Review: Miz & Mrs. (S01E05) Road Trip Mania

It started strong, but Road Trip Mania quickly devolved into Miz & Mrs.' worst episode. The charm and emotion that made the first four weeks so satisfying were swapped out for squabbling and general irritability. There is still the occasional bread-crumb of enjoyment to be had, (seeing Maryse react to Miz's WrestleMania match was my favourite scene) but overall the show left me feeling as though I had also ridden on a bus for 40 straight hours.

The majority of the episode is spent with the Mizanin's on their luxury bus as they travel from California to Texas. I thought we were in store for cross-country shenanigans, but aside from Miz putting diapers in the freezer, we got nothing of the sort. Instead, in the bleakest manner possible, we see everything that goes wrong. The bus smells, the cat is screaming, the food order is wrong; unfortunately, the piling on doesn't play as funny. It's just boring. Even Marjo, who I've had nothing but praise for, comes off as whiny. She has reasons to be upset but is also something of an instigator. The show tries to add layer upon layer of tension, but it all falls flat.

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I'm hopeful that the finale gets back to the core of what makes this such an enjoyable program. This week's concept failed in execution because none of it was interesting. There was nothing to engage my attention. Road Trip Mania is a disappointing and tedious installment that you can, and should, skip. You won't miss a thing!

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