Rey Mysterio Talks His Impact On The Industry, Dominick's Progression With Wrestling Training

Rey Mysterio is one of the most prolific Luchadores of all time.

Speaking with Fightful Raw Review podcast co-host Denise Salcedo on the blue carpet for the Fox debut of WWE SmackDown, Rey discussed the impact of his legacy and his impact on the industry, "It makes you feel proud of your accomplishments," Rey began. "It makes you feel like you had a dream in mind, and that dream became much more than you would have ever thought, opening doors for competitors that are my size, my height, my stature, Hispanic-- and maybe not even in this sport. In any sport, because I do have a lot of fans that walk up and say ‘Rey, you were my guys, you know, I grew up watching you and you inspired me to play football.’ It’s like wow, and it doesn’t really hit you until you have those moments where they make you realize that you have opened up many hearts around the world, and I am very very thankful to God for that."

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Rey also discussed how his son Dominick is doing with training, "He's been doing really good. I'm actually really proud of him and impressed of how fast he's been picking up his learning skills. He still has a bit to learn, but he's definitely moving in the right direction. And I'm so proud as a father. You can only imagine how much or how good it feels to watch him grow and to be with him next to him, you know, side by side when he gets to make a mistake and you get to correct them. And, you know, and hear his feedback as well. Tell me, Dad. I'm good. I don't need this right now, you know. So it makes you open up your eyes to and really understand your son at age 22. You know, it's a different experience, but I love it."

Dominick, just last week was victimized by Brock Lesnar. This led to Rey Mysterio bringing in Cain Velasquez with revenge on his mind.

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