WWE Smackdown! Live Live Coverage 11/8 Becky Lynch VS Alexa Bliss Smackdown Women's Championship Match & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE Smackdown! Live! Tonight we are live from Glasgow, Scotland in Becky Lynch's home town and she is set to defend her title against Alexa Bliss in a match that was supposed to happen at No Mercy! Will Alexa dethrone the fireball queen or will Becky reign supreme in her homeland? Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST to find out!

-AJ Styles comes out to start the show and says he's in no mood for the crowds cheers or boos or their tweets and to put down their phones and be quiet. AJ says he's not interested in their opinions, but about the travesty that happened last week. AJ says he isn't allowed to touch Dean before Survivor Series and even though he doesn't need him to beat RAW, he's stuck with him. AJ says it's up to him to beat team RAW and get his team together as Baron Corbin comes out. Corbin says he's on his own team as Bray, Luke and Randy appear on the ramp then get into the ring, followed by Dean Ambrose who comes out to the ring with James Ellsworth. AJ is incredibly mad about Ellsworth being on the team as Bray can't help but laugh when he seems him. AJ says as long as James isn't around for Survivor Series and gets out of his ring, but Dean says AJ will have to go through him. AJ says it hasn't been a problem and that he's outnumbered right now as Corbin leaves the ring. Shane comes out to the ring as Corbin leaves and says they need to focus at Survivor Series and be on the same page. Shane makes a match tonight as Dean, James and Baron will face Randy, Bray and Luke in the main event.

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-Corbin says he won't team up with them as we come back and Shane puts him in a match with Kalisto.

The Vaudevillains vs Breezeango

Gotch hits a greenbay plunge on Breeze then tags in English who hits a swanton bomb for a quick 2 count. English takes out Breeze on the outside then Fandango rolls him up after a superkick from Breeze for the pin and the win. 

Winner: Breezeango via pinfall

Natalya vs Naomi

Naomi rolls her up for a quick 2 count to start the match then Natalya puts on a submission, but Naomi gets out and they hit a double cross body as Carmella comes out to the ring to mess with Nikki who's on commentary. Natalya gets between them but is shoved down then Nikki attacks Carmella. Natalya gets back in the ring then Naomi rolls her up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Naomi via pinfall

-We get a plug for the main event as we go to commercial.

-Dean is with James backstage and Dean is distraught because they need to find a partner as Daniel comes up and they talk and it appears that Kane will be their partner.

Baron Corbin vs Kalisto

Corbin dominates Kalisto and just tossing him around the ring then out of it. Corbin seems to slip off of the apron then Kalisto dropkicks him into the steps all before the match starts. Kalisto hits a frogsplash onto the injured leg of Corbin then leaves.

Winner: No Contest Match Never Started

-We get a video package for Becky versus Alexa.

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss Smackdown Women's Championship Match

They lock up to start then Becky goes for the Disarmer, but Alexa gets to the ropes quickly. They exchange quick 2 counts then Alexa sends her to the outside. Alexa tosses her into the steps then mocks her, focusing on her left arm as soon as they get back into the ring. Alexa puts various submissions on the arm of Becky, trying to keep her grounded, playing it smart, knowing that Becky can't put the Disarmer on if she can't use her arm. Becky gets a quick 2 count then lifts Alexa into a sitout powerbomb as we go to commercial.

Becky hits the flaming firearm then goes for a leg drop, but Alexa counters and hits her cartwheel double foot stomp for a close 2 count. They roll each other up then Becky goes for the Disarmer, but Alexa taps out with her foot on the rope. 

Winner: Becky Lynch via submission with the Disarmer

-Shane and Bryan talk to Miz and Maryse backstage and makes a match where Dolph puts his place on the Survivor Series team on the line and if Miz wins he's in.

Apollo Crews vs Curt Hawkins

Hawkins goes right after Crews to the start the match then stomps on him in the corner, following up with a back drop for a quick 1 count. Hawkins puts on a hold, but Crews powers out and hits several kicks then a jumping enzugiri for a quick 1 count then a leg lariat for another quick 1 count. Crews misses a splash off the top rope and rolls up Crews for the pin and the win.

Winner: Curt Hawkins via pinfall

-Dolph is interviewed in the back where he talks about defending his belt at Survivor Series.

The Wyatt Family vs James Ellsworth, Dean Ambrose & Kane

Kane and Dean alternate tags to start and hit Bray with chops and stomps until Bray drops Dean and tags in Randy as Luke looks agitated when he didn't get the tag when he had his hand out. Randy drops Dean with a lariat then stomps on him in his signature way, focusing on each limb. Dean tags in Kane who clotheslines Randy in two corners then hits a back drop, teasing a chokeslam as Ellsworth wants to get in, but Kane motions for him to stop or he'll die. Luke and Randy attack Kane off the distraction then Randy tags Bray in, Luke very upset he's being left out. Bray hits a senton then poses for the crowd before getting a quick 2 count, Bray tagging Luke in finally. Luke hits Kane with a series of right hands then Randy tags himself in, looking at Dean and James, Kane capitalizing for a moment, but quickly gets stomped into the corner as we go to commercial.

We come back with Luke in control of Kane as Dean is dying to get in the ring, Kane hitting a jawbreaker, but Luke hits a dropkick then tags in Randy. Randy clubs Kane for a quick 2 count then puts on a side headlock that Kane quickly powers out of only to get dropkicked. Luke tags himself back in then hits an uppercut, Kane hitting a DDT and tagging in Dean as Bray gets in. Dean drops Luke and Bray then knocks Randy off the apron before diving out onto it them sends Bray outside and does the same to him. Dean goes for an elbow drop, but misses then Bray goes for Sister Abigail, but Dean counters then Luke and Kane fight on the outside to the back. Dean teases Dirty Deeds and hits his rebound lariat, taking out Bray, Ellsworth is dying to get in, but Dean won't tag him in, deciding to tag himself in. Ellsworth teases No Chin Music, but Bray hits Sister Abigail for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Wyatt Family via pinfall

-After the match since Corbin is hurt Shane McMahon will be added to the Survivor Series team.

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