WWE SmackDown Results (8/5/2022): Gauntlet Match, Roman Reigns Address Clash At The Castle + More!

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Live Coverage.

Tamina Snuka: Anyone Would Love To Join The Bloodline

- After a video recap of SummerSlam 2022, WWE Tag Team Champions Jimmy & Jey Uso and WWE Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns made their way to the arena from their Cadillac Cars.

- Michael Cole & Pat McAfee welcomed the audience to the broadcast, with McAfee requesting the production truck to air the footage of him hitting Happy Corbin right in the balls, analyzing the footage and his strategy to his actions. McAfee said he was never prouder of doing something before.

- Ricochet told Corbin backstage that karma was a wonderful thing. Ricochet challenged Corbin to a match to open SmackDown, quickly transitioning to the opening match.

Ricochet vs. Happy Corbin

The two began the match locking up, with Ricochet hitting a spring-assisted enziguri on Corbin. Ricochet evaded Corbin's offense before hitting an enziguri. Ricochet hit an over-the-top-rope dive to Corbin to the outside. Back in the ring, Corbin slid under the ring before getting back in and hitting a lariat on Ricochet. Corbin hit a back elbow on Ricochet. Corbin launched Ricochet chest first into the turnbuckle with an Irish Whip. Ricochet went for a spring rope move, but Corbin caught him with a jab on the apron. Corbin slid under the ring and tried to slide back inside, but Ricochet caught him with a double-stomp, sending Corbin back out of the ring. Ricochet went for a moonsault from the apron to the outside, but Corbin evaded and launched Ricochet into the ring post before the commercial break. Back from the break, Corbin had Ricochet in a half-nelson headlock, but Ricochet laid in strikes to break the hold. Corbin launched Ricochet with a back-body drop for a near fall. Ricochet hit some underhooks, an elevated knee, a cartwheel back elbow, a top-rope crossbody, and a standing Shooting Star Press on Corbin for a near fall. Ricochet hit about on Corbin and went for another cartwheel elbow, but Corbin caught him and hit a rack-attack neck breaker on Ricochet for a near fall. Corbin went for a chokeslam, but Ricochet reversed it with a Frankensteiner for a near fall. Ricochet went for a sunset flip for a near fall, but Corbin responded with a Deep Six on Ricochet for a near fall. Corbin placed Ricochet for a Superplex, but Ricochet attempted a Sunset Bomb. Corbin lifted Ricochet from the ground to the corner before hit a chokeslam Ricochet into the Apron. McAfee distracted Corbin by standing up, and Ricochet took advantage by pushing the rope from Corbin, with Corbin landing between the legs. Ricochet hit the Recoil before hitting a top rope 630 Splash for the pinfall win.

Winner: Ricochet.

- Ricochet and McAfee threw a small football after the match before McAfee punted the ball into the crowd.

- The Usos and Sami Zayn were backstage discussing the events of SummerSlam 2022, revealing that Paul Heyman stayed at home due to getting an F5 from Brock Lesnar on SummerSlam. Sami Zayn tried to see Roman Reigns but Jimmy Uso told him that they would text him whenever he is available.

- There was a video package highlighting the match between Ronda Rousey and SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan, where Morgan pinned Rousey while in an arm bar on SummerSlam 2022. Rousey attacked Morgan after the match.

If Nakamura WIns, He Earns an Opportunity For the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ludwig Kaiser (w/ Gunther)

