Ring of Honor Best in the World 2017 Results: New World Champion, More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for Ring of Honor Best in the World 2017! We have what is shaping up to be a great show as in our main event Christopher Daniels defends his ROH World Championship against Cody Rhodes, KUSHIDA defends his ROH TV Championship against Marty Scurll, The Young Bucks defend the ROH Tag Team titles against War Machine and much more so be sure to come back here at 9PM EST!

The Kingdom vs Ultimo Guerrero & El Terrible

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The CMLL guys are in control the start the match with Ultimo showing off his strength against Taven before he tags in Vinny. Vinny and Guerrero square off before Ultimo drops him with a right hand. Taven comes back in and The Kingdom double up on Ultimo before he tags in El Terrible, Terrible taking out both Taven and Vinny before sending TK from the apron when he tries to interfere, the CMLL stars then hit a double team move for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero & El Terrible via pinfall

Frankie Kazarian vs Hangman Page Strap Match

They brawl to the start the match before Kaz starts beating on Page with the strap in the ring before pulling him out of it and doing it around ringside, nearly sending him into the crowd. Kaz then suplexes Page onto the steps at the top of the ramp before they make their way back to the ring. Page comes back and beats on Kaz with his strap to the point that the referee nearly stops the match, then plays to the crowd while licking the strap. Kaz comes back and hits Page with his before hitting a cutter for a near fall, then Page comes back and hits the Last Rites for a very close near fall that surprises everyone. Page picks up the strap again, but Kaz gets back to his feet and sends Page to the outside before he pulls the padding up and drives him down onto the wooden floor before choking him out with the strap and getting back into the ring for the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

The Rebellion vs Search And Destroy Loser Must Disband Match

S&D are in control as the match starts, teaming up against King before Titus pulls him out of the ring and they double up on White. Taylor takes everyone out after Gresham hits a flipping senton from the top rope, before The Rebellion team up and beat down White after he hits an exploder suplex to King. Rhett gets a quick two count on Jay before Alex breaks it up and hits Rhett with a series of strikes only to be dropped with one forearm. Rhett tags in Coleman who gets a quick two count on Gresham before whipping him hard into the corner, then tags in Rhett before Rhett accidentally hits Coleman and sends him out of the ring when Gresham ducks. Gresham hits a DDT before he tags in White as Rhett tags in King, Jay hitting running European uppercuts in each corner to all four members of The Rebellion once Shane and Caprice try to join King. Jay tries to pick up Shane, but he's too big,Shane headbutting him for his troubles.

MCM coming in and managing to take out Shane, leaving Jay and Rhett in the ring, Rhett and King splash Jay in the corner for a quick two count, then Alex sends King face first into the turnbuckle just as Rhett hits him with a boot in the corner. Sabin hits Rhett with an enzuigiri before Shane and Jay get back in and Jay somehow manages to hit a German suplex that sends Shane out of the ring. Jay sends Rhett into the corner and Shelley, Sabin and Jay hit a triple boot before S&D each lock in a submission and all members of The Rebellion tap out  for the win.

Winner: Search And Destroy via submission

-After the match Punishment Martinez comes down to the ring and takes out every member of Search And Destroy. Next we get a video package for Silas Young and Jay Lethal before their match.

Silas Young vs Jay Lethal

They brawl in the ring to start the match before Silas tosses Jay out of the ring and beats on him at ringside, Silas goes to jump off of the railing before Jay gets up and grabs him and hitting a suplex onto the floor. They get back into the ring and Silas comes back by driving the air out of Jay before kneeing him in the corner and chopping him. Silas pushes Jay away once he's to his feet, but Jay comes back with chops of his own, then hits a hip toss into a dropkick. Jay gets a quick two count, then chops him more before headbutting him, Silas collapsing in the corner in a heap. 

Jay gets another quick two count before playing to the crowd and going up top for Hail to the King, but Silas rolls away before he can. Jay beats on him on the ground with right hands before going to the nearby corner, but Silas hops up and tries to send him off, Jay hoping off and onto the apron before Silas hits a clothesline off of the second rope.  Jay gets back in and sends Silas out of the ring before hitting a series of topes before Silas gets a chair and Jay goes head first into the chair when going for the third tope. They get back in the ring and exchange forearms before Jay drops Silas with a discus forearm when he runs the ropes. Jay goes for the Lethal Injection, then Silas goes for Misery, but Jay counters that with a superkick before hitting Hail to the King for a near fall. 

