Ring Of Honor's TK O'Ryan Explain What Led To His Shattered Shin

TK O'Ryan was interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio recently. You can see highlights below and the full interview at this link.

Getting called up to ROH and being part of the Kingdom:
"Man, it was awesome. It was something that I really had my eye on. I had really put in the time to get to Ring of Honor. I an remember.. I was actually with Mike Bennett when I got the call that I was going to be working with Ring of Honor and found out that I was going to be making my debut as part of the Kingdom that Matt Taven was putting back together. It was kind of weird because I had only been working a few years before I made the jump to working for Ring of Honor full time. So, I did not have this long, drawn out love affair with wrestling. It honestly felt like something that I got drawn into that I felt more than ready for!"

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On the 15th Anniversary accident that saw him shatter his shin:
"It was as simple as I jumped too far. (laughs) It wasn't the guard rails were too close... There have been all kinds of conspiracy theories out there, "Ring of Honor is not a safe." The truth is, Ring of Honor is an incredibly safe place to work and the truth is that on that moonsault, I jumped too far. I was amped up. We were out there with Dalton and the Boys in Las Vegas. All thepomp and circumstance was there. It was the 15th Anniversary. All the elements were there. I have nailed that move dozens of times. It wasn't the first time I had ever done a moonsault. On this particular night, I was a little too amped up and you saw what happened."


On knowing the extent of the injury right away:
"Dude, I knew my leg was shattered. There was no mystery there. The bigger issue is I was trying to figure out if my other leg was broken. If you watch the tape, you can actually see I grab, hard, my right leg as soon as I roll over. I kind of shake it out a little bit. And, I go back to the broken one. I knew one (the left) was (broken) for sure."

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