The two locked up to begin the match, with Kaiser getting Nakamura in a hammerlock chin lock. Kaiser hit an elbow strike on Nakamura's head before hitting an elbow strike on Nakamura's forehead. Kaiser stomped down Nakamura in the corner before tossing Nakamura's head into the turnbuckle. Kaiser id in the stomps on Nakamura, but Nakamura countered it by hitting an elbow strike on Kaiser's leg. Nakamura hit two kicks, an enziguri, and a knee drop on Kaiser for a near fall. Kaiser got Nakamura in the corner, but Nakamura placed him in the top turnbuckle and hit a running knee. Nakamura went for a Tope Suicida, but Kaiser got back in the ring and hit Nakamura with a face slam before the commercial break. Back from eh commercial break, Nakamura placed Kaiser in the top rope and hit a kick to the back of his neck. Nakamura placed Kaiser in the middle rope before hitting him with a sliding German Suplex. Nakamura hit a running knee on Kaiser from the apron. Nakamura went for the Kinshasha but Kaiser caught him with an uppercut for a near fall. Kaiser and Nakamura exchanged strikes before Kaiser hit the Murphy's Law on Nakamura for a near fall. Nakamura got Kaiser in a modified arm bar, but Kaiser reversed it with a leg-hook lateral press for a near fall. Nakamura hit a spinning sidekick on Kaiser before connecting the Kinshahsa for the pinfall win. Nakamura shouted at Gunther "COME ON" after the match. Nakamura will challenge Guntehr for the Intercontinental Championship on the 8/12/2022 edition of SmackDown.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura.

- There was a video package highlighting the match between Viking Raiders and The New Day, where the Viking Raiders won and laid out Xavier Woods with their shields.

- Megan Morant interviewed Kofi Kingston, saying that Xavier Woods was in recovery and in good spirits. Kingston said that it was weird saying it was a "New Day" by himself, but it was time for The Viking Raiders to pay.

- Sami Zayn tried to visit Roman Reigns, but The Usos asked if Sami can help out with the production of Reigns'. Jimmy Uso said that it would mean a lot to Roman, to which Zayn obliged.

- Kayla Braxton hosted an in-ring interview with SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan, who was wearing an arm brace after her match against Ronda Rousey on SummerSlam 2022. Morgan said that she was feeling so many emotions after her match against Rousey but said that she appreciated the crowd calling her out on her shit. Morgan admitted that she did tap but only after the referee counted to three. Sonya Deville interrupted Morgan and stated that Morgan should not be the champion. Deville said that seeing Morgan tap out made her happy, but was also a statement to how bad WWE official & Former NWA World Champion Adam Pearce was at her job.

Gauntlet Match For #1 Contendership For The SmackDown Women's Championship

Gauntlet Match #1: Aliyah vs. Sonya Deville

Aliyah hit a shoulder tackle on Deville, but Deville hit a shoulder tackle of her own and a running knee on Aliyah. Aliyah rolled up Deville for a near fall. Deville hit a Spinebuster on Aliyah for a near fall. Deville got a headlock on Aliyah, but Aliyah broke the hold with a stunner. ALiyah hit an inverted stunner, a Thesz Press, and a springboard cross body on Deville for a near fall. Deville tossed Aliyah into the middle rope before hitting the Deville's Advocate for the pinfall win.

Winner: Sonya Deville.

Gauntlet Match #2: Raquel Rodriguez vs. Sonya Deville

Raquel tossed Deville into the corner before hitting her with a lariat for a near fall. Raquel went for a bodyslam, but Deville hit a chop block and a face slam into the mat for a near fall. Deville got Raquel in a headlock, but Raquel reversed it with a sideslam. Raquel tossed Deville's head into the top turnbuckle. Raquel hit a corkscrew splash on Deville before connecting the Tejano Bomb for the pinfall win.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez.

Gauntlet Match #3: Shotzi vs. Raquel Rodriguez.

During the break, Shotzi hit a Tornado DDT on Raquel for a near fall. Back from the commercial break, Shotzi had Raquel in an Abdominal Stretch, but Raquel turned her around and hit Shotzi with a Fall Away Slam. Raquel hit Shotzi with a corkscrew splash and a Tejano Bomb for the pinfall win.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez

Xia Li hit a series of kicks on Raquel before hitting. running kick on Raquel. Li hit an elbow strike on Raquel before bending Raquel's leg on the rope and stomping on it for a near fall. Li tripped Raquel before locking in Raquel in a single-leg crab. Li broke the hold by slamming Raquel's left knee into the mat. Li taunted Raquel before Raquel stood up and hit a headbutt on Li. Li went for another running kick, but Raquel hit a fall-away slam, a cork-screw splash, and a Tejano Bomb on Li for the pinfall win.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez.

Gauntlet Match #5: Natalya vs. Raquel Rodriguez.