Silas argues with the referee, then slaps Jay in the corner before hitting a rolling senton, but Jay gets a crucifix for a near fall, then Silas hits a boot into a Saito suplex before dragging Jay over to the keg that BCB brought with him. The referee tries to stop Silas from going to the top rope, but he just shoves the referee away, then rolls Jay up for a near fall before driving Jay onto the keg with Misery. Jay then somehow manages to come back and rolls Silas up for the pin and the win with severely injured ribs.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall

-After the match Silas and BCB set up a table, then put Jay on it before BCB hits a splash off of the top rope and onto Lethal on the table. 

Dalton Castle & The Boys vs Bully Ray & The Briscoes ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match

Dalton and Jay start it off with Jay jumping out of the ring and going after the Boys before Mark tags himself in. The Briscoes argue about who will get in as Dalton stands there looking amused, then Castle takes Mark down and shows off his collegiate grappling skills. Mark comes back and puts Dalton in a headlock that he's quick to get out of, then Mark hits a Pele kick before the Boys come in as human shields when he goes to hit Dalton in the corner. Dalton plays to the crowd and poses after sending Mark out of the ring, then calls out Bully Ray who tags in and gets face to face with Castle before backing him into the corner, Castle turning it around before the referee breaks them up for a clean break. Castle chops Bully repeatedly, but he doesn't even flinch, Ray coming back and hitting him with a series of right hands before Castle ducks and poses. 

Ray starts dancing and does the Castle pose as the crowd erupts, Castle's eyes turning huge before the Boys fan him off. Castle then hits his pose again before Ray drops him with a chop, Castle tagging one boy in, but Ray pulls both of them into the ring and chops them. Jay tags in and goes after the Boys, but one of them low blows him while Castle distracts the referee, the Boys tagging in and out before tagging Castle back in who hits a variety of suplexes to Jay for a quick two count. Castle hits a running back elbow into a flying knee in the corner before they start exchanging strikes, Castle using forearms and Jay European uppercuts. Jay gets on the top rope, but Castle dropkicks him, then Jay counters a superplex with a gordbuster off of the top rope.

Dalton tags in the Boys who go after Jay, but he tags in Mark who takes them both out with chops and suplexes before hitting a death valley driver and a cutthroat driver that Castle counters only to be hit with a German suplex for a near fall. Bully hits a gorilla press slam to one of the Boys before Mark hits a diving headbutt and Bully calls for the tables before Jay hits a tope that takes out both Boys at ringside. Castle then rolls Mark up as Bully goes to get chairs and a table at ringside for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle & The Boys via pinfall

KUSHIDA vs Marty Scurll ROH World Television Championship Match

KUSHIDA takes Marty down repeatedly and spins around on top of him before they exchange wrist and hammer locks, then headlock take overs before getting back to their feet. Marty blocks a cartwheel dropkick, then they do a lot of rolling and flips before KUSHIDA locks in an arm breaker before Marty gets to the ropes for the break. KUSHIDA kicks the arm of Marty before Marty teases the Chicken Wing, but KUSHIDA counters and sends Marty into the corner. Marty goes out onto the apron before KUSHIDA hits a rolling heel kick and a cradle for a quick two count before Marty hits an ushigaroshi for a quick two count of his own. Marty starts chopping and stomping on KUSHIDA before starting to focus on his arm, then KUSHIDA hits an exploder suplex into the second turnbuckle.

Marty catches KUSHIDA on the top rope before sliding of the back and hitting a rolling heel kick in the corner, then goes for the Hoverboard Lock on the top rope, rolling off of the top rope and locking it in. Marty gets up and grabs his fingers before hitting a European uppercut when KUSHIDA goes for a DDT. Marty sends KUSHIDA out of the ring, then hits a thrust kick before putting him back into the ring and hitting a jumping knee and a piledriver for a near fall. Marty plays to the crowd before the Chicken Wing, but KUSHIDA kicks his arm before Marty fakes him out and kicks his knee, then catches KUSHIDA coming off of the ropes for a back slide for a near fall. KUSHIDA catches Marty coming in and hits a rolling DDT before Marty goes for the Chicken Wing again, then goes for a Gedo clutch for another near fall.

Marty goes for the Chicken Wing again, but KUSHIDA counters into the Hoverboard Lock before Marty counters, then KUSHIDA hits a Pele kick into a forearm that drops Marty before collapsing. KUSHIDA starts stomping Marty in the face before Marty tries to lock it in again, but he counters before Marty hits him with a series of elbows to the face and locks in the Cross Face Chicken Wing. Marty switches to a unique submission that is a lot like a double hammerlock, a move that  he's never used before KUSHIDA gets his bottom foot on the rope for a break. KUSHIDA catches Marty coming in, but Marty catches him on the top rope and goes to snap his fingers, but KUSHIDA snaps his and hits Back to the Future off of the top rope and once again for the pin and the win.

