Good evening Fight Fans and welcome to our coverage for WWE Worlds Collide where various Superstars in NXT and NXT UK clash for brand supremacy!


-We get a video package for Undisputed Era and Imperium ahead of their clash in an eight man tag in tonight's main event.

Kay Lee Ray vs Mia Yim

Mia immediately dropkicks Kay and hits a cannonball in the corner for two before hitting a huricanrrana and chopping her across the chest. KLR comes back with a tornado DDT for two before hitting a front suplex and an abdominal stretch before stomping Mia and sending her into the corner. KLR hits Mia with an open hand palm strike before dropping her with a superkick for two and misses a diving senton. Mia hits a slingshot DDT for two and counters a powerbomb before sending KLR out of the ring and hitting a suicide dive. KLR superkicks Mia off of the apron and hits a diving senton into Mia onto the floor before they get back into the ring and exchange strikes.

Mia counters the Gory bomb into the Code Blue for a near fall before KLR hits Mia with her own finisher, Eat Defeat for a near fall. Mia then hits a Canadian destroyer for a near fall before KLR rolls her up for a near fall and they exchange pin attempts until KLR wins with a pin while falling into the ropes for leverage.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray defeats Mia Yim via pinfall.

-We get a video package for NXT Women's champion Rhea Ripley versus former NXT UK Women's champion Toni Storm. We then get a video package for the reunited #DIY and Moustache Mountain as we go off the air.

Main Show

​​Finn Bálor vs Ilja Dragunov

Finn takes Ilja down before he gets to his feet and Finn takes Ilja down with a side headlock takeover before Ilja reverses into one of his own. Finn gets to his feet and Ilja hits a running cross body for one before they square off and Finn slaps Ilja in the face. Finn tosses Ilja out of the ring and hits a dropkick through the ropes before tossing him back into the ring and chopping him in the corner. Ilja drops Finn with a chop and hits a senton for two before stomping Finn in the corner before Ilja sends Finn off of the apron and hits a diving cross body off of the apron. Ilja misses a dive off of the top turnbuckle and crashes onto the floor before Finn kicks him and chops him at ringside before tossing him back into the ring.

Finn hits a dropkick to the back of the head of Ilja for two before locking in a headlock, Ilja getting to his feet before Finn hits a scoop slam and an elbow drop for two. Finn stomps Ilja in the corner and drops him with a chop for two before applying a rear chin lock. Ilja reverses a suplex into one of his own and hits a running knee lift in the corner into a lariat before hitting a running clothesline into a diving knee for two. They counter each other before Ilja drops Finn with a high knee for two before Finn counters a DVD into a jumping stomp. They counter each other until Finn drops Ilja and hits a sling blade and Ilja kicks him before hitting a dead lift bridging German suplex for two.

Ilja hits a coast to coast dropkick for a near fall before Finn counters a diving senton when he gets his knees up. Finn then hits a shotgun dropkick into the Coup de Grace and 1916 for the pin and the win.

Winner: Finn Bálor defeats Ilja Dragunov via pinfall with the 1916.

-We see Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley getting ready backstage before we see the Grizzled Young Veterans and Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne at ringside and it's announced that the winner of the Dusty Classic will get to challenge for the NXT Tag Team Championship at NXT Takeover: Portland.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match

Angel Garza (c) vs Isaiah Scott vs Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks

All four men exchange before Isaiah gets two off of a roll up to Travis before hitting Jordan with a flat liner and dropkicking Angel as the crowd erupts. Jordan goes for a tope, but Isaiah catches him and hits a DVD onto the floor before Angel and Travis hit topes. Travis chops all three of his opponents at ringside before rolling Scott back into the ring and turning him end over end with a kick. Travis kicks both Angel and Isaiah before hitting Scott with a snap German suplex and makes Scott cannonball Angel on the corner. Travis hits a suicide dive to Jordan before hitting Scott and Angel with a cannonball before hitting an overhead belly to belly suplex that sends Jordan into Scott and Garza.

Jordan hits Isaiah with a DDT before hitting Angel with a Spanish fly for two and all four men exchange strikes in pairs. Angel takes everyone out and rips off his pants before they do a combination and Scott rocks Angel with a pop-up knee. Jordan drops Scott when he goes for the House Call and Travis counters the Devil inside into a destroyer before Angel sends Travis off of the top rope and down onto the floor. Jordan hits a double suplex before Travis hits him with A Slice of Heaven and the Kiwi Crusher for a near fall. Travis counters a huricanrrana into a Michinoku driver for two before Angel hits a diving knee to Scott who is on Travis' shoulders which makes him hit a reverse huricanrrana.

Jordan Devlin then headbutts Angel after he hits Scott with the Wing Clipper before hitting Scott with Devil Inside for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordan Devlin defeats Angel Garza, Isaiah Scott and Travis Banks via pinfall when he hits Isaiah Scott with Devil Inside to become the new NXT Cruiserweight champion.