Natalya worked on Raquel's injured knee before hitting a running chop block on Raquel's left knee. Natalya got Raquel in a leg deadlock, but Raquel broke the hold by punching Natalya. Raquel rolled through and hit a vertical suplex on Natalya for a near fall. Natalya stomped down Raquel's left leg before locking in the Sharpshooter on Raquel, but Raquel got a rope break. Natalya stomped down Raquel's leg before launching punches from the middle rope, but Raquel caught Natalya and hit a Tejano Bomb for the pinfall win.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez.

Gauntlet Match #6: Shayna Baszler vs. Raquel Rodriguez.

Back from the commercial break, Baszler got Raquel in a heel hook before she stomped her left knee. Baszler kicked Raquel's arm before she tossed Raquel into the top turnbuckle. Baszler got Raquel in a kimura lock, but Raquel reversed it with a Fall Away Slam. Baszler got Raquel in a small package before hitting a lifting knee on Raquel for another near fall. Raquel laid in the punches on Baszler's ribs before hitting a corner splash. Raquel went for another corkscrew splash, but Baszler caught her in the Kirafuna Clutch. Raquel got an inverted jack knife pin for a near fall, to which Baszler reversed it with a back-pin for the pinfall victory, with Baszler winning the gauntlet match.

Winner of Gauntlet Match: Shayna Baszler.

- Jimmy Uso revealed to Zayn that he was going to see Reigns. Jey Uso ran down on Zayn for complaining to The Usos giving him the runaround, telling Zayn that if he does not pull his weight around and catch up to getting gold, he would have to start taking his "Bloodline" shirt.

The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) vs. Jim Mulkey & Tommy Gibson

Ivar hit a running senton on Mulkey and a bodyslam on Gibson. Erik hit a bodyslam on Ivar into Gibson. Erik hit a body slam on Mulkey. Ivar hit an Avalanche World's Strongest Slam on Gibson. Erik and Ivar hit a powerbomb on Mulkey onto Gibson for the pinfall win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar).

- Kofi Kingston attacked The Viking Raiders from behind with a Kendo Stick. Kingston challenged one of the wrestlers to a match.

Erik (w/ Ivar) vs. Kofi Kingston.

Kingston hit a running dropkick on Erik before launching punches on Erik. Erik flipped Kingston on his knees before hitting a knee strike on Kingston. Erik hit a snap mare nerve hold on Kingston, but Kingston broke the hold with strikes. Erik hit a forearm strike on Kingston for a near fall. Erik got Kingston in another nerve hold before pushing Kingston into the corner. Kingston hit a corner kick on Erik before hitting a top rope cross body for a near fall. Kingston went for the SOS, Erik hit a one-arm slam on Kingston for a near fall. Erik hit a Full Nelson Knee Strike on Kingston for a near fall. Kingston hit a dropkick off the middle rope on Erik. Kingston hit a trust fall on Erik to the outside. Ivar tried to hit Kingston with a kendo stick, but Kingston evaded and hit a kick on Ivar. Back in the ring, Erik went for another Full Nelson Knee strike, but Kofi reversed it with a School Boy roll-up for the pinfall win,

Winner: Kofi Kingston.

- Michael Cole announced that there will be a tournament to crown new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. The tournament will begin on the 8/8/2022 edition of Raw, live on Cleveland, Ohio.

- WWE Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns & WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) came to the ring to address his rival Drew McIntyre, whom he will face on Clash At The Castle on 9/3/2022. Reigns asked the South Caroline crowd to acknowledge him, to which they obliged. Reigns said that he and The Usos came to SmackDown to brag about what they accomplished. Reigns said he hates Brock Lesnar but he had some respect for Lesnar. Reigns then emphasized that he still hated Lesnar because he almost killed Paul Heyman at SummerSlam 2022. Drew McIntyre came to the ring and call Reigns "The Tribal Queef" before revealing that he could not wait for Clash At the Castle. As soon as McIntyre was about to come to the ring, Karrion Kross made his WWE return and attacked McIntyre from behind. Scarlett joined him and placed an hourglass on the ring, indicating that Reigns' time was coming. Kross pointed at Reigns to end the broadcast.

Tick Tock.

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