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Tony Nese defeated Buddy Murphy to become the NEW Cruiserweight Champion

Carmella won the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal

Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder defeated The Revival to become the NEW RAW Tag Team Champions

Braun Strowman won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Seth Rollins defeated Brock Lesnar to become the NEW Universal Champion

AJ Styles defeated Randy Orton

The Usos defeated The Bar, Rusev and Nakamura, Ricochet and Black to retain their SmackDown Tag Titles

Shane McMahon defeated The Miz

The IIconics defeated The Boss 'n' Hug Connection, Nia Jax and Tamina, The Divas of Doom to become the NEW Women's Tag Team Champions

Kofi Kingston defeated Daniel Bryan to become the NEW WWE Champion

Samoa Joe defeated Rey Mysterio to retain his United States Title

Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre

Triple H defeated Batista

Baron Corbin defeated Kurt Angle

Finn Balor defeated Bobby Lashley to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion

Becky Lynch defeated Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to become the NEW SmackDown and RAW Women's Champion


Our pre-show is underway, with Jonathan Coachman hosting a panel including Paige, Sam Roberts and John Bradshaw Layfield. Elsewhere, Alexa Bliss has her very own set, promising A Moment of Bliss while in an interview with Kayla Braxton, Big E and Xavier Woods were fired up about their partner's opportunity tonight. Back to the panel next, with Edge and Christian taking part for a discussion regarding Kingston vs. Bryan.

WWE Cruiserweight Title

Buddy Murphy (C) vs. Tony Nese

The challenger avoided Murphy's opening knee, flurrying right away and forcing the champion to bail. Buddy quickly fired back though, dropping Nese on the top rope and going to work with some stomps. He then grabbed a hold, grounding things until a suplex turned the tide. Some strikes followed, with Nese rallying and landing a springboard moonsault to floor his foe. He continued to build momentum too, landing his patented uppercut and thinking superplex until Murphy countered, dropping Nese face first for 2.

Nese responded, attempting a quick roll-up but eating a knee for his troubles. A poison-rana reset things once again though, allowing Nese to recuperate before unleashing a salvo of strikes. An exchange commenced from there, trading blows until Murphy's clothesline halted his rival. He fired back regardless, landing an emphatic slam for 2. Buddy avoided Running Knese but Tony was undeterred, landing a spectacular dive and hitting 450 Splash for another near-fall.

Murphy responded, landing a sharp knee and hitting Murphy's Law only for Nese to get his foot on the rope. The champion then planned a Running Knese of his own, running into a superkick instead as Nese closed the show, hitting a German Suplex in the corner and winning via Running Knese.

Winner and NEW Champion: Tony Nese

Following that, Sal and Q of Impractical Jokers fame joined Pat McAfee and Charly Caruso. Jerry Lawler then joined the panel for a preview of The Miz vs. Shane McMahon.

WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal

Nikki Cross terrified all involved at the opening bell, swinging her jacket as a brawl swiftly commenced. A returning Ember Moon eliminated Maria Kanelis early and Asuka then topped her, dispatching of Candice LeRae and Nikki Cross. Moon and Naomi then went head to head, with the latter soon being eliminated. An Eclipse followed, flooring Mandy but then being eliminated by Lana. Kairi Sane then flurried, wiping out Lana but being halted by Logan. The Riott Squad then removed Lana but Sane fired back, landing the InSane Elbow on Sarah but then being eliminated by the numbers game.

The trio continued to dominate too but failed to eliminate anyone, instead falling victim to Dana Brooke as suddenly only Logan remained. Vega was out next and then Brooke too, removed by Rose and Deville. James then turned the tide though, eliminating Rose but being dispatched by Deville. Only Asuka, Deville and Logan remained now, with the former champion running wild, eliminating Sonya but being thrown out by Logan. This one wasn't over though, with Carmella instead returning and before long, she indeed removed Sarah to score the win.

Winner: Carmella

The focus then shifted to tonight's main event, breaking down the triple threat title match in detail. Hour two is here next, with Shawn Michaels and David Otunga joining our panel alongside Sam and Coach.

RAW Tag Team Titles

The Revival (C) vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Dawson and Hawkins got this one started, with the former mocking his foe while controlling things early. Curt then tagged in Ryder, becoming frustrated as Scott went to work on Zack. That brought Wilder in, landing strikes right away until a missile dropkick turned the tide. The comeback was only brief though, with The Revival evading Ryder to regain control. Tandem offense followed as Wilder then grounded things, grabbing a hold and using a smart tag to stay on top. Dawson then slowed things himself, forcing Ryder to rally with a desperate suplex.

Wilder prevented a tag nonetheless, cutting Zack off until he eventually created some space with a double neckbreaker. Scott prevented the tag again though, cornering Ryder as Hawkins became increasingly frustrated. Before long, he indeed made the tag regardless, as Curt run wild with strikes. He then attempted some quick pins too, almost winning the titles until a collision left both men floored. That allowed Ryder to re-enter, taking out Dawson but then wiping himself out as well with a suplex to Wilder. Hawkins tagged himself in, almost pinning Scott until Dash made the save.

Things then broke down on the outside, as all four men traded moves until Dawson concluded things with a suplex on the floor. He then threw Curt back in-ring, asking the referee to halt proceedings but then falling victim to a sudden small package!

Winners and NEW Champions: Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila joined Charly and Pat next, discussing his most anticipated matches for tonight's show. Elsewhere, Booker T took a seat on the panel and broke down Rollins vs. Lesnar.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Che and Jost immediately exited at the first bell, hiding under the ring while Strowman eliminated B-Team, EC3, Tyler Breeze and Lince Dorado. He then went head to head with Harper, trading blows until the others got involved. Heath Slater, Titus O'Neil, No Way Jose and Karl Anderson soon exited as well. The Hardy Boyz then combined, removing Rhyno and then dispatching Bobby Roode too. Mahal then eliminated Metalik while in the meantime, Andrade elevated Kalisto over the top before removing Gable as well.

A Double Caterpillar then put Heavy Machinery on top, eliminating The Ascension but then being removed by Strowman who had suddenly cleared house. Suddenly, he was only surrounded by Apollo, Andrade and The Hardyz. Acrobatics left both Crews and Andrade removed while Jeff and Matt went to work on Braun. As they looked to pull him out, Che and Jost returned, failing to eliminate Strowman who swiftly removed Jeff and Matt. Jost pointed to other solutions, bringing a therapist in-ring only for Strowman to batter him instead.

Colin then asked Che to "get him" but Michael tried to eliminate himself and was quickly assisted by Braun. That left Jost all alone and he evaded Braun but Strowman recovered, launching his foe over the top rope onto the defeated participants on the outside.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Following that, our panel reviewed the battle royal before transitioning to tonight's main event.

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