Ric Flair Says Charlotte Is The Best Female Wrestler, Laughs At Social Media Suggesting Otherwise

Ric Flair, in the eyes of many, will always be the greatest wrestler to ever lace a pair of boots. Now, at 71, “The Nature Boy” is doubling down on his stance that his daughter, Charlotte Flair, is the best female to ever lace a pair of boots.

Ric Flair wrestled across four decades and in that time, he has earned the respect of so many inside and outside of the professional wrestling industry. Shawn Michaels and Triple H, the two men who are helping mold the future WWE through NXT, have often spoken about their fandom of Ric Flair as they were young men deciding to pursue the field of special wrestling. Even Hulk Hogan, arguably Ric Flair's greatest rival, was recently quoted as saying that “Naitch” is the best to ever step in between the ropes.

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However, in present-day WWE, Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte is now the one who is making history. Charlotte Flair appeared in the first-ever women's Hell in a Cell match, which is also the first women's match to headline a major pay-per-view. Charlotte has also won the Royal Rumble, becoming the first second-generation Royal Rumble winner, and won every Women's Championship to ever exist in WWE.

Speaking with CBS Sports, Ric Flair said that he's not phased by social media trolls because he knows that Charlotte is the best women's wrestler in history.

"I'm not so much bothered by it," Flair said. "I just laugh at it. It's really sad the impact that social media can have on people. She's got thick skin. Wrestling is the only sport where somebody can't be the best. If they can argue on TV who is better -- Aaron Rodgers or Mahomes, right? Or they can argue who is better -- Justin Thomas or Tiger Woods, right? In other words, there's someone that's the best in everything, right? Of course there is. She's the best. That's tough to argue about. What do you want to argue about? Who's the better athlete? Who played Division I sports? Who was an All-American in high school? What's there to argue about? When she walked out the door at TLC, what did you think? That's star-power.

"She's the best woman on the roster, but she's the best woman of all time," Flair continued. "I've been in the business 49 years. Give me an example of who you think is better. You can't. I love Trish [Stratus], I love Lita. But I can walk into a room and say my daughter is the best. We can sit and debate it. I'll have that debate just like you, and I can have the debate about Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes."

Ric Flair is scheduled to appear on Legends Night, a special episode of Monday Night Raw on January 4, 2021. Fightful will have live coverage of the episode.

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