RJ City Recalls Disagreeing With Arn Anderson Over The Pronunciation Of 'Mauve'

Ahead of AEW Revolution, RJ City started producing content for AEW, including a series where he would talk to wrestlers in a car called the Road to Revolution.

RJ would continue to do more work with AEW and now has his own series 'Hey! EW'

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Speaking to Alison Rosen, RJ discussed how he started making content for AEW and how they trust him with his own series.

"Tony Khan, who owns AEW, was a fan of my work online. He just knows everything about every wrestler, he has his finger on the pulse, knew all my stuff and trusted me enough to pretty much come in and let me do, understanding the circumstances, what I wanted. No one has ever looked at my scripts. I don't know why, I don't understand that they're just like, 'okay,' until I read them out loud, including the guests. I don't run anything by anyone and it's a credit to Tony for being so trusting, and it's a credit to the guests. People are like, 'How do you do it?' I'm not doing anything. It's the courageous guests who are like, 'Sure, I'll roll with these questions that I've never heard that are about my life and career.' I'm lucky because wrestling is full of inconsistencies and things that don't quite make sense. I get lucky in that regard that I enjoy poking around there and using certain analogies and metaphors and nicknames that are stupid. For anyone who is a logical person, they don't make any sense. I enjoy going there. I enjoy researching things about people that they have probably forgotten. Everyone has wrestled under a different stupid name at some point, have had matches they are not proud of or forgotten they existed. I also like asking dumb questions that sound like smart questions. I also leave it up to them. I don't script them. 'Here are these questions you don't know, there are a bunch of them, take them however you want.' Some people get upset, some people laugh, some people play along," he said.

When asked if guests have actually gotten upset with some of his questions, RJ recalled his discussion with Arn Anderson over the pronunciation of the color "mauve."

"I don't know if they get for real upset, but they get angry in their own way if I'm attacking something that is theirs. I did one with Arn Anderson, who is a wrestling legend. I think he's from Georgia. It's two people who should never be in the same room and that's what I loved about it. We disagreed on the pronunciation of mauve, which I never anticipated happening," he said.

Is it MO-v or MAU-v? Fans can watch the discussion with Anderson in the video above.

RJ has interviewed the likes of FTR, Eddie Kingston, Tony Khan, and more on Hey! EW. New episodes premiere every Sunday.

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