Winner: KUSHIDA via pinfall

The Young Bucks vs War Machine vs Best Friends ROH World Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match

Chuck Taylor and Beretta come out before the match starts, now known collectively as the Best Friends, Beretta saying that they think they deserve a title shot and they want it right now.. Beretta says that they want it to be a three way and a tornado tag, the Bucks then accepting before the match starts. BF send WM out of the ring before teaming up against Nick, then Rowe and Hanson splash into them when they hug each other. Rowe hits a shotgun dropkick that sends both members of BF into the corner before Hanson hits a Bronco Buster, then the Bucks clear the ring before playing to the crowd. The Bucks go for Rise of the Terminator, but are caught by War Machine, then everyone hits a move once they're back in the ring.

BF take out the Bucks before War Machine dump them out of the ring and hit Matt with a double ushigaroshi into a powerbomb and a splash for a near fall that Nick breaks up with a swanton bomb. Everyone misses a moonsault before Hanson goes for one, but Beretta hits an overhead German suplex off of the top rope for a near fall. BF hug more before everyone exchanges strikes, Chuck and Beretta hugging each time they're hit, then take turns superkicking with the Bucks before everyone collapses face first onto the mat. Nick hits a dropkick to the outside before Matt hits a DDT onto Chuck on the apron, then Rowe tosses Beretta to Hanson before hitting a German suplex clothesline onto the floor off of the apron. WM then hit a powerslam into a powerbomb for a near fall after Hanson dives out of the ring onto the Bucks before hitting a backbreaker leg drop for another near fall.

The Bucks send War Machine out of the ring before superkicking Best Friends, then go for the Meltzer Driver, but War Machine send them out of the ring. Chuck goes after Rowe before the Bucks superkick them when they go for their finisher, the Bucks hitting an Indie Taker that makes War Machine hit their finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Young Bucks via pinfall

Christopher Daniels vs Cody Rhodes ROH World Championship Match

They lock up to start the match before Daniels pushes Cody away, then Cody knocks him down with a shoulder tackle before shoving Daniels away with a hand to the face. They do a test of strength before Cody knees Daniels in the mid-section and puts him in a headlock that he's quick to get out of before Cody drops Daniels again with a shoulder block. Daniels steps on Cody's head when he drops down before kicking him in the chest, Cody opting to roll out of the ring to recover, Cody having busted his lip open. Cody gets back in the ring and they lock up before Daniels puts him in a headlock, Cody clawing his face before putting Daniels in another that he's quickly out of. They run the ropes before Daniels teases Angels Wings, Cody rolling out of the ring immediately before hoping over the railing and walking out into the crowd.

Cody gets back in the ring and they lock up again, Cody backing Daniels into the corner before Daniels turns it around with a series of chops and a neckbreaker for a quick two count. Cody goes back out into the crowd so Daniels can't get to him at ringside, then Daniels hits a wrecking ball dropkick once he does try to get back into the ring. Daniels sets Cody on a chair and chops him before Cody tosses him into the railing, then Cody hits a reverse STO for a series of quick two counts. Daniels hits Cody with a series of forearms and right hands while maintaining wrist control before going to the top rope, but Cody runs up and hits an arm drag that sends Daniels across the ring. Cody puts Daniels in a short arm scissor that he counters with a roll up for a quick two count, then Cody drops Daniels with a lariat before getting out of the ring.

Cody hits a springboard dropkick after baiting Daniels out of the ring and into the railing before rolling him back into it for a quick two count, then makes Daniels put him into the referee. Cody hits a low blow as the referee is down before Daniels rolls him up, the referee still down before Cody drops down and chops the throat of Daniels. Marty comes out with a chair and slides it in to Cody before Daniels stomps his hand and goes to hit him, but the referee is back up, Daniels acting like Cody hit him with it. Daniels rolls Cody up for a near fall, then Cody hits a cutter onto the chair before Frankie comes out and beats on Marty on their way backstage. Cody sets a table up at ringside, trying to piledrive Daniels through the table, but Daniels counters with a flat liner onto the apron before dropping him repeatedly with clotheslines into an STO.

Daniels hits a blue thunder bomb for a quick two count before Cody rolls out onto the apron, Daniels going out after him before he teases Angels Wings through the table, but Cody back drops him into the ring. Cody hits a RAINMAKER before mocking Kazuchika Okada, seemingly sending a message before the G1 Climax next month. Cody hits a disaster kick off of the top rope before Daniels comes back, then Cody hits him with a water bottle he got from the crowd before hitting Cross Rhodes for a near fall, then hits it again for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes via pinfall

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