this time on Gable who powers out then Randy hits a powerslam for a close 2 count. Bray gets back in then Gable drops him with a dropkick, going to tag in Jason, but Bray knocks him off the apron. Bray hits a uranage for a very close 2 count then follows up with a series of right hands, tagging Randy back in. Randy sits Gable on the top rope then hits a superplex Jason Jordan comes in and drops both Bray and Randy, sending Randy to the outside. Jason hits an t-bone suplex then a Saito suplex for a close 2 count. Randy is sent to the outside again then Gable drops him, Bray dropping Jason for a very close 2 count. Luke Harper appears after Jason hits Bray with a German suplex, distracting him then Bray goes for Sister Abigail, but Gable drops him. AA go for Grand Amplitude, but Randy hits an RKO on Gable then Jason misses a spear, allowing Bray to hit Sister Abigail for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton via pinfall

-The Wyatt Family stand tall over American Alpha as we go off the air